Home Improvement How To REMOVE Hardwood Floors Make It and Love It

Home Improvement How To REMOVE Hardwood Floors Make It and Love It

Home Improvement: How To REMOVE Hardwood Floors

  We recently moved into a new home and have been busy re-vamping, tearing down, and re-constructing this/that in our new home.  It’s been fun……but a complete learning process.  If you’d like to see other Home Improvement Projects that we’ve been figuring out (from the help of friends, family, and the ol internet), be sure to check them out.


We decided after moving into our home, that the floors on the main level needed some love.  There was a mixture of hardwood and old carpet (about half and half).  The old carpet really had to go (do you ever imagine who/what has been on old matted carpet. its not a good place for your brain to go ) and the hardwood had us stumped.  We considered keeping it and sanding/re-staining or just adding more wood and staining it a color that closely matched the already existing wood.  But, we ultimately wanted a completely different plank of wood.  So, it seemed crazy to put money into re-staining the old wood or trying to match itwhen we didnt really like it.  So, we decided to tear it out.

Steve and I chatted with 2 of our brothers..and gathered some tips and advice. And then learned a few things along the way that we are GLAD we figured out!

Time savers (and muscle savers) are priceless tips. ;)

SO here you go

***Even if youre not installing your own hardwood floors, doing the demo will definitely save you some cash.  Just ask your installers what it will save you. (But we installed our own floors and a How-To on that will be shared soon.)***

First off all, there are several ways to remove a hardwood floor but we chose the QUICKEST option.  However, if your wood is in good condition, consider selling or donating.  You may have to pick through to salvage the good pieces of wood if some of yours is rotten (like ours was in some places ) but there are people who are in the market to purchase old hardwood floor pieces.  Even if its cut into pieces like ours was.  (But some may want the full pieces. )  Also, if we would have had more time, we were thinking of posting an ad, stating that we had old hardwood floors that would be free with removal.  Then, the interested person could come and remove it as carefully as they wanted toand then we wouldnt have had to do a thing.  But I guess, you also have to be careful who you allow into your home for many days while they remove it.  So, yeah.  Pros and cons to weigh here.

But we chose the quickest route possible.  And have a pile of salvaged wood pieces, ready to be donated.

Okay, so the fastest way to remove old hardwood floors is to cut the boards into smaller sections.  This is helpful because hardwood planks are all different lengths and make it really tough to remove quickly.  So cutting them into smaller pieces of wood, makes it easier to pry up.  So, using a Circular Saw (ours was a worm drive..and it gave it some ooommph ), cut lines into your hardwood, perpendicular to the direction the wood is laying.  And cut each section about 1-2 feet wide.

IMPORTANT:   Be sure your saw blade is set to the thickness of your hardwood floors, so that youre not cutting through your sub-floor.  Our hardwood was 5/8 inch thick.so thats how far the blade fell beneath the base of the saw.

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