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Hardwood Floor Guide - Dubeau Floors

Hardwood Floor Guide

What exactly is hardwood?

Hardwood is a genuine, 100 percent solid wood product recognized as the gold standard in home flooring. It bears a natural elegance and warmth that simply cannot be matched. A wide selection of hardwoods, each with a unique character, allows homeowners to customize their flooring according to personal tastes and specific needs.

Prefinished solid hardwood

A quick and practical alternative to other home flooring products, prefinished solid hardwood comes ready-made for installation. Pre-sanded, pre-stained and with a professional standard factory finish, it is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a quality upgrade to their flooring without the disruptions of a major building project. Available in a variety of grades, species and colours, prefinished solid hardwood is designed to complement virtually any decor. At 3/4 inch thick (19 mm), solid hardwood is generally installed on wood subfloors with nails or staples.

What you should know about hardwood

Hardwood flooring is perfectly suited to almost any room in the house except the bathroom where the potential for water damage is highest. Solid hardwood flooring is recommended for ground or above ground level flooring, otherwise known as «above grade» installations. It should not be used for «below grade» installations, such as basement floors.

A natural beauty

Hardwood is distinguished by natural variations that build a unique character into every floor. Sound knots and mineral markings lend an authentic beauty and texture to the wood without compromising its structural integrity. From forest to floor, Dubeau products are closely monitored to ensure the highest standards of wood quality, manufacturing and finishing.

A perfect blend

Hardwood floor is a product of nature and therefore, each floor strip is unique. Before installation, homeowners are advised to pre-assemble their wood strips to ensure the various wood tones blend together in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and suitable for the surrounding decor.

A smooth surface

A tiny, uniform V joint keeps the subfloor mostly out of sight and minimizes the gathering of dust and other particles.


Hardwood floors are easily customized through a broad range of species.


Wood species vary widely in terms of their looks and practical use in hardwood floors. Red Oak is a very popular choice for its durability and its striking grain and colour variations. Hard Maple is equally popular for its strength as well as its close grain and subtle shadings. Ash is also very durable and well loved for its grain and colour tones ranging from a lustrous white to medium brown. Yellow Birch features a beautiful, swirling grain embedded in a strong, evenly textured cream or reddish wood.


Each species produces its own natural colour and grain. Homeowners should choose a stain that brings out the character of the wood and blends in with the room decor and lighting.


Colour grading represents one of the more personal choices in hardwood flooring. Homeowners may select a more uniform appearance such as the «select & better» grade. Others prefer more dramatic colour variations such as those found in the «natural» or «vogue» grades. Even within a single wood species, grades and textures can vary widely.


Standard hardwood strips measure 2 1/4 (57 mm) and 3 1/4 inches (83 mm) in width. To make a room appear longer, choose a narrower strip; to make it seem shorter, choose a wider strip. Some products are also offered in 4 1/4 inches (107.95 mm) width.

Trims and Mouldings

Coordinated trims and mouldings can provide a beautiful accent to hardwood floors. Homeowners may once again add a personal touch by choosing reducers and stairnoses to suit their flooring.


A vacuum cleaner is recommended for dust and small particles. To preserve the beauty of a floor over many years, it is important to use a prefinished hardwood floor liquid cleanser. Carefully follow the instructions and always apply the liquid to the mop (not directly onto the floor). NEVER use a commercial soap. Avoid tracking sand onto hardwood floors.


For Dubeau solid hardwood flooring, relative humidity in the home should be maintained somewhere between 45% and 55% at all times (as required by the Dubeau Floors warranty). For Dubeau Engineered Hardwood Flooring, relative humidity in the home should be maintained somewhere between 35% and 65% (as required by the Dubeau Floors warranty).

Buying and installing a hardwood floor

Most flooring specialists and home centres provide installation of their products. For best results, choose a qualified installer who can provide references. Do-it-yourself homeowners should closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To determine how much flooring to buy, multiply the length and width of the room and add 5% to the overall square footage (to account for cuttings and trim). If the room is not a perfect square, mark out and measure it in smaller squares or rectangles.

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