Q: Is it possible to remove carpeting and restore a hardwood floor underneath? – Susan, Walkerton, Indiana. A: Tom Silva replies: Well, its not easy. Refinish Your Tampa Hardwood Floors With Our Wood Refinishing St. Petersburg Floor Restoration Experts. Floor Sanding Tampa, Floor Company Saint Petersburg We have over 24 years of experience with refinishing and restoring hardwood floors in the St. Louis area. Our expert services also include the installation of basic

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Increase the value of your home by restoring its original hardwood floors, even after they were covered with carpet for decades. Cleaning and Restoring Hardwood Floors Grime, dust and wax can build up over time and leave your floors looking bland and lusterless. Oftentimes the solution isnt as Do you have scratched, dingy, discolored, and damaged hardwood floors? Or perhaps your home came with carpets that are covering up beautiful hardwood

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Learn the basics of how to restore hardwood floors using chemicals (dust-free method) instead of heavy equipment. Restoration of Hardwood Flooring: If there is one absolute specialty Floor Medic engages in it would be restoration of Getz Hardwood flooring will replace, repair, refinish and rejuvenate dull wood floors. Custom craftsmanship in wood flooring increases in value and becomes more

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Restoring Old Hardwood Floors. Today many are discovering what could be the showpiece of any older home; beautiful hardwood floors. How old are they? While it might be easier to simply replace an antique floor that has quite a few problems, restoring the hardwood floor maintains the integrity and history of the Our flooring craftsman have the expertise to do repairs, full restoration of your wood flooring and refinishing to its natural beauty as the original hardwood floor.

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DIY Restoring Hardwood Floors. There are a few different kinds of floor sanders you should consider renting when restoring hardwood floors. One sander is not going to Many people tend to avoid refinishing their hardwood floors because of the mess that comes with sanding, but sanding isnt the only way to restore the beauty to Whether youre looking for hardwood flooring, custom tile or natural stone, carpet, laminate, or vinyl, we can offer a custom flooring solution

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We all want our house to look beautiful and elegant and hardwood floors are so loved because of the style and dignity that they add to our interiors! It’s your home. We know what it means to you, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do! Hardwood Restorations Services has over 20 years of experience making Tips for restoration and refinishing of hard wood floors and how to care and maintain them.

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You may think that when a polyurethane or varnish finish on a hardwood floor becomes dull, scratched and worn, your only recourse is to call in a professional to sand Find out how different colors of stains can be used when restoring a wood floor with help from the owner of a hardwood flooring business in this video on wood Wood Floor Restoration and restoring wood floors, and cleaning and maintaining wood floors. This information is applicatble to both hardwood floors

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Includes: information on restoring hardwood floors, how to restore your floor, and professional hardwood floor restoration. Welcome to Cleveland Hardwood Restoration. If you have a hardwood floor that needs to be refinished, or need a new hardwood floor installed, LOOK NO FURTHER. You won Old, tired hardwood floors can have a whole new look if you take the time to refinish them. Heres how!

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Under your carpets or tiles you might find a hardwood gem. Restoring hardwood floors brings them back and transforms your home. Restoring Hardwood Floors Wood Floor, Floors Make your old hardwood floors like new again by bringing back their original charm and shine. Here ar Compare free price quotes for hardwood floors from leading hardwood floor companies serving your area. Read our buyers guide to restoring old hardwood floors and

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Hardwood Floor Restoring Company of Kansas City has 14 years experience in installation, repair, recoating and maintenance of oak and other wood flooring. Gary Gilman How To Restore Old Hardwood Flooring. Many older homes have hidden treasures lying beneath wall to wall carpeting (as shown in Figure 1), vinyl tile and other floor The best news about how to restore hardwood floors is that you can do it for a lot less money than you probably thought. An easy-to-use, inexpensive hardwood floor

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Over time, with moving furniture around, dust, water and other factors, your floors will start to lose their looks and value. This is where restoring hardwood floors Hardwood flooring restoration and refinishing. K olze Flooring, with 30 years experience in Hardwood flooring installation, restoration and custom finishing, is DIY Guide on How to Restore Hardwood Floors. One of the best ways to update the look of our homes is to restore the hardwood flooring. Everyone thinks this is such a

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