Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Everything You Need To Learn About hardwood floor vacuum / Best handheld vacuum. best cordless vacuum

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hardwood floor vacuum / Best handheld vacuum. best cordless vacuum

Vacuum cleaners have long been good additions to every home as it tends to keep your place spec and spun. Its power is just so heightened that it can even do thorough cleaning that manual cleaning cannot even surpass. Once, there was only a single vacuum cleaner that is used but as years go by, there are different varieties of vacuum cleaners that have been available in the market. One is the hardwood flood vacuum.

What happens if you will use other vacuum cleaners on hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor vacuum is made for a purpose, however, most households fail to realize such. They would even think about how absurd it would be to get another vacuum cleaner specializing in hardwood floors instead of the vacuum cleaner that is readily available. Here are some of the facts that will guide you through.

Why not use vacuum cleaners with brushes? Brushes are pointed.  By any means, it can already leave scratches on your floor that you will not even like. The thing is, its accessories are harsh enough that it would actually etch your floor.

Why not use the same vacuum cleaners as those used in carpets? Vacuum cleaners specializing in cleaning carpets may not also help. This is due to the fact that it has rollers and wheels that may also leave scratches on the floor.

With all these ideas in mind, you can easily see why there is a need to go grab specialized vacuum cleaners that can deal with your hardwood floors without leaving it all etched.

What is the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner then?

The idea of the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner may just be different from one person to another, one household to another. Yet, here are some of the basic things that would make up the best hardwood vacuum cleaner that everyone would not debate on.

Free From Roller Brushes

Most vacuum cleaners are equipped with roller brushes. These brushes are great additions since these enable the vacuum cleaner to clear each space clean without missing an inch. It does garner as much waste that you could imagine too. This can be a good deal to hear but this does not serve as much in hardwood floorings.

As mentioned earlier, roller brushes can create scratches on the floor which is not a good thing. This would lead you to thinking that though roller brushes do as much work, it does not make it up to the top when hardwood floors are on the subject. A good hardwood cleaner would in fact be something that is free from these brushes.

Padded and Rubberized Wheels

Wheels cannot just be gotten rid of in a vacuum cleaner as it is considered to be a good addition especially when transporting the vacuum cleaner from one room to another. However, these wheels may also etch hardwood floors.

Best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners have wheels too but the only difference is that these do not leave scratches. This is so because it is padded and rubberized to make it only slip on the floor. These materials are never pointed too which means that though it can move to and from on your floor, it cannot leave annoying scratches.


Of course, aside from the deals to take care of the hardwood flooring, the best hardwood vacuum cleaner may never be realized without convenient deals that would benefit you too. A hardwood vacuum cleaner should first be lightweight.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is a good deal especially if you are into serious cleaning jobs. With a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can only be sure that your hands will never be left sore even after long hours of work.

There is more to convenience that a lightweight hardwood floor vacuum can do to. With its weight, it can be a whole lot easier to transport it from one place to another. You can store it even easier because the hassles are cleared.

Good Suction Power

Another thing that makes up a good hardwood floor vacuum is its suctioning power. This can even be applied to all the vacuum cleaners you will be in search for.

How to keep hardwood floor vacuum lasting?

The above mentioned deals are just some of the things that make up the best hardwood floor vacuum. But though you may have all these best deals in one vacuum cleaner, it will not last long still if not with the care of use deals. Here are some of the ways on how you can actually keep the vacuum cleaner last longer.

There are just some households with a great need for cleaning that it can last for hours. If this goes inevitable, it is just proper to take several minutes of rest so that it can cool down a bit. Take time to do this especially if you are to cover a whole lot of space.

After each use, you might decide on keeping the vacuum cleaner inside a cabinet. But before doing so, give it time to rest first. Let the heat of the machine subside before keeping it in a close storage room. Letting heat subside will just help the vacuum cleaner get cooler.

Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is cleaned after use too. Keep the dust bins, dust bags and filters clean before putting it in the storage room. Letting dust stay in these attachments would only cause problems. If there is moisture in the area of storage, it may even cause dust to clump thus creating clogs on the filters and bins. These clogs may just leave the tool not working as it is used to be. Also, these dusts might harbor microorganisms that would pose a threat on your health.

Tidy up cords just before storing it too. Cords are like the lifeline of the vacuum cleaner because it comes to be a channel that keeps the tool powered. This is why there is a great deal over taking care of each inch of these cords. Tidy it up to make sure that pests will never infest and cut the cords off. If possible, cover the cords with cloth to keep it away from insects and pests that might put its life in jeopardy.

And lastly, you might want to keep a closer look at the device’s care manual. Most people fail to do so only to realize that everything they need to understand the cleaning deals of the device are added in the manual. It will be proper to read on the manual from time to time until you master it.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, here are some of the things that you need to consider when buying a hardwood floor vacuum .

First is the quality of the tool. It would help to get ideas over the internet on the best brands to try when it comes to hardwood vacuum cleaners. The brand usually speaks about how well a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner can perform.

Consider the price too. This goes linked with quality most of the time. Buying branded items may leave you believing that you need to really spend a lot of money. Though this can be a fact most of time, it would help to know that this does not serve to your disadvantage. In fact, this may even save you from buying a new vacuum cleaner from time to time. A pricey yet high quality vacuum cleaner is already a good deal for it will surely last for years.

The place of purchase may also be one thing to consider. The online world is a good market where you can find these tools available in affordable prices. You just need to weigh in the choices especially online stores would demand of shipping fees. You can try the convenience of shopping online for as long as your expenses would never go higher than availing of such product from physical stores.


These are the important things that you should learn about hardwood floor vacuum. By now you may have learned that a hardwood vacuum cleaner is a different thing from all other vacuum cleaners on the market. So if you have hardwood flooring, you can just consider buying this tool to make sure that your flooring will not go etched.

Still, there are a lot of things that a hardwood floor vacuum can do that will surely surprise you. And there is just one thing that will help you realize what other benefits this type of vacuum cleaner has – grab one for your own. Rest assured, you will have all your needs tackled fairly.

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