Hardwood Floors Guide A guide to hardwood floors

Hardwood Floors Guide A guide to hardwood floors

How To Refurbish Old Wood Floors

Wood floors are stylish and give the home a serene environment for the residents. After years of service, the wood floors can get dull and scratched. Refurbishing the wood floors will give them the glow needed for an attractive home. Real wood top layer flooring protected from standing water that can cause warping of the wood. Refurbishing the floors can be done over the weekend, as wood does not need standing time once the flooring is in place.  To begin this project, the floor should be given a through cleaning to eliminate the dirt and sediments.

Remove old wax buildup

Waxing the wood floor brings out the beauty of the wood grains. The natural wood color highlighted and the wood nourished. The modern person has a busy schedule; many homeowners do not follow the right procedure when they wax the wood floors. Before applying a fresh coat, it is important to remove the old coat. Overtime, the wax accumulates on the floors forming an unattractive layer. Find out from the hardware store if they have a thinner to remove the wax. A bit of hard work can be used to sand out the wax. Apply a fresh layer of wax and buff to the ultimate shine.

Paint the floor

There are paints of different colors available in the market. If your wood floor is discolored and the grain pattern is not attractive anymore, you can paint the wood floor. There are water based paints that come off easily if you change your mind later. Oil based paints can be applied on the veranda, as they will protect the wood from the elements.

Repair scratches on the floor

High heels can scratch wood floors. Pets in the home can scratch many areas on your lovely wood floors. Sand the scratches away and finish the floor as necessary.

Wood shrinks and expands according to the heat and humidity in the home. Over time, gaps and dents can occur on the wood floor. Sand these areas to remove dirt and sediments before applying wood fillers to seal the gaps. A coat or two of finish applied according to the type of wood floor.

Broken areas on the floor

If a heavy object is dropped on the wood floor, it can break the wood planks. This will require the homeowner to remove the wood planks and replace them with new ones. Wood flooring for bathrooms will require frequent changing as the moisture content in this room is high. A professional wood contractor can replace the wood planks, if large sections of the floor are damaged. The manual labor provided by the teenagers in the home. The wood planks bought for replacement, identical with the rest of the floor.

Stained areas

Water damage causes deep stains in the wood floor, free systematic guides available online, on how to remove water stain using household items like; a hot iron box placed over a cotton cloth over the stained area may eliminate the stain in a short time.  A paste made of water, toothpaste and baking powder has been known to remove water stain on wood flooring. Mold growing on the floor leave behind stains that vinegar mixed in water will remove. Clean the floor properly after removing the stains and finish as compulsory. To get some advice visit IndigoFloors .

Which Is Better A Laminate Floor Or The More Traditional Hardwood Floor?

Laminate Flooring Task

Laminate floors are just one type of flooring that you can go for when remodelling your home although solid wooden floors have become ever more popular. If you look up wood flooring north London in the search engines you will find a whole array of wood flooring options which could end up leaving you a little confused.

Before you do any buying you want to think about how much work is involved with the installation of such floor first if you intend online yourself. If you have professionals doing it for you then this isnt too much of an issue.

If you do decide to do it yourself then I would suggest that you use prefinished wooden boards because theres no point in adding extra work on top of what you will already have to do. You should be able to imagine that laying a hardwood floor takes a little time and effort so the last thing you want to be doing is finishing the boards as well. For more try out indigofloors.co.uk .

This of course is entirely up to you, but I would rather spend the little bit of extra money to avoid having to deal with more hassle. The option is there though if youd rather get unfinished floor boards and if this is the case I would suggest that you get some good advice on how to finish them properly. Some of the more popular finishes include aluminium oxide and polyurethane.

Whether you ask someone from a wood flooring Watford store or someone else make sure that you ask them what the best boards are for your location and ask them which wood is more susceptible to moisture in the air such as humidity or the harsh cold.

The same sort the care also applies when it comes to installing a hardwood floor because it needs to be set up in such a way that it has enough give for one the wood expands and retracts. This can be quite difficult if youre trying to get the boards to be as close to each other as possible without showing noticeable gaps.

Once they hardwood flooring is laid down properly and cared for I regular basis there is no reason why the hardwood floor well last a lifetime is properly protected wood this quite and long-lasting material.

Laminate Hardwood Floor and Other Alternatives to Wood Flooring

The one downside to proper hardwood flooring is the price man some could argue also the installation which isnt always as straightforward as it should be. Both these two points have brought about the rise and success of laminate flooring which is a good alternative to hardwood flooring. The reason being is because its cheaper and a lot easier to put together as well as being instantly ready to walk on as soon as you lay it down. With all these advantages its no wonder that laminate flooring has taken the world by storm. The looks are also just as varied so much stuck for choice in terms of patterns and designs.

When you install these types of floors its all done using the tongue and groove process which means that it just fits together like a jigsaw puzzle as you slot one board into another. You dont even need a subfloor when using, flooring which cuts down the preparation drastically compared with traditional hardwood floors.

This might lead you to wonder why anybody bothers with hardwood flooring when there is such a great alternative but the reality is that a lot of people prefer the real thing. The other advantage to having a solid hardwood floor instead even if you use pre-manufactured boards is that they can last a lot longer the many other types of flooring. Its not unusual to see houses even today with hardwood floors that have lasted over 100 years and more so this is certainly something to consider the next time youre deciding on whether you should go for I solid hardwood floor or choose laminate flooring instead.

Cheap Hardwood Flooring and Quality Hardwood Flooring – Is That Realistic?

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can transform the look of a room from merely adequate to simultaneously elegant and earthy. There’s something about the sight of the beautiful hardwood grain and natural color that evokes the beauty of lush forests and dense woods. However, hardwood flooring can be pretty expensive not only to purchase, but also to install, but with the right attitude, some hard work and street smarts, you may be able to buy cheap hardwood flooring of excellent quality for a bargain.

You will be able to cut down the costs of hardwood flooring by educating yourself on what aspects of hardwood floors actually contribute to its steep prices. This has been made so much easier by the invaluable internet. You can visit informative and authoritative websites about hardwood floors, professional blogs, and the educational do-it-yourself videos that populate YouTube and other video sharing websites.

If you know your way around wood and nails, you may even be able to install the cheap hardwood flooring yourself, cutting down on the potential expense. Just make sure though, that you DO know what you’re doing since hiring professionals to repair a botched job defeats the purpose, and you could be adding thousands of dollars to your bill instead, not to mention time and inconvenience. When in doubt, swallow your pride and invest in the services of experts. After all, it’s not a simple matter of buying a single piece of furniture that you can simply return to the store, or sell to someone else. In terms of finding cheap hardwood flooring plenty of places offer deals and you can always look on the web using your location and the term hardwood flooring. Just put in hardwood flooring Hertfordshire if you live in Hertfordshire and you’re bound to come across a few. Get free advice at www.indigofloors.co.uk .

Learning all about the different types of hardwood floors with their respective pros and cons with regards to specie (oak, cherry walnut, Asian walnut, cherry, etc.), finishing, stains, natural grain, whether it’s hand-scraped or engineered, will equip you with enough know-how to select the most appropriate kind to suit your budget and your needs.

Aside from knowing the ins and the outs of selecting and installing hardwood floors, the net also enables you to level the playing field more efficiently by facilitating head-to-head comparisons of the prices for various suppliers with an online presence, which is practically a requirement for all progressive businesses. Some enterprising people even collect all the necessary information for you in one convenient site. They will usually include major players such as Walmart in addition to local suppliers. Another advantage that online research offers is that you will be able to surf for time-limited discounts and special offers that you might not have known about otherwise.

Installing Hardwood Floors

Once you’ve chosen the type of hardwood flooring you want, and have made shortlist of prospective suppliers, go the extra mile by going to each place personally to check out the actual stocks themselves. Some types of hardwood have unique grain patterns that may not appeal to you once you’ve seen them up close. Also, cheap hardwood flooring may also be inexpensive for a reason, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a truckload of planks that you can’t confidently use. In case you’ve decided to use local suppliers, you may even be able to get a sweet deal if you play your cards right.

In the end, there still might be a possibility that you won’t be satisfied with what you see. A feasible and more practical alternative to cheap hardwood flooring would be laminate flooring. Engineered to look exactly like authentic hardwood floors, these synthetic planks are scratch-resistant and easy to install.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent addition to any home, and despite the considerable expense, it will be well worth the cost, especially if you are able to find cheap hardwood flooring of good to excellent quality.

Top Tricks For Restoring Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can add a real finish to any room and they have proven to be quite popular in recent times but unlike carpets they do have some small drawbacks. Hardwood floors are certainly less easy-going on the feet and some would say that they retain heat less but this is a matter for open debate.

Now Ted Todd is a well-known hardwood floor brand and certainly one of the best ones you can buy but Im afraid that no brand of hardwood floor is impervious to damage.

What Damages The floor?

One of the main problems is that they are prone to scratches, a buildup of dust which is noticeable and if you spill anything you need to watch out that you dont end up falling and breaking your neck because they can get quite slippy. It may surprise you to know as well that liquids like ordinary water can wreak havoc on hardwood floors causing eyesore stains so the best bet is to try and not spill anything if you can help it.

Scratch marks easily come about as a result of heel marks, deep scratches when moving furniture and when you drop items causing dent marks in the floor. Gum can be a problem too when its left to harden on the floor because it can leave a mark when it is removed.

Simple Tricks To Restore Hardwood Floors

Have no fear though because there are plenty of professional hard floor specialists who will be more than happy to help you with any problems you have. The second option is to tackle the job yourself which for the most part is a good idea because hardwood floors arent all that hard to restore. Thats what I did with my Ted Todd hardwood floor when I noticed eyesore marks near the door opening to the room. Im not sure how they got there but Im guessing it must have been when I spilled some water walking into the room and never noticed it at the time.

If this happens to you you may want to do something about it although I have seen instances where water marks have actually enhanced the look of the floor almost like a feature but this situation doesnt tend to be the norm. To get rid of stains in the floor you just need to go through a couple of simple steps. The worst-case scenario is that you will end up having to refinish the whole floor again but this wont happen if you take care from the start.

3 Basic Options For Removing Stains From Hardwood Floors

You have three basic options for restoring your hardwood floor, the first being that you use an oxalic acid crystal solution to gently wipe over the stain. You can then use vinegar to bring the acidity level back up and follow that with using an oil-based stain to bring the wood back to its original hardwood colour.

The second option is to just start by taking a hand Sander with a fine piece of sandpaper and Sand down the stained area. If the stain is particularly deep you may have to use a slightly rougher grade paper. Be careful not to run too deep though because if you do youll be back to square one with having to refinish the whole floor so that the colour matches up properly.

The third option, if the second option fails to remove the stain is to replace the whole plank instead. If youre using bog standard wood you should be able to get replacement plank pretty cheaply but for branded hardwood like Ted Todd you can expect to pay more.

www.indigofloors.co.uk also check out this video for removing stains..

Tips For Removing Scratch Marks From Hardwood Floors

If youre dealing with scratches in your hardwood floor then depending on how deep scratches are you maybe ill to salvage the problem with some putty sticks. they are quite easy to use as all you have to do is rub the putty stick into the scratch marks and then just use clean cloth to wipe the excess away. this will actually fix a lot of minor scratches and certainly saves you the headache of having to replace the board or the cost of having a professional fix it for you.

If you do have to go the extra mile by replacing the whole board, either because its too deeply scratched or if the stain is proving too stubborn to remove you still dont have to call in the professionals to fix your Ted Todd floor.

The reason being that hardwood board replacements arent all that difficult to do either. Just go out and buy a replacement board, pull up the affected board in your floor and then leave the new board on top of the old board so you can cut it down to size with the saw. Once done you can go about treating the wood and then slotting back to place before you start the floor refinishing process so the colour of the boards matchup.

Learn Before You Leap

This is obviously just a quick summary of what needs to be done as there are a few steps in the process. When I decided to tackle my own Ted Todd floor I just did some research on Youtube and Google for repairing damaged floors and was able to complete the job without any problems at all. Serve you have a hardwood floor which is in need of some tender loving care all you need is a bit of time and patience and your lender with the floor looking as good as new in no time.

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