How to Install Floating Laminate Floors eHow

How to Install Floating Laminate Floors eHow


Use your hammer and prybar to remove the floor trim in the room, taking care not to break it, as you will need to reinstall it later. Use your hammer to tap the nails out of the trim. Set it aside.

Measure across the width of the room to determine how many courses of flooring you’ll need (divide the width of the room by the width of the planks). If you’re going to end up with less than half a board-width at last course, then split the difference with first course, ripping the boards on your table saw to the appropriate width. Remember to include in your calculations a 1/4-inch space for expansion at each edge. (Example: If your measurements show a 2-inch space at the end, them trim 1 inch off the width of your starting and ending courses, plus an additional 1/4 inch from each to allow for your expansion gap.)

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How to Install Floating Laminate Floors eHow

Laminate flooring offers a variety of choices for the homeowner from color, size, and, perhaps most importantly, affordability. Laminate flooring provides that.

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Heating systems make installing heating in a laminate floor a straightforward do-it-yourself project. Several manufacturers sell floor heating mats with the cables.

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