Kitchen Flooring New Ideas eHow

Kitchen Flooring New Ideas eHow

Tile-Like Hardwood

If you like the checkerboard look achieved with tiles, but do not want a cold floor underfoot or the maintenance that comes with some tile flooring, consider laying down a hardwood floor instead. Once the hardwood is installed, paint a checkerboard pattern on it.

Stained Concrete

If your kitchen has an industrial feel to it, or if you want a look that is similar to stone flooring without paying for the luxury, consider stained concrete. Concrete flooring is versatile in that you can make it look like marble or tile.

Inlaid Wood Floor

If you like the look of wood floors and the artistic designs made with tiles, consider an inlaid wood floor. With inlaid wood floors, you use wooden strips inset with wooden pieces cut into different shapes. This is a great way to add small accents to your kitchen floor, a border around the perimeter of the room, a custom image or medallions with geometric shapes.

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Kitchen Flooring New Ideas eHow

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