Kitchen Flooring Options eHow

Kitchen Flooring Options eHow


Linoleum and vinyl are two popular types of kitchen flooring that have a bit of give to them and are easy to clean, but they don’t hold up well to high foot traffic. Tile, stone and hardwood and laminate floors are solid and more durable, though they may not feel as comfortable if you must stand on them for long periods of time. Grout, which is almost always used with tile, may also stain if spills are not immediately cleaned.


Popular hardwood floor manufacturers include Liz Claiborne Flooring, Premier Wood Floors, MHM Designs and Mohawk Flooring. Popular vinyl manufacturers include Armstrong, Tarkett, Mannington Mills and Amtico International. Popular linoleum manufacturers include Infinity Flooring, Armstrong and Nova Distinctive Floors. Popular laminate manufacturers include Kronotex USA, Witex Flooring, Columbia Flooring, ARPA USA and Bruce Laminate Floors. Popular tile and stone manufacturers include American Marazzi Tile, Global Stone Co. Granite Mountain Stone Design, Manet Tiles, El KaBode Tile and Country Floors.


If you feel that hard flooring options such as wood, stone or linoleum look and feel too sterile, you can place rugs and mats around the room to add comfort and color. Mats come in handy under the kitchen sink, where they can sop up excess water and soap. You can also place a mat under the area where you do most of your standing, whether that be at the stove, a chopping space or pantry, which can provide extra padding for your feet when you’re standing for long periods of time. Rugs can complement and add color when placed under a portable island or informal kitchen table.

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