Hardwood Flooring Vs the Laminates

Hardwood Flooring Vs the Laminates

Cheap Hardwood Floors cannot Compare to Quality Hardwood Flooring

Buy Hardwood Flooring

If you want to buy hardwood flooring anytime soon, they you will most likely head down to the local supplier and see what’s on offer. This is a good idea, but it’s a bad idea to get talked into making a purchase on the spot by some ambitious salesperson. Take note of the type of wood flooring, its price, and finish etc, and then go home and search online for the exact same product. If the costs are equal to or more than the local, then support your local business without delay. However, if the online costs are much reduced (likely), then you might want to opt for the best wood flooring offers over the internet.

Laminate Vs Hardwood

How do the Laminate Hardwood Floor Clones stand up to the Prefinished Hardwood Floor Surfaces? read the article (right) to find out.

Hardwood Rules

There are a lot of cheaper wooden surfaces than those costly hardwoods, and once laid, they tend to look and feel great. However, if you were to have 2 rooms of identical size and shape adjacent to each other, where one had a laminate wood floor, or even engineered wood flooring down, and the other a natural and beautiful hardwood surface, the difference to both look and feel would be experienced immediately. Additionally, hardwoods are more hardwearing and timeless. They will last forever and a day when properly maintained, thus making them a better long term investment than the cheaper options out there.

What is the most Popular Hardwood used for Floors

This depends somewhat on where in the world you live, but generally speaking the most popular hardwood used for floors in modern homes is most probably Oak with Pine being a close second.


In order to save money a lot of wannabe DIY Dads are taking to laying new hardwood floors themselves. Although the process is not overly difficult, there is one common mistake a lot of these armatures make that has them just hopping mad. What is it? It’s the doors!

Those doors which open inwards need to clear the new wood floor. It’s not unusual for the new floor to be elevated higher than the previous surface. Dad only finds this out ‘after’ he’s laid the new floor and one of the family members tries to come in from the outside.

Hardwood Floors not for Tree Huggers

People always used to laugh at tree-huggers, as they were called, but with the beautiful rainforests being destructed at an alarming rate, people aren’t so quick to mock those who want deforestation to stop, or at least be controlled. We’re cutting down rainforests not because we need to but because we want to, we love the end products. With alternatives such as laminates, and bamboo flooring, has the time come to look more closely at recycling the hardwoods out there as opposed to buying new?

The Looming Shortage of Hardwoods

Hardwoods can take many decades to grow and because the world is impatient and wants these hardwoods to satisfy our ever growing demand for hardwood flooring, furniture, various papers, and even firewood, it will only be a matter of time before we see a real world-wide shortage.

The Kestrelcreek Wood Identification has identified Snake Wood as being the rarest hardwood in the world at this present time. Another 2 hardwoods that are becoming rarer with each passing year are Pink Ivory and Brazilian Rosewood.

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