Flooring and Carpeting Bathroom to bedroom transition, bathroom ceramic tile, mortar bed

Flooring and Carpeting Bathroom to bedroom transition, bathroom ceramic tile, mortar bed

Flooring and Carpeting /Bathroom to bedroom transition


Bathroom to bedroom tr

QUESTION: The doorway in the bathroom is in an 8″ thick wall, and the door swings into the adjacent bedroom. The bathroom ceramic tile stops at the bathroom wall line and is flush with the hardwood floor in the bedroom, as you can see in the attached picture. The tile is laid on a mortar bed. The question is how to extend the bathroom floor to cover the 7″ space. The existing tile is in good condition, but is 3″ hex and no longer available. I thought a wide marble threshold might be the answer, but I can’t find one that wide. The only other choice seems to be to tear out the whole bathroom floor and mortar bed, remove the hardwood flooring and notch the floor joists in the doorway down to the level of the bathroom subfloor, install backerboard, and retile the whole area. Do you have any other solution?

ANSWER: Thank you for your question Charles,

There is hope for you my friend. Where you ran into problems was most likely generated because of «terminology». No body produces a 7″ «Threshold» (well, I shouldn’t say «nobody» because if your rich enough you can have anything custom made). but what is very common is a Marble «sill» that are produced in numerous widths and lengths. I installed literally miles of 6″ Carrera marble, hundreds of lineal feet of 8″ wide «sills» in windows during my tenure in Florida. Also when I built showers with curbs they made double sided «shower curb sills» that had a finished edge on both sides in various sizes..ie: 6″/8″ curb sills. follow me? Very common and just cut to length, and pretty much any width that you needed ( 3″/4″/6″/8″ and even larger). this application is all you need to finish off your problem area by having an 8″ sill cut down to the width that you need to fill. Remember though that Carrera Marble (or whatever as there is Travertine sills as well) should be installed with a «white» thinset as this will help to retain the White color, if grey is used it will dull and darken the bright coloring. That’s it Charles, I hope this helps you with your project, feel free to return anytime.

QUESTION: Thanks for your suggestion of a sill. So I would need to buy a sill of the same thickness as (or slightly thinner than) the hardwood flooring, remove the flooring, and install the sill flush with the tile? And what about the transition to the carpet? Would a metal threshold under the door be appropriate?

The picture you provided was of the carpet to wood scenario but my response was to the «asked» question in regards to the tile to wood condition. So there are two existing points of entry into this bathroom I am deducing. so lets clear up the Marble threshold/sill condition first. Most standard sill thickness is 5/8″ material but it could just as easily be a 3/4″ material either way it is perfectly acceptable that this sill rest installed slightly «proud» (higher) than both the tile in the bath and the corresponding hardwood outside of it. ok? I am not a fan of adding a «third» element to any transition area but some conditions will require it to happen as a functional addition. Your sill addition will stand in the way of any water that might be generated from a happening inside the bath area from reaching the easily affected wood outside of it so it makes sense to have this element added. If you are able to locate this sill material and they have to cut it down for you remember to have them chamfer the cut side to prevent there being a sharp edge which could cut a toe or foot when passing in and out of the space. Now the carpet to wood transition is a result of someone not paying attention to the door swing condition. The best way to handle this is to just call a wood installer to come out and install a new «header» board there at the doorway extending the wood install farther into the bath correcting this visual problem. It shouldn’t cost more than $100-150.00 to have it done and it’s done in a hurry with no effort on your part. ok? That’s it Charles, I hope this helps you with these conditions, feel free to return anytime..

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