Pittsburgh Flooring From Premier flooring

Pittsburgh Flooring From Premier flooring

Pittsburgh Wood Floor Refinishing From Premier flooring

In case you have hardwood flooring in your home; you will realize that the shine it had when new disappears after a long period. This is very normal and bound to happen to all wood flooring. The sheen is usually lost because of the usage of the floor and Premier Flooring is happy to help you have your floor looking new again thus restoring the beauty of your home.

Our Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing  services that will have your home looking warm and attractive again include:

  • Floor sanding.
  • Floor recoloring.
  • Polishing of wooden floor.
  • Staining of wooden floor.
Pittsburgh Flooring From Premier flooring

Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing

When you are looking for a way to make your home look beautiful and increase its value, then hardwood flooring will be the best to choose for flooring needs. You will be able to have a gorgeous home when the entire job is complete and the shine the floor will have will be great. However, this shine will disappear with time even though hardwood floors can last as long as your house will last with simple maintenance. Premier flooring Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing services will help take care of this problem and have your home looking wonderful again. These Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing services are for both residential and commercial projects.

Hardwood floors will lose their shine depending on the usage of the floor. When you look at your home, you will realize that your living room, bedroom, and home office floors will maintain their shine more compared to the kitchen and hallway floors. This is because your living room, home office, and bedroom floors receive less traffic and will thus require occasional damp mopping while using the appropriate cleaners and regular vacuuming. The high traffic area, hallway and kitchen floors, will require occasional refinishing and sanding or periodic re coating.

We have the finest of quality when it comes to hardwood floors. Our unsurpassed installation, design, and refinishing services will ensure that you have the best and long lasting wood flooring installation. Our experience in Pittsburgh area over many years enables us to serve you better. We are always doing research and improving on our products to enable us to be the leading in offering services that are tailored to the latest trends in the market. We will also assist you when it comes to selection of designs for different flooring needs when you have run out of ideas.

Quality wood is beautiful, long lasting, and easy to care for. When your hardwood floor is looking old, tired, and worn, Premier Flooring will help you restore it back to life. While using our floor restoration knowledge, our professionals will be able to carry out a detailed assessment of your floor and provide you with a report that will enable you to make a decision regarding your floors’ needs from a professional perspective.

Our Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing experts are pros!

The restoration process will begin with room preparation followed by sanding. This procedure is dustless and employs the use of environmental friendly products, as we are environmental conscious. With the raw wood exposed, repairs like filling of old nail holes, damaged plank replacement, and other will follow.

Staining and refinishing will be the last procedures. Staining will involve using custom-formulated water based stain for the whole process. Multiple application of staining might be necessary for perfect results. Sanding, screening, buffing, and vacuuming in between refinishing coats aids in achieving the best results. However, this process is environmental friendly and thus should not be a cause for alarm. Staining will help bring out the beauty or partisanship of the design of the wood. Depending on needs, the stains can be applied from our climate-controlled facility before delivery.

All of our Pittsburgh wood floor refinishing services are Guaranteed!

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