Factors for Choosing the Best Wood Floor Stain Colors Best Home Design Ideas and Photos

Factors for Choosing the Best Wood Floor Stain Colors Best Home Design Ideas and Photos

Factors for Choosing the Best Wood Floor Stain Colors

Article by sarah james on December 11, 2012 under Interior Design category

When it comes to choose wood floor stain colors. they generally fall into three ranges: light colors, which add brightness and a sense of cheerfulness to a room, midtones, which are more traditional and help cover blemishes in the wood and dark colors, which are somewhat dramatic and tend to combine dark browns and reds.

Wood Floor Stain Colors

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best wood floor stain colors or a refinished existing one:

1. Dont be misled by the sample

Be aware that it may be challenging to recreate the look of your favorite sample. Many factors go into a stains final look, including wood type, room lighting, and wall and ceiling colors. An experienced, reputable hardwood flooring contractor should suggest testing a small area of flooring, usually after the second sanding, before you make your final stain choice.

2. Consider a custom stain

If the standard options dont grab your interest, ask about custom stains. This is an involved process, so make sure theres a detailed record of your chosen stains recipe that your contractor can use to produce large enough amounts. Also, be sure your contractor avoids mixing products from different manufacturers.

Hardwood Floor Stain Colors

3. Sanding affects final stain color

Talk to your contractor to be sure he or she knows how to avoid or minimize a halo or picture framing effect, the result of differences between sanding depth in the floors center and the depth at the edges. Scratch patterns from buffer or edger sanding can add to a halo effect. An experienced contractor should know how to apply stain to minimize such effects. Ask to see photos of floors from previous clients homes. Ask, too, for references and take the time to contact them.

Stain Colors for Wood Floor

4. Overall Design/Theme of the Room

If you are planning to stain your hardwood flooring, the overall design (or theme) of the room will have a massive impact on your color choice. For example, if your room has an antiquated feel to it, color choices such as Walnut or Early American will match up perfectly; these same colors, however, might look odd in a room that has a more modern feel to it. Always take into consideration the ambiance of the room before making a decision regarding color choice.

Staining the Wood Floor

5. Level of Activity in the Room

The level of activity in your room will also have an impact on the choice you make regarding color. If you have children or pets that are constantly scurrying around the room, you may wish to choose a light color for your hardwood flooring, as darker stains are much more apt to show scratches. Light-colored flooring is usually considered to be easier to maintain than that which is darker in color. Depending upon the lighting in your room, you may want either a dull or semi-gloss finish on your flooring. Keep in mind that a dull finish will absorb light, while a semi-gloss will repel it. Choose a dull finish if you have strong overhead lighting.

Stain Colors and Wood Floor

There are so many great wood floor stain color chart choosing when it comes to hardwood flooring. Options will vary from natural wood to dark browns and black. There wood floor stain colors that will work for all spaces and just remember these tips as you go through the process.

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