Flooring Materials

Flooring Materials

Flooring Materials

Decoria Luxury Vinyl Wood Plank

«. DECORIA luxury vinyl tile is manufactured to include new germ killing technology designed to make your home safer from bacteria such as staph and E.coli, viruses like rhinovirus and molds.

NANO-SILVER, extremely small particles of metallic silver, is added to DECORIA giving a durable anti-microbial action. It would take 500 million Nano Silver particles side by side to cover the section of a human hair, making the particles invisible to the human eye.

It just quietly goes about making homes and business safer places to be.»

Vinyl Composite Tile — VCT

Northeast Flooring Solutions is a recognized Armstrong Pro-Con 5 dealer. What this means to our customers is Armstrong quality at the lowest prices in New England. Whether you are purchasing materials direct from us or having us handle your complete project, including installation, you will recognize real savings and quality.

The most popular version of the Armstrong VCT is the Standard Imperial Texture. Architects all over the United States specify this product because of the quality, low cost, ease of maintenance and great looks.

Commercial Carpeting

Northeast Flooring Solutions sells and installs the carpets of manufacturer’s such as Shaw. Richmond Carpet Company. Beaulieu. Cambridge. Lee’s. Blueridge. Mohawk and Miliken. We have broad loam and carpet tiles and over 1000 carpet samples in stock for you to view. Our sales staff will bring the samples direct to you to help make your decision easier!

Rubber Flooring

Endura Rubber Flooring specified since 1981 for its aesthetic appeal, no-wax maintenance, 10 year wear warranty and high slip-retardance and safety, Endura is more durable, requires less maintenance and is more slip-retardant than most other types of hard surface flooring.

Visit the Endura website for more product information.

Continual improvement for tomorrow’s world

nora® rubber - durable and environmentally compatible material of all-around excellence

Rubber - the benchmark for durability and safety in a high quality raw material — it is a perpetual challenge for us to convert its characteristics into the best floor coverings in the world.

Cork Flooring

«. Cork is such a remarkable material that even modern technology has been unable to match or surpass it. A completely natural product, cork is harvested without damaging or chopping down a single tree, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly product. Cork is made of millions of cork cells — each cell functioning as a miniature sound and thermal insulator, as well as a miniature pressure and shock absorber.» Wicanders — Cork Flooring

For more information and samples of cork flooring visit the Wicanders website .

Traction Clean

Northeast Flooring Solutions is a PERMA Distributor. Please look at this fine product to help prevent slipping occupancies and call us at 1-800-750-3720 for more information or pricing!

TRACTION CLEAN - Slip Resistant Cleaner/Degreaser — Product #100

This concentrated, all purpose cleaner/degreaser is another product designed for Perma’s «Traction Team» floor care program. Traction Clean HCOF Cleaner/Degreaser is formulated to provide the cleaning and soil suspension properties necessary to effectively clean and maintain positive slip resistance characteristics in restaurant and food service areas, restrooms, nursing homes, hospitals and light industrial manufacturing facilities, where food, protein-based soils, light oils, and dirt can cause slippery conditions. Detergents and surfactants effectively break down and suspend soils, removing the potential cause of many slippery floors, and then special additives increase the coefficient of friction beyond the level normally inherent in the existing floor surface. Extensive laboratory and field testing on various types of flooring, including resilient tile, ceramic and stone tile, sealed wood and concrete, has demonstrated this products ability to raise coefficient of friction reading s beyond those required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the 0.6 SCOF required by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

This product is shipped in a case of 4 — One Gallon Bottles at a cost of $29.95 Per Gallon. For orders over 3 Cases you can take an additional 10% off of the sales price.

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) Flooring

Information coming soon.

Laminate Flooring, Linoleum and Fiber Floors

. «The new Tarkett Linoleum collections offer designers and architects more intense and sophisticated colors, while maintaining the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-static properties that make it such a hygienic floor,» says Graeme Hendry, linoleum product manager for Tarkett in North America. «In addition, all Tarkett Linoleum is homogenous, which means that the color and pattern are consistent through the thickness of the floor covering.

Tarkett Linoleum is available in various patterns and four dynamic color ranges including Urban, which features a palette of cool grays and metallic’s; Natural, comprised of soothing, earthy shades; Extravagant, featuring rich, bright, jewel-toned hues; and Contemporary, consisting of a variety of striking blues, greens and yellows.

Tarkett FiberFloor™, a new category in resilient flooring offering a new level of decorating convenience combining the comfort of carpet with the easy maintenance of resilient flooring. With its glueless application you can change your floor just as quickly as you change your decorating style. Available in 6’6′(only on selected sku’s) and 12′ widths.»

«. Our Living Colors of Linoleum collection features contemporary colors, signature styling and unparalleled performance. Made from renewable raw materials, Armstrong linoleum is the natural choice for low environmental impact and sustainable design. «

Solid Wood Flooring


Hardwood floors add a beautiful and natural touch.They also add value to your home and are highly praised in the resale home market. Today’s hardwood floors have made advances in style, durability, maintenance and care, making them more widely usable throughout the home. With simple sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning,wood floors will last a lifetime. There are hundreds of choices in style and color with today’s options spanning into exotic hardwoods.Most wood floors are available in several grades in a wide range of prices.


Wood floors are available in a number of popular species, both domestic and exotic. For complete information and images of each specie, please click below.


Flooring Materials

There are two constructions of wood commonly sold. «Solid» wood is milled from one piece of wood. «Engineered» wood consists of three or more layers in a cross-ply construction. Solid wood construction is generally used when installing over a wood subfloor where the hardwood will be attached to the subfloor. Engineered floors can be used almost anywhere in the home and are particularly well-suited to installation over concrete subfloors.


Woods styles come in strips, planks, or parquet tiles with numerous edge treatments such as square, micro, and beveled edges.You can choose from a wide range of stains to complement your décor and from several types of finishes including unfinished.»

«. Tarkett’s solid wood floors live up to their name. They are precisely milled from a single piece of wood and cut 3/8″or ¾»thick in random lengths up to 7′. Widths of 2-1/4″and 3-1/4″are available in a variety of species and pre-finished colors. Solid floors must be nailed down on or above ground level over OSB board or plywood subfloor.»

«. Solid, like it sounds, is milled from a single 3/4″ thick piece of hardwood. Because of its thickness, a solid hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished over several generations of use. One of the characteristics of solid wood flooring is that it expands and contracts with changes in your home’s relative humidity. Normally, installers compensate for this movement by leaving an expansion gap between the floor and the wall. Base molding or quarter round is traditionally used to hide the extra space.

Engineered is actually produced with three to five layers of hardwood. Each layer is stacked in a cross-grain configuration and bonded together under heat and pressure. As a result, engineered wood flooring is less likely to be affected by changes in humidity and can be installed at all levels of the home. Shaw Hardwood flooring offers two different engineered constructions:

  • Shaw Engineered with Hardwood Core
  • Shaw Engineered with High Density Fiberboard Core»

Ceramic Tile, Marble & Granite Flooring

Dal-Tile owns two of the most widely recognized product brands in ceramic tile. Dal-Tile offers a comprehensive line of fashionable, high-quality tile products in a range of colors, textures and finishes.

We also offer many other brands of tiles. Stop in and see our tile samples in our showroom.

Cove Base

Cove Base is offered in so many design options. Choose from rubber and vinyl, or mix and match both. Select from more than 90 standard colors or create your own. All have unmatched durability, resisting scuffing, fading and cracking, and will not shrink or separate from the wall.

For more information, styles and available colors check out our preferred manufacturer’s, Johnsonite, website .


Entrance Matting Systems

Entrance Matting helps stop dirt and water at your door and keeps your entire facility clean.

Drainage/Wet Areas:

Scraper matting is your first line defense against the outdoor elements scraping dirt and water from shoes.

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