How To Finish Pine Flooring — Hardwood Floor Care

How To Finish Pine Flooring - Hardwood Floor Care

How To Finish Pine Flooring

Pine is one of the most sought after woods used for home flooring, even though it is categorized as softwood. Its natural golden-brown color can easily compliment any interior design accent. Over time, though, your pine wood flooring can start to look less attractive. To bring back the original glimmer and shine, you should know how to finish pine flooring on your own.

These days, a number of homeowners are using pine, not only as flooring, but also as sub-flooring. When used as primary wood floor, laminating the wood is one good way of protecting the surface from dirt and moisture. But before you can actually start the lamination process, you should first do the finishing by observing the following directions.

Thorough inspection is needed. Inspect the flooring first for protruding nails, staple wires, and other tiny bits and pieces. Remove the carpet, rugs or mats covering the floor and then carefully scrape off any glue sediment. Dirt must be removed as well so that the process of finishing the pine wood floor will give good results.

Remove all protrusions and dirt. Protruding nails should be tapped in with a hammer to drive them deep into the wood. Staple wires must be removed as well. Any protrusions, if not removed, can cause damage on the orbital sander equipment.

Use an orbital sander. Start off by sanding the surface of the pine wood floors. Do not use any type of sanding equipment other than an orbital sander. This sanding tool is very easy to handle and to control, thus giving you the best floor finish possible.

A good orbital sander is expensive. But you need not buy one, actually, because there are tools available for rent in your nearby home improvement store or hardware center.

Use coarse sandpaper first. First, use coarse sandpaper on the orbital sander. 80-grit sandpaper is a good grade to start with. The kind of finish this will produce is deep. You can expect any deep dirt and stains that have penetrated the pine wood over time to be effectively removed.

Repeat step No. 4. Next, use 120-grit sandpaper. Then gradually move to using your 200-grit sandpaper. The 120-grit sandpaper will give a finer textured finish on the pine wood surface. Ultimately, the 200-grit sandpaper will give you the most smoothly textured finish.

How To Finish Pine Flooring - Hardwood Floor Care

Clean the newly sanded floor. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove the dust and dirt produced during the sanding process. After that, wipe the floor with an old but clean cloth to give it a thorough cleaning.

Apply stain. Use another clean cloth to apply stain to the pine wood floor. The stain will enhance the color of the wood. The stain should be applied in straight strokes, following the grain of the wood. Allow the stain to air dry naturally for about 24 hours or so.

Apply polyurethane finish. Once the stain is completely dried, apply the polyurethane finish. Again, apply the liquid in line with the grain of the wood. Then allow the polyurethane finish to dry fully. Do not touch or step on the wood surface until it has dried completely.

There are two kinds of pine that are good for flooring, namely Longleaf Pine (also called Southern Yellow) and Eastern White Pine. Of the two, the Longleaf Pine is most widely used for flooring.

Pine is best used in the kitchen, living room, and the terrace or porch. Maintaining the glimmer of pine requires only frequent sweeping and polishing with the application of floor wax. With these additional steps regarding how to finish pine flooring , the beauty of your wood floor will be restored. The truth is that you can do the job just by yourself.

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