Hardwood Flooring Guide — Learn About Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Hardwood Flooring Guide - Learn About Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Hardwood Flooring Guides

Consumer Buying Guides to the Types of Hardwood Flooring that Makes Your House a Home!

Thanks for stopping in! As you can see our flooring guides are almost finished. Once we’re ready, you can walk around the Hardwood Floor Guides and learn about various types of hardwood floors, flooring prices, installation costs and materials, hardwood floor care and cleaning, buying guides, and much more. Make sure you bookmark our site and revisit soon. While you’re waiting, check out these other great resources for hardwood flooring, or drop down and read this quick comparison to different types of wood flooring.

Comparison of Solid Hardwood to Engineered Hardwood Floors

What kind of floor should you install in your home? Should you go with the cheaper, more temporary floor or the more expensive, durable floor? This guide will introduce to you the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of solid hardwood, laminate, and engineered hardwood flooring. While each has it’s pros and cons, all floors are fantastic for the right situation. Realizing what the right situation is the major question.

Solid hardwood flooring is a long term investment into future with a home. The actual cost of this type of flooring can be a deterrent for some, but this is a moment where shopping around can pay out in the long run. The quality of floor makes this an asset as long as it is kept up. However, not only are solid hardwoods more expensive, they are also more difficult to install yourself. If you are planning on making this a DIY project, look into prefinished wood. It makes the end result more beautiful. Solid hardwood flooring is not something you install in a home that you do not see yourself living in for long time. If you want to spend the time and money on this very permanent flooring then I imagine you would want to enjoy the benefits.

Laminate wood flooring is the economical answer to flooring a home on short notice. The investment into laminate is a relatively small one in comparison to other types of flooring, such as real hardwoods or engineered hardwoods. It is a great way to keep costs down when renovating a home, especially for first time homeowners who plan on moving in a few years. It withstands scratches and dings with a greater deal of reliability. When looking at who might want to purchase this type of floor, one should look at honeymooners buying there first home or a couple attempting to start a family. Because of its relatively cheap installation and reliability, laminate flooring is the perfect choice for children, pets, and young people hoping to keep costs low.

Hardwood Flooring Guide - Learn About Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Engineered hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice for home owners to make if they wish to enjoy radiant heat. This flooring is more stable, and thus stands firm against expansion and shrinkage. Though these hardwoods must be tended to like any flooring, they are able to withstand a great deal of damage over time, as long as owners are conscious of what they are doing. Also, if you have concrete subfloors, this type of floor can be installed without the addition of wood subfloors. Instead of installing the more expensive solid hardwoods, you can install these floors. It will subsidize some of the cost and still last a long time. If you are looking into a stable floor, with the look and feel of solid hardwoods, the engineered hardwoods are for you.

In short, each of these have it’s advantages. Laminate is the cheapest, solid hardwood has the longest life expectancy, and engineered are the most versatile when it comes to installation. You as the homeowner need to decide what you truly want and need out of a floor. Now, you are in luck. Hardwood Floor Guides is offering free price quotes for the installation of any of these floors. Regardless if you know exactly what you are going to do in your home, or if you are still trying to figure out what you want, please take advantage of this free estimate of local hardwood installers.

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