How To Stop Floor Squeaks Thru Carpet How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

How To Stop Floor Squeaks Thru Carpet How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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nambinhvu: Why don’t the people that build houses use screws in the first place. the nails come loose, but I would imagine this isn’t a problem with screws.

CreativeSoulTV: Bob, thanks for making this very helpful video. I will be trying this out on several areas in my home this weekend.

steve wilson: Bob,just take the carpet up. What happens regarding cables and pipes that may be in the area of where you are drilling. Bang that’s what happens or oh crap there’s a leak. Cannot believe a Pro would recommend such a procedure. 

Bobcatt22: Extremely helpful, much gratitude.

rkgsd: A buddy’s house was broken into while sleeping. The person was awakened only due to a squeaky spot on the floor! That allowed enough time to jump up and startle the intruder who then ran away. So actually, floor squeaks may be life savors and not so bad afterall.

sal fisherman: good idea as a last resort if taking apart seams would or might make an even bigger problem then just a little squeaky floor. taking a chance on hitting somthing under the floors is a risk i would not. however it is a feel thing as well. a pro can feel anything happening under the floor that might be going on. i have been intalling floors for 19 years and have never done this before. great idea if the home owner is on vacation ;) you can always blame it on the plumer :)

Jarrett Simonds: Best video of 15+ ones I have watched on this problem! Thank you SO much for making it, and describing exactly how to resolve this issue. It is to be my upcoming weekend project for sure!

Peter Wyshneff: Bob, Thanks! Worked out well. I got rid of a 7 year squeak.

Jim M: Thats good stufff

Jesse James Sims: I’m a carpet fitter. People! Just think about hitting water pipes whilst doing this crazy thing. Just makes sense to uplift the carpet and do a proper quicker job. Really!

itdoesntmatter56789: Bob, good video. You might want to point out that on the final stage..twisting the screw back and forth to break it. make certain that all of the threaded part of the screw is embedded in the wood. If any of the threaded part of the screw is not surrounded by wood it could break off above the sub-floor and possibly be felt when walked on. 

Nate Powell: Bob, thanks for the video. The problem I’m running into is that the coat-hangers keep bending, especially when it drops in areas where there is no joist. I’m wondering if there’s something that is not as flexible but still smooth that I could pick up at Home Depot or Lowes that will do the same thing but not be as prone to bend. I’m using my fingers to attempt to stabilize it going in but it starts to get hot. I’ve lost my patience for this weekend but will try again the next time I’m ready to tackle this. I feel like once I get the spots marked, the rest of the job will be easy.

RaNga raNGa: can we detect joist using electronic detector ?

Al Harman: Tonight that pie is mine. That is awesome. I have the exact same problem. but with cake. I am going to try this. But i am going to score the screw a little bit. I love the coat hanger thing. The most underestimated tool that youth will miss. I am lucky though, I know where my pipes are. Now as long as they ran all the electrical up the walls I should be set.

Stephen Tremper: Great video Bob. Can’t read this in a book! Go enjoy your pie!

Face2FaceHardware: Great video. You presented it very well.

AsiAzzy: Huh? what kind of flooring is that? Paper floor? Here it’s made with reinforced concrete, same as the walls. No wonder houses are torn apart by a gust of wind. I know houses are built different in USA than in Europe, Here we use a lot of concrete, or masonry clay bricks, or cement bricks, or white masonry bricks. Every house has a stone/brick/concrete foundation dug at least 1m into the ground, and upper floors are made from reinforced concrete (add a mesh of heavy duty rebar supported on the walls and pillars, add wood planks/panels underneath supported by temporary scaffold and mix a lot of cement, sand, water, CaO, and other stuff to make strong cement and fill that slab, vibrate it on top to make it smooth and airfree, or rent a cement truck and a cement pump. After a while remove the wood panels underneath. The slab is held by the rebar supported on walls and pillars all around it (where special precautions are taken care of like gussets, tyrants, pretension cables, etc to keep it tight and supported) )

Eric Evans: Fantastic video Bob. Thank You!

Mike Russell: I think I need to do this upstairs.

TrollBuster: Not bad at all. Pretty similar method to the «Squeeek No More» system from Menards that I used to get rid of some pretty bad squeaks in my kid’s bedroom, and probably cheaper too. The SNM system worked fairly well, but some squeaks just wouldn’t go away and I’m not certain why. I have to give credit to the video poster for thinking this out himself, if in fact he did.

Zoe Sparey: +H4NDCRAFTED yea but still slight chance of hitting pipe best bet is lift the board and mark with a pen where any pipes or wires are.,,20334552,00.html

Lance Laughlin: Just had to say that the hanger drill bit is the best idea out there for this little activity. Thanks so much for sharing. Easy way to do, is to go in the basement, and measure were the jsut is, and then buy the breakaway trypod

paddy9i99: Crazy. pipes, cables

adsrads: yep me in uk 2. knowing my luck one hole and one damaged pipe, suppose u could get gadget that finds water pipes/ electricity services tho? check in b n q!

roadwarrior2711: EXCELLENT VIDEO! Precise, straight to the point, but with explanations as to WHY you use your techniques. Great Job!

jeff meyers: If you are on the second floor with this squeaking problem..make sure you’re not above a light fixture/ ceiling fan on the first floor. My concern would be trying to find the joist and end up drilling through a wire. Just sayin’.

Face2FaceHardware: Great video. You presented it very well.

N8FLY001: Great video. I will be using this on my floor squeaks.

mwswewawfw1: nice video man. not sure if it’s true but i think they make screws especially designated to break easily at a certain point. now i see that they are probably a waste of money. not sure if i dreamed that or they do make them. anyways, nice drill. got one just like it and it’s worked like a charm for me. good video buddy. think i need to start fixin my squeeks now

HomeRemodelWorkshop: You almost have to have access from below.+++Bob

whatwillbewillbeok: This was incredibly helpful. Thanks for uploading this!

How To Stop Floor Squeaks Thru Carpet How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

James Zawacki: Dang! Thanks so much! I’ve always heard you could do this. and I’m redoing some floors, so I’m working on the subfloor and can see where the joists are. I tried adding some screws and it didn’t help at all. I didn’t know I needed to add so many. I’m going to go back and add a ton more screws and see if that takes care of my problem.

James Hawkins: If you can sink a coat hangar that far into a joist that easily better replace the joists. and what a terrible way to remove a squeak. just unhook the carpet from the pins fold it back and expose the sub floor put a box of screws in all the joists and put the carpet back down. your way is way too time consuming and breaks the carpet backing which will make all carpet warranty void.

HomeRemodelWorkshop: @silas132 Fair enough comment,however almost all building codes and common sense state that you do not put wires within the range I am saying to drill. If you do it needs to have a protective plate put over it that a coathanger will not drill thru, also just saying not hating

dracowing14: does this work with Berber carpets as well, my only concern is because the carpet is made with loops instead of straight threads like the one in the video, that the screw will catch and pull the threads easier.

Cobra611: Silly question. any way to silence a squeaky hardwood floor? My carpeted floors squeak, as well as my hardwood floors and my tiled bathroom floor. Home is not even 7 years old, of which we’ve lived here the last 3. wonderful construction:-( House sounds like it was built in 1907. Can never sneak up on my wife or kids.

HomeRemodelWorkshop: You are very welcome, please let me know how it works for you +++Bob

HomeRemodelWorkshop: Never heard of this before, +++Bob

HomeRemodelWorkshop: @210482fmj. Clearly this was not a well thought out comment. This would cost thousands even tens of thousands, every few years. +++Bob

2degucitas: Enjoy that pie, Bob. I have some floors to tend to! Don’t know how it will work on the floors with vinyl flooring, but gonna try it anyways. The squeaks are bugging me.

ClintL63: @toolmanpjr I’ve been doing this for 30+ yrs! Aint he Great. like you I say EVERY DAY is a learning experience!!

Lenny McDermott: great vid. Is there a way that this will work on carpeted steps?

slhender1: I do have access to the bottom side of the sub-floor. No sure of thickness, the floor is 5 years old. it is tongue and groove brazilian cherry.

HomeRemodelWorkshop: In the US we have building codes that require plumbers and electricians to place pipes and wires in the framing allowing room for anchoring subfloors, and when that is not possible they have to place protective plates to stop penetrations.+++Bob

iSarahize: Hi. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but my bedroom floor is carpet and it creaks and i can’t see the joists, the problem is, i don’t have the tools because me and my dad aren’t good at this kinds of stuff. Can someone help me? I don’t want to wake my dad up anymore just because my floor creaks. Please help. c

HomeRemodelWorkshop: Make it a big slice!+++Bob

HomeRemodelWorkshop: Let me know how it goes—thanks for watching+++Bob

SubieSean: About how much would this cost if your nervous to do this work yourself? Also, what if your carpet is not this thick?

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