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Floorboards Sydney - Floor Sanding, Polishing, Installation,

Timber Flooring and Floor Board Installation Service in Sydney. Ask about our Laminate, Floating and Timber Flooring Installation Specials.

National Floor Sanding can assist you with all of your timber flooring installation needs. Having timber floor boards installed in your home or office is a task that needs to be completed by a team of experienced flooring installers. Many DIY floor board installers will call us in a panic after attempting to lay boards themselves. Why not take the risk and the stress out of this integral part of your renovation and engage a local professional who can work, advise and provide honest and experienced feedback for you throughout the duration of the job.

What Type of Flooring Solution are You Considering? Laminate, Floating or Hardwood Timber?

National Floor Sanding can not only install your timber flooring, but also source and deliver your chosen product at discounted rates compared to what you would be charged at expensive retail locations. We source the best quality laminate, engineered, floating and hardwood floor boards direct from the wholesaler at discounted rates, passing the cost savings onto our clients. We do not have to build in the extra expenses of servicing a retail location and can provide you with numerous samples via our mobile showroom at your property.

Before you decide what flooring solution you have us install you will need to make a decision on the type of floor that you want in your property. Here is a brief summary of the various aspects of flooring products that we can supply and install. Keep in mind your dedicated National Floor Sanding expert will be able to educate you in person with our samples.

Laminate Flooring Installation – Laminate flooring is renowned for giving property owners the look of traditional hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost, while being extremely durable in a residential setting and easy to install. This flooring solution to the untrained eye will create a perfect looking timber floor effect and will last for years. Laminate floor boards can’t be sanded and re-polished, but the durability built into these boards makes up for this. In the rare instance that a laminate board is scratched or damaged it can be fairly easily removed with a replacement board inserted by a qualified installer.

Laminate floor boards have grown in popularity in recent years purely due to their affordability, ease of installation and maintenance. In regards to maintenance and care it is best to keep laminate flooring clean, free of dust and sand particles are minor scratching an abrasion can occur in high traffic areas. Also keep in mind that like timber floorboards you should keep laminate floors relatively dry and do not clean with a wet mop. Laminate floors if not equipped with a water resistant coating can swell and buckle in places if exposed to water. National Floor Sanding recommend laminate floors from Quick Step who we believe are the industry leader.

Floating Timber Floors – Floating timber floors are another popular commercial and residential flooring installation solution. Simply put a floating timber floor is a floor that is not nailed, glued or fixed to a sub floor or beam. A floating timber floor will generally sit on a concrete or cement slab and can be installed and laid a lot faster due to this process. The floor that floating floor is laid onto needs to be level and it is for this reason that you should strongly consider using a professional floor installation company to complete this part of the timber flooring installation process for you.

Timber floating floors are composed during the manufacturing process by having a thin layer of timber usually 4-8mm thick inserted on top of an engineered substrate board to create a natural timber look and finish. When selecting a natural timber floating floor board make sure that the board has enough timber inserted for it to be sanded and polished at least a few times. Keep in mind that timber floating floors can only be sanded on minimal occasions as each time sanding and polishing takes place, timber is removed from the board. National Floor Sanding will be able to assess your floating floors and give you an indication as to whether they can be sanded and polished.

Floating timber floors like laminate flooring are becoming more and more popular within new homes and developments due to their affordability, natural look, ease of installation and ability to be sanded and polished over time to maintain their look and feel. Floating timber floors come in a variety of timber finishes including jarrah, Tasmanian oak, Sydney blue gum, spotted gum, merbau and blackbutt.

We recommend the Readyflor line of timber floating floors. It is Australia’s leading brand of floating timber floor and is finished with 6 coats of hardwearing UV lacquer. It comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a 25 year residential wear warranty. The other benefit of this range of floating floors is that they are 15 times less likely to expand and or shrink compared to traditional hardwood floors.

Timber Hardwood Floors – There is nothing more stunning in a property than natural timber hardwood floors that have been installed perfectly by a professional flooring installation expert. National Floor Sanding specializes in the installation of natural timber floors and can also provide you with the integral sanding and polishing service that will expose the natural beauty of the timber. Timber floors are the most expensive timber flooring installation procedure as you will need to sand and polish them upon installation which is an added cost not experienced with laminate or floating timber floors.

We provide you a range of natural timber flooring options and can deliver samples to your property and provide expert advice as to what timber selection may best suit your interior design ideas and current setting. There are a variety of timber floor species that you will need to consider including blackbutt, jarrah, Tasmanian oak, Sydney blue gum, spotted gum, merbau, kauri and cypress.

We will also be able to advise you on the various timber floor polish finished that will best suit your new natural timber floors whether it be oil or a waterbased polyurethane. You will also need to consider the various finish placed on the timber being gloss, satin or matte.

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As you can see you have numerous options when it comes to timber flooring installation solutions in your home and National Floor Sanding is well placed to assist you with all of your questions and installation requirements. Call us today on 1300 202 236 for a no obligation consultation.

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