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Hardwood Floors & More Our Flooring Services

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Gemini Floor Services has been operating over 30 years in the flooring industry with the past 15 years in the NYC area. Hardwood floors has been the #1 choice for customers in NYC and that is our specialty as we do a lot of custom work with wood. There are yet many flooring materials to meet various types of designs & budgets and Gemini is experienced in installing all types of floors.  We’re going to describe here the various floor types, materials & services that we offer.  In summary, we do all floor type installations  as well as sanding, staining, refinishing & buffing of hardwood floors. We do demolitions & subfloor preparation, repairs & custom design wood work including stairs & rails.

Strip Floor Systems

Hardwood Floors: Installation

Hardwood floors provide the ultimate in natural style, elegance & longevity. Hardwood is a most sensible choice being that it is so beautiful, easy to maintain & long lasting. There is a very wide variety of wood flooring choices in both species and design. Pine, maple, walnut, oak & cherry are some of the popular hardwood types offering a variety of textures & tones.  In design options there is strip flooring, floor boards or plank flooring, wood blocks, parquet floors such as herringbone, stenciling, inlays, medallions & borders. Hardwood flooring materials come either prefinished or unfinished. Then there is also engineered wood and laminate flooring which are not real hardwood but fabricated materials which can similate the appearance of real hardwood floors.

Custom Design Elements

Hardwood floors come in different styles and can be customized with a number of design methods:

Strip flooring  — the most common type of flooring where wood strips are used which are generally no longer than 3 1/4″.

Plank flooring  – Solid wood flooring with wider boards which are anywhere from 3″ to 12″ wide. Mostly used in older properties and gives a rustic country flavor.

Parquet flooring  – a mosaic pattern of inlaid pieces of wood blocks which can be laid out as overlapping rectangles as shown in the image here. One other popular pattern is called herringbone, which is a zig zag type of pattern.

Medallions, inlays & borders  – These are customized or premanufactured squares, circles, strips & other artistic shapes & designs which are seamlessly inlaid anywhere into the hardwood floors whether it may be a border or motif in the center of the room. These features are often composed of contrasting wood species. Adding these intricacies to your layout requires more planning and we will work with you to plan out a complete design to transform your space into one of class & elegance. You give us your ideas and or we will give you suggestions for your plan.

Stairs & Rails

We can refinish your existing stairs & rails or install them new. Upgrade your interior with classic or contemporary rails to add the finishing touch to your makeover. Choose a wood & finish to accent your floors. Let us walk you through the planning process step by step !

Refinishing: Sanding, Staining, Sealing & Buffing

We specialize in hardwood floor refinishing. Bring your old floors back to new. We can refinish any types of hardwood floors. Match the existing color or choose from many tones of stains. We also do bleaching & pickling & use high quality stains like Minwax & offer eco friendly low oder stains & acrylic sealers. Read more about hardwood floor refinishing.

Demos, Subfloor Preparation & Repairs

Well remove & dispose of your existing floor materials and install a new floor efficiently. Well inspect the existing subfloor to make sure it is suitable for a new installation and if necessary well replace the subfloor boards or panels so that the subfloor is solid & even for a new installation. This way your floor will be squeek free & solid.  Having trouble spots with an existing floor. We can repair it and save your existing floor.

All Types of Flooring Installations

In addition to hardwood floors, we install ALL types of flooring: engineered wood, laminate. all tiles including vinyl, porcelin  ceramic, as well as carpet & linoleum. Click here for flooring ideas where you can see the products offered by various manufactures of flooring materials.

Sports Facilities

We also service & install flooring for all sports facilities: gymnasiums, basketball & tennis courts, gamelines, etc.

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