How To Choose and Care For Hardwood Floors — Add Value To Your Home

How To Choose and Care For Hardwood Floors - Add Value To Your Home

How To Choose and Care For Hardwood Floors

How Hardwood Floors Can Add Value and Class To Your Home and How To Choose and Care for The Right Kind

Make Sure You Choose The Right Hardwood Flooring

Types of hardwood floors include:

1. Solid hardwood typically made of one piece of wood either plain sawn, quarter sawn or rift sawn.

2. Engineered hardwood this floor is more dimensionally stable and will fare better in areas that have high moisture content.

3. Long strip hardwood this floor is engineered hardwood, with bigger and longer planks.

The warmth and beauty of wood flooring instantly adds style and value to any home. Historic homes, with their attractively aged, wide-plank flooring are proof of woods sturdiness. Unless youre lucky enough to have intact, old wood floors, you can buy antique recycled and reclaimed wood. Unfortunately, those on a budget may find recycled lumber to be out of their price range. That said, there are many more affordable options.

Typically, hard wood flooring comes pre-finished, in other words, the manufacturer has already applied a finish to it at the factory. Take care to choose a color that will accent your home and home furnishings. Lighter woods include white ash, sugar maple or southern yellow pine. Darker colors are found with beechwood, birch, red oak, heart pine and mesquite. Of these, mesquite is the hardest and southern yellow pine the softest.

Both hand-scraped and distressed wood floors are fast becoming a popular choice in todays upscale homes and commercial buildings. Distressed hardwood flooring is created by machine or by hand. True hand-scraped is exactly that done by hand. Results vary widely based on the skill of the person or persons doing the scraping. Hand scraped flooring is not cheap. The cheaper machine made distressed hardwood flooring material can retail for around $10 per square foot. You will pay $15 and up per square foot for hand scraped. To wee what would work best in your area, real estate in Lake Arrowhead can show you what current homeowners have chosen.

Why Hardwood Flooring Is A Good Investment

Hardwood floors have adorned some of the most elite houses and estates in history and still exude a sense of durability and traditional superiority when compared to manufactured floors. Hardwood floors bring the natural outdoors inside, and do not contain man-made chemicals in the wood itself. Installing hardwood flooring in your home is a true investment that will keep its value. There is an ageless quality about the natural color of hardwoods that guarantees your house never becomes outmoded because of its flooring. They are easier to clean in the mountain settings of Lake Arrowhead, California where you are sure to track in pine needles and mountain dirt.

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Dirt and dust is your hardwood floors worst enemy. Though there are many producers of hardwood floors to select from, and they all have their own rules for keeping your floor clean and grit-free, there are some basic rules you can follow to keep your floors looking good.

For Surface Finishes

Always use the manufacturers suggested cleaning products. Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, lightly dampen a cloth with the recommended cleaner and apply directly to the stain. When the floor loses its luster and shine, its time to recoat.

For Wax Finishes

Dry mop regularly with an untreated dust mop. Follow the same instructions for spills. To remove water spots, use a fine steel wool and a small amount of mineral spirits. Floors should be cleaned, stripped and re-waxed once or twice a year depending on traffic.

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