Novotny hardwood floor refinishing restoration repair services

Novotny hardwood floor refinishing restoration repair services

Novotny’s Refinishing is an expert wood floor restoration company established in 1978 by Gary Novotny, a licensed contractor (#368110).

Gary began with, and has always retained, a commitment to fast and courteous service focusing on wood flooring installation, custom colors, repairs, restoration and refinishing. His philosophy is, «under promise and over deliver.»

Novotny’s Refinishing has prospered by placing the highest priority on providing quality hardwood floor restoration and refinishing with a constant eye on customer satisfaction.

Novotny employs old school craftsmanship coupled with the benefits of today’s technology in his hardwood flooring service. Novotny’s Refinishing will help you find the most appropriate hardwood flooring product for the money spent. No job is too big or too small.

Our Contractor Services include:

Wood Floors Sanding/Finishing

Wood Floors Installation

  • Strip, Plank, Parquet, Solid and Engineered Floor Work

    Custom Wood Floor Stain Colors

  • Wood Floors Heater Patch and Termite Repair
  • Kitchen Cabinet and Antique Touch Up and Restoration
  • Contact Novotny’s Refinishing to refinish or restore your hardwood floors. We will give you a good start to fine finish. Start now. Contact Novotny’s Refinishing .

    Visit Novotny’s Service Area page to find out in which cities Novotny’s Refinishing frequently provides restoration, repair and refinishing services. Find out about Novotny’s Insurance Work and About Us .

    Fast Free Floor Estimate — call (818)-500-8577

    Service with Novotny’s Refinishing begins with a fast and courteous telephone response to your service inquiry. Novotny’s Refinishing will respond quickly with a free phone estimate based upon accurate and relevant information that we solicit so that we can properly understand your wood flooring restoration, refinishing and repair needs. With accurate information we provide an immediate telephone estimate. Upon tentative agreement we will schedule our professional journeyman floor crew within two weeks in most cases.

    Our Services Include:

    • Free phone estimate
    • Repair or restoration of flooring damage
    • Insurance estimate and report
    • Litigation support reports
  • Residential and Commercial floor refinishing and restoration (when possible)
  • Finish carpentry for paint and finish grade moldings
  • Timely dry out and moisture reduction from accidental water exposure or flooding
  • Custom colors and inlay work with exotic woods with borders, medallions and accents
  • Furniture removal and reset (no fragile smalls or electronics)
  • Demolition including carpet, wood and debris removal and hauling
  • Floor repairs for wood boring insects, termites, dry rot, previous poor quality craftsmanship
  • Sub floor evaluation for noise reduction and forced air heater patches
  • Sand, repair, fill and prep floors for multiple coat finish.
  • Minimal dust exposure
  • Business Expansion since the 1960’s

    Novotny’s refinishing services grew out of an antiques business started in the 1960’s. In the early 1980’s Novotny expanded into and specialized on hardwood floor installations, finishing, refinishing, repair and restoration. By consistently providing quality hardwood floor finish work, and by satisfying his clients, Novotny has prospered.

    Novotny’s Antiques is still around. It expanded into a highly respected antiques and personal property appraisal service. Find out more.

    Novotny’s business is usually based on referrals from satisfied customers including homeowners, interior designers, architects, insurance adjusters, attorneys, and confidential high profile personalities. Novotny’s unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction and to always producing a quality floor finish or restoration is the focus of his journeymen crew. He and his men will not allow shoddy work.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call (818)-500-8577 or to Email him. See Novotny’s Home Page for more information about Novotny’s Refinishing Service. Visit our Service Area page to see which cities Novotny’s Refinishing frequently provides restoration, repair and refinishing services. Find out more About Us .

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