Is Hardwood Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home decorate IT online

Is Hardwood Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home decorate IT online

Choosing the Best New Floor for Your Home: Are Hardwood Floors Right for Me?

by Sasha on September 22, 2010

Great rooms start from the floor up, and replacement flooring often the sparks full scale decorating projects. So I created this series to help you find the perfect flooring solution for your new home or reno project.

Ill kick start this discussion with the ever popular hardwood floors, the natural beauty, texture and visual warmth of hardwood has made it a preferred flooring choice for centuries. But is it right for you?

Here are a few of the reasons why so many people choose hardwood floors for their homes:

  • Easy to Clean A quick vacuum and a light wash (not too much water though) is all you need to do for regular maintenance. Because there are no flailing fibres to trap dust, this a great option for allergy sufferers or clean freaks! There are several hardwood cleaners on the market but if you are going to use a chemical always choose the manufacturer recommended products to ensure that you dont void your warranty, however I find a damp (not wet) rag works well too!
  • Hardwood has Flex Because wood is not as rigid as tile there is a little bit of bounce when you walk on them, this slight flex will make it considerably more comfortable to stand on for hours reducing back, neck and leg strain.
  • Durability Although hardwood will scratch and dent it is pretty hard to destroy. Minor surface scratches and wear can be fixed via a screening process where the floor is given a light sand and a new finish top coat applied. Large dents or areas of damage can typically be fixed by replacing individual planks, however this is not a DIY project and may involve refinishing the entire floor.
  • Beauty No two trees ever grow exactly the same, so each and every hardwood floor on the planet is unique

And here are some of the common complaints:

  • Price Hardwood is an investment in your home and often the priciest option for flooring. Once you include the materials and the skilled labour required it can take up a significant portion of your decorating budget.
  • Refinishing is a Hassle Sanding is extremely dusty and time consuming making the process more cumbersome that other flooring options.
  • Unpredictable Outcomes because each floor is unique youll never know exactly what you are getting and that makes some people uncomfortable. A good installer will use planks from several different boxes at once to create a more uniform look across the entire floor but even a good installer has no control over the variety of planks that are in the box.
  • Scratches and Dents No matter how careful you are accidents happen, expecting a piano like finish on hardwood floors forever is unrealistic. Regular vacuuming and the diligent use of floor mats at doorways will help tremendously. Surface scratches happen when dirt and dust get dragged across the finish causing it to wear and become dull.  Using throw rugs or carpet runners in high traffic areas will also help preserve the floors finish.
  • Humidity Control is a Must Wood is fussy, it likes a range of 35% up to 50% humidity at all times, too much moisture will cause the wood to expand and in extreme cases buckle, too little moisture in the air will cause the wood to contract creating cracks and gaps in the floor. Having a humidifier or dehumidifier (depending on your climate) installed with your hardwood is a very wise choice!

Is hardwood still an option for you? I hope so!

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