How to Clean Wood Floors – DIY Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips DIY Home Improvement Tips, Ideas &amp

How to Clean Wood Floors – DIY Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips DIY Home Improvement Tips, Ideas &amp

How to Clean Wood Floors – DIY Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floors look beautiful. When it comes to flooring. hardwood flooring is the first choice among many people. But, with hardwood floors, there is always a fear that they may get soiled. What to do if hardwood floor gets soiled? How to clean hardwood floors? What hardwood floor cleaners are available?

Many choices are available when it comes to flooring Wood Flooring,  Solid-Wood Flooring, Laminate Wood Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Engineered-Wood Flooring. Vinyl Flooring etc.  Installing prefinished hardwood flooring is a good choice. Another good option is site-finished hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring looks beautiful and reflects warmth and comfort. If you arrange a party at your home, you can always expect your guests to praise your hardwood floors. It is a great feeling. But what happens when the party is over and guests are gone? What about all the dust and soil left of your beautiful hardwood floor? How do you clean such a delicate thing without ruining?

Let us now learn and understand how to clean hardwood floors and types of hardwood floor cleaners available.

Hardwood Floors

Always buy hardwood floor from a reputed dealer. This will ensure that you get a good quality hardwood flooring material with some good wood finish on it. Wood floor finish does not ensure that it will protect your wood flooring from everything. Wood finishes are just precautionary measures to protect the wood against minor problems. Major hardwood floor cleaning problems will need good hardwood floor cleaners.

Wood Cleaners

Always consult your dealer to know exactly what kind of wood he has sold to you and what are its specific requirements to clean it. Different ingredients in cleaners are needed to clean different types of wood floors.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

Bona manufactures some of the best and most commonly used hardwood floor care and cleaning products. Bona is a reputed, trusted and well known brand floor cleaning supplies .

Bona may have the right solution to clean your floor irrespective of the type of wood you may have installed in your home.

Hard Floor Cleaning Products from Armstrong

Armstrong is another well known brand in hard wood floor cleaning products. They supply a complete range of products for wood cleaning, polishing and finishing products .

How to Clean Wood Floors – DIY Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips DIY Home Improvement Tips, Ideas &amp

Other Wood Floor Cleaners

There are other hardwood floor cleaners available such as MOP & GLOs hardwood floor cleaner. Swiffer WetJet hardwood floor cleaner, Manningtons floor cleaners etc.

Another important thing to consider is whether you want to use mops or steamers for cleaning. Hardwood floor steamers are easily available in most home improvement and hardware stores. Some of the well known brands for floor steamers are Haan, Sharkand Bissell.

Tips for DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Before applying any wood cleaner on the floor, make sure that you have cleared all the dust particles that may be lying on the floor. Dust particles must be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Mops can create scratches on your valuable wood flooring. Make sure that the cleaner you are using have low acid content and no ammonia at all. Ammonia leaves a terrible smell that lingers for a long time. Acidic substances in the cleaner will destroy the natural shine and finish of the wood making it look dull and older.

You can also use a solution of vinegar in water for cleaning hardwood floors.

Your hardwood floor is valuable and pride of your home. Make sure you use the best quality hardwood floor cleaners and cleaning methods to prevent any damage and make it look really clean and shiny.

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