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Q: I have heard that a few drops of water or heat/steam applied by an iron, onto a towel, may help to have a dent raise up in the hardwood floor? Answers to common and uncommon wood floor problems. Dear Helen Scratches are dealt with in the floor maintainence article in the Floored News section. Useful tips on how to repair most hardwood flooring problems.

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Askville Question: I dropped something on my hardwood floor that caused a small dent is there anything I can do to repair. Home Improvement Most new floors come with a scratch and dent repair kit. Follow manufacturer recommendations for how to repair your flooring Keeping Wood Floors Clean Hardwood Floor Installation; Stairs and Treads; Sanding and Refinishing; Exotic Wood; Restoration of Old Flooring; Wood Floor vs Carpeting; Staining; Floor Repair

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Uploaded by remaflooring on Jun 22, 2011 the best way to fix a dent Category: Howto Style Tags: remaflooring License: Standard YouTube License. 3 likes If you ignore them for a while. Many of them will take care of them selfs as the wood expands and contracts with the weather. I have an opportunity to try and repair a dent in a new Oak Floor. I have in the past been quite sucessful at raising small dents in wood working projects by wetting

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How to Fix Hardwood Floor Dents Scratches. Hardwood floors are subject to being scratched and dented during their lifetime. You can fix these dents and scratches Moisture, heat and wood fillers repair minor dents and dings in hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors may last 50 years or longer if properly cared for, but they are not Hardwood Floor Repair and Maintenance: A Little TLC for Your Floor. Hardwood floor These are low cost and an easy way to keep your floor scratch and dent free.

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Best Answer: Place a damp wash cloth over the spot and set a warm iron over it. This will make the wood swell back up and fill the dent. Can I Fix Dent in Laminate Floor? Home Improvement Questions. Local experts offer Hardwood; Heating; Home Additions; Home Decor; Home Entertainment; Home Improvement Free advice on how to repair wood floor problems from leading home improvement expert Don Vandervort. ****

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Small dents in a wooden floor can be a real eyesore. This is especially true if the dent is not bad enough to warrant a board replacement. Dents can be caused by many Hardwood Floor Repair for Small Dents and Bangs Home Improvement fill in a dent, if you have actually compressed the wood. There are only 2 ways to truly remove a dent You should put some type of seal over the wood putty to protect the repair; clear nail has dislodged from your laminate flooring, save it to repair your floors.

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Best Answer: ONLY 3 mm deep. boy are you lucky. I think the grain of the wood can be raised by only wetting it with some water. Please dont drench it Wood, Floor and Furniture Gouge and Dent Fillers: Wax, Epoxy, Inlay, Lay-in Prepare the Home Hardscape for Winter How To Repair Hardwood Flooring more in Hardwood/wood flooring questions and answers from an expert at Face Lift Floors and Wood between planks? Do you think that 1/16 is a large gap? How do we fix a dent?

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Read this to find out how to repair or conceal minor hardwood flooring damage. Q: One visitor asked, When moving range back after laying hardwood, we found a pressure dent. Is there a fix? A: It sounds like this is factory finished flooring. Unlike many other surface damages to your wood furniture, a dent is actual damage to the wood, and not the finish necessarily. Therefore to repair the dent, a few extra High heels cause dents in hardwood floors.

Best Answer: ONLY 3 mm deep. boy are you lucky. I think the grain of the wood can be raised by only wetting it with some water. Please dont drench it Old furniture was moved out to allow for plaster repair and re-painting, but the And we know that things consumers do in buildings can and will dent wood floors. You can’t repair nail heads. As a last resort, and you can try (with extreme caution) heating the dent NWFA (National Wood Flooring Assoc.), NOFMA (National Oak

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If your hand mis it a bit, the wood would have a big dent. Missing the very 2:31 Watch Later Error Single Board Repair Wood Floor Putty and Refinish Q: I have roller dents in a kitchen hardwood floor from moving the refrigerator. First question: What is “too deep” to repair? And, if I remove the finish and I dropped something on my floating floor, and it made a dent. I cant replace it without ripping up the floor. But is there a way to fill it in? I isnt very

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Is there a way to fix the indentation without sanding but its usually used on an unfinished piece of wood with a dent. If you put too much steam on a finished floor it Answers to common and uncommon wood floor problems. Linda Tuhacek Is there any way to repair a hard wood floor that has divots in it from dropping something on it? For minor damages try a hardwood repair kit from into the wood and eliminate the dent. If the wood is i have a gouge in my new hardwood floor. How can I fix it

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