Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

What is a «general» hardwood floor cleaner?

We Love Your Floors always recommend what your manufacturer recommends. Many manufacturer’s recommend their cleaner for your floor. Some stipulate in the warranty that their products must be used for the finish aspect of their warranty to remain intact. If your manufacturer does not produce a cleaner for your floor we recommend the Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean. If you have sensitivity to chemicals we recommend the Bona Kemi Products. For best results and to maintain warranty requirements always use the manufactures product, if available, to clean hardwood floors.

Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean. Bona Professional Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner (or Bona X Swedish Formula – same thing) Dura Seal Hardwood Floor Cleaner and WoodWise No-Wax Hardwood Floor Cleaner are all high quality general hardwood floor cleaners that are specifically formulated to clean polyurethane finished hardwood floors and factory pre-finished hardwood floors. If your contractor has recommended one for your floor, take their advice. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, these products will not dull your hardwood floor finish or leave an oily residue. These floor cleaners are waterborne, non-toxic, environmentally responsible floor cleaners. Using these products to clean hardwood floors on a regular basis will bring years of satisfaction from the floor.

How often should I clean my hardwood floor?

It depends on how much traffic is on the floor and where the floors are located in your home. A kitchen floor will need to be cleaned more often than a spare bedroom floor. A general rule is once a week for most residential floors. It is also recommended to dust mop, sweep or vacuum as necessary in between cleaning. Hardwood floors in a high traffic area should be cleaned on a more frequent basis.

What kind of mop should I use?

We carry the best mops available for cleaning hardwood floors and hard surface flooring.

The Shine Mop is an industry standard that has stood the test of time. The 8-1/2” x 15“rectangle head comes with one removable terry cloth cover. A variety of other covers are available to meet your needs. All of our mops have cleaning pads that you wash in the washer and dryer.

Another popular choice is a revolutionary Microfiber Mop available from Bona (Bona Kemi, Bona X). It has an electrostatic action that attracts and traps dirt and allergens when used dry. It also absorbs spills and cleans tough stains when used with spray cleaners. The Microfiber Cleaning Pads last longer than cloth, up to 250 washes. The Bona Microfiber Mop is available in the residential, 4” x 15” size and the commercial, 4” x 24” size. The commercial mop works beautifully for homes with large areas of hard surface floors including tile and stone.

There are also cleaning kits available that contain a cleaner and a mop such as the Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Care Kit .

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

What is a «Touch-up Kit» or “Customer Care Kit”?

Hardwood floor touch-up kits vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most come with some sort of touch-up «marker» and/or touch-up «pencils». Some come with a small bottle of urethane finish. The markers are like a magic marker but match the stain color of your floor. The pencils are like a wax crayon to fill in a gouge, nail hole, etc. These kits are used primarily for repair of small scratches and dings that might occur in your hardwood floor. Severe/deep scratches or dings might require board replacement. If you have additional questions on hardwood floor care please give us a call at 1-800-949-0142.

When Would I Use a Wood Filler or Putty?

Wood Fillers are used to fill in spaces between boards, nail holes and small gouges. It is sometimes difficult to match filler online or over the phone. We suggest looking at the colors in Bruce Hardwood Floor Fillers to find a match. Red Oak Natural is going to be Red Oak Natural no matter who your manufacturer is. Unfortunately, we may not have a match for your specific floor.

What is IFT or Intensive Floor Treatment?

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