Flooring and Carpeting Install Peel n Stick over particle board, particle boards, particle board

Flooring and Carpeting Install Peel n Stick over particle board, particle boards, particle board

Flooring and Carpeting /Install Peel n Stick over particle board



QUESTION: We have a large entry area that’s particle board, over what we don’t know, butted up to hardwood which we refinished. We want to apply peel n stick vinyl tiles to the particle board and overlap some of the bare sanded and polyurethaned hardwood. It’s not a high moisture area. The tile manufacturer recommends applying a primer to the particle board first. The primer manufacturer does not recommend use on particle board. This area is a add on space done by previous owners and what’s underneath is unknown. Due to cost and amount of work ripping up the particle board is not really an option for us unless it’s a must. We are worried about proper adhesion of the vinyl tiles. The tile manufacturer also does not recommend additional adhesive or heat. In the past I’ve used both but now we don’t know what to do. What would you recommend?

ANSWER: Hello Mike and Donna,

I can not answer your question completely with out the name and brand of the floor. I too used to use additional adhesive and always a primer. But newer materials have hit the shelves and they are not giving details about what adhesive to use. if any.

I almost made a bad recommend the other month until I personally called the manufacture and pushed them around a bit. I tried in vain to get a spec for adhesive. If this is a Lowes or Home depot product I think I will recognize the name as soon as I see it.

What type of particle board. MDF (medium density)..All particle boards are like sponges. primer it 2x and skim coat with this product. then primer it again.

I think Lowes has this item. they carry Mapei. other wise Home Depot has Henry’s 547

All these skim coat products are the same. use whichever you like to seal the particle board and make it like concrete. Then prime as you would new.Install the tile per the warranted directions.


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QUESTION: Thanks for responding so quickly. The tiles are from Home Depot. They are Armstrong 12×12. Beside the Armstrong name on the front it says Floor Score environmentally safe. The only other information is Deluxe 10 yr Residential Warranty Pattern #26291. We have some Zinnser Bullseye 123 Primer we were thinking of using.

We are not sure about the type of Particle board since we aren’t accustomed to working with it but it’s very fine grain material. There were no markings or finish on it when we sanded it during the hardwood floor restoration phase. I will try to attach a couple photos of the particle board which will also show the secondary concern of overly raising the level of the tiled area which is adjacent to the hardwood. We are concerned about creating a tripping edge. If we apply the skim coating material you mentioned should we also go over the stain damaged hardwood we intend to cover and how would we maintain a nice edge?


Mike & Donna,

Skim all the areas that will receive the tile. use firm pressure on the trowel and make it tight and thin..draw a line and stay within it, if you have to use tape to mask off. You must prep all the joints of the floor and all the nail holes. or they will show through eventually with time. The prep work will not increase the overall height to any noticeable degree. If you get a any amount of prep on the new floor wipe up with damp sponge. it will come right off when wet. or lightly scrub if dry.

You will have a transition from tile to wood no matter what you do. the tile can be bridged with a flat metal. either gold or silver which gets nailed down with decorative nails. included. Nail it to the wood side.

Use a primer. latex/ acrylic based for flooring. not the zinser paint primer.

Addendum*** Please contact Armstrong and get the product info to them so they can advise which adhesive to use. I have their web site for you to look at and download the PDF file which states 2 types of adhesive possible.

Ask for technical support.

Thanks for the kind comments.

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