Greensboro Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Greensboro Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Hardwood Floors in Greensboro, NC

Home- A place of safety and warmth. It’s your corner of the world and the face you present to it. It’s where your heart is. Is there anything that could make it better?

The timeless beauty of.

Carolina Wood Floors in Greensboro, NC .

Wood floors not only enhance the look of your home, they are also more sanitary. Studies have shown that hardwood floors provide a healthier environment for allergy sufferers than other flooring options, such as carpet, because dirt and bacteria have no place to burrow, and with simple regular maintenance, such as sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping, theyre easy to maintain.

Wood floors also help increase your homes resale value. A national survey of real estate agents revealed that houses with wood flooring hold their value better, sell faster and command higher prices than houses without wood floors.

Carolina Wood Floors is a locally owned company that has helped thousands of homeowners in Winston Salem, Greensboro, NC & surrounding communities achieve their home renovation & design dreams.

Since 1988 Carolina Wood Floors has been a trusted partner in the selection, design, & installation of wood flooring. We are certified in hardwood floor installation for most major manufacturers and have been installing, refinishing and recoating both residential & commercial hardwood floors since our doors first opened. We also specialize in hardwood floor refinishing & hardwood restoration and utilize the BONA Dust Containment System.

Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing Experts!

Our Services

  • Residential Hardwood Floor Installation — If you are looking to replace your home’s existing carpeting or tile with wood floors, we can help you pick a look that meets both your needs & budget.
  • Residential Hardwood Floor Refinishing — For homes that already have hardwood floors installed. Carolina Wood Floors can help restore their shine& luster with our time-tested refinishing system.
    Greensboro Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing
  • Commercial Services — We can help turn your office into a showplace by adding wood flooring & specialty touches such as borders or medallions.
  • Sports Floors — Replacing your current gym floor with wood provides added durability and can help improve shock absorption for athletes, thereby reducing injury and fatigue
  • Refinishing With Less Dust

Hardwood Floor Installation

Carolina Wood Floors Inc offers the best services when it comes to hardwood floor installation. The experienced staff can add borders, medallions, distressing techniques, paint and more to make your floors unique and match your individual style. Call us today to make your hardwood floors come to life with our hardwood floor installation services.

When it comes to sanding hardwood floors, most people fear the worst: dust swirling throughout the air, on top of furniture & in air ducts. But Carolina Wood Floors is proud to offer Atomic Dust Containment Systems from BonaKemi.

  • The revolutionary Atomic DCS process uses powerful vacuum motors connected to the sanding equipment to virtually eliminate the airborne dust generated by the sanding process. The result is a cleaner, healthier & faster wood floor sanding.

CWF sports floor division. established in 1989, handles the installation, sanding/refinishing and annual buffing/recoating needs for many churches, schools, gyms, and athletic facilities. Our comprehensive focus on hardwood flooring allows us to offer a complete range of sports floor services, including:

  • Complete installation of new sports floors
  • Deep sanding, and refinishing of existing sports floors
  • Annual buffing and re-coating
  • Custom design and painting

Schools, churches, & professional gyms have all discovered the versatility of hardwood floors for athletic applications. Not only do they look great, but wood sports floors can also stand up to the most demanding sporting events, all while helping provide better footing & fewer leg & ankle injuries for your athletes

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Products & Services

Some of the products and services that are available include Residential Installation, Residential Refinishing, Commercial Services, Specialty Touches Borders & Medallions, Sports Floors, Finishing Hardwood

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