Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

from Gerber Hardwood Flooring

Gerber Hardwood Flooring would like to welcome you to Hardwood Floor Decor and Care. here you will find answer to all your hardwood related questions and dilemmas.

With growing array of beautifulflooring choices on the market, we still see hardwood flooring popularity staying strong. It may be the look ofreal wood floor thatcaptivates our clients. It may be the authenticity and warmth of glowing, smooth, filled with charactermaterial, it may be the durability and longevity of everlasting beauty.

What ever it is, our client still choosereal hardwood overimitation products.

AtGerber Hardwood Flooring. our goal is to provide visitors with practical information about hardwoodfloor decor and care.

During our research, we found out that majority of internet sites concentrate more on sales andbusiness promotion and not so much on advice.

Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

AtGerber Hardwood Flooring. with 23 years practical experience behind us and 19th year Anniversary ofsuccessful business venture celebrated this year, we feel that we can finally provide more than justhardwoodflooring services to our local Clients, we can also provide practical information to all those who need it.

We have noticed that our clients seek information about the procedure and not so much the product itself. People struggle to find specific information on choosing right type of hardwood for their lifestyle. They want to learn about hardwood decor. they need to know about right care techniques for their specific wood finishes. Some are looking for instructions on hardwood flooring projects they want to tackle themselves.

You can also visit pages on right flooring choices for different areas of your home like bedrooms. kitchens. even bathrooms .

Here is where Gerber Hardwood Flooring comes in.

Hardwood Floor Decor and Care

Not only we have acertified interior decorator with a love of hardwood flooringproviding advice on hardwood floor decor, we also have installers and finishers experienced in many differentfinishing techniques.

Hardwood Flooring in your home, will provide timeless beauty and added value. It is easy to take care of and practical to maintain. With high quality, environmentally friendly finishes and dustless refinishing equipment available today, there is no reason why your wood floors shouldn’t look their best. For a Free, Written Estimate, call Joanna or Richard at (705) 721-1082

So feel free to browse and explore, and don’t forget to come back often. We are continuously expandingand updating our site.

Hardwood Floor Decor and Care


Gerber Hardwood Flooring

Richard came to Canada from Poland in 1990. He was in his early 20’s. and was starting a new life in a new country. Country full of opportunities and possibilities. A friend of a friend needed help in his Flooring Business. that’s how Richard was introduced to the hardwood flooring profession.

As an apprentice, Richard worked very hard to learn the tricks of the trade and the skills needed to succeed.

His persistence and attention to detail was the key to his success. Few years later in 1995 Richard, together with his wife Joanna, opened their own Hardwood Flooring Business.

Today, Gerber Hardwood Flooring is one of the best known Hardwood Flooring Companies in Simcoe County.

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