Exotic Hardwood Flooring Plank Flooring Wide Plank Flooring

Exotic Hardwood Flooring Plank Flooring Wide Plank Flooring

Plank Flooring

Beautiful Hardwood Floors and Durable Wide Plank Flooring at Expressive Woods

Your home or office is more than just a place. In many ways it is an extension of your personality an outward expression of your tastes and sensibilities. You probably recognize this, and its why youre considering the genuine beauty and durability of hardwood plank flooring.

There is no substitute for the rich, elegant splendor of hardwood flooring. It is natural and organic, and as plank flooring ages it doesnt wear as much as it takes on character and body. Indeed, exotic hardwood flooring is the choice for persons who understand that synthetics may be practical, but only something natural can stir the senses.

At Expressive Woods, we bring the form of function of nature into your home or office by offering the finest hardwood flooring available today. Best of all, our products are sustainable because our wide plank flooring is harvested selectively and rationally.

We also cater to the hardwood flooring needs of those in the hospitality industry, and we can bring an exotic, durable statement to any restaurant, hotel, or other commercial enterprise.

You are looking for a way to express yourself. At Expressive Woods, we can bring your imagination to life with high quality exotic hardwood flooring in a wide variety of different looks and colors. To find out more about our hardwood plank and wide plank flooring call (866) 287-2376, or simply fill out our online form and we will answer your questions. You can consult with one of our hardwood flooring experts without risk, because we offer a free consultation to all of our new customers.

Your Flooring Ideas Brought to Life

You will find that we carry over ten species of exotic hardwood flooring, including Brazilian hardwood, Peruvian hardwood, and Brazilian walnut flooring. Ours is an elegant array of the best hardwood plank flooring, perfectly suited for any preference in color or style.

Your flooring ideas can be brought to life in ways you might not have imagined, because each hardwood has its own unique qualities. Your choice of wide plank flooring ultimately may depend on the rest of your rooms dcor, or it could be the starting point from which the rest of your decorating ideas grow.

Which Hardwood Flooring Should I Choose?

Youve made the choice to have hardwood flooring in your home or office, but there is more to making a selection than simply choosing a color and comparing prices. Many factors must be considered before making a choice in flooring, so its a good idea to get detailed information from a hardwood expert before making a final determination.

For instance, its important to understand the pros and cons of each variety of hardwood flooring, while familiarizing yourself with some of the terminology used to differentiate their individual qualities. Do you understand the differences in hardwood grades? What type of finish would you like to have on your flooring? How much care and upkeep will a particular hardwood flooring choice require? And should you select solid or engineered flooring?

These questions are especially important if you are going to use exotic hardwood in a commercial space with heavy traffic. While there is no substitute for the reliable durability of exotic hardwood, you will want to invest in the best plank flooring option for your particular space.

You can get help answering your questions today from one of our qualified hardwood flooring experts. We offer free consultations to our potential clients, to help them make an informed choice before purchasing their hardwood flooring.

Once the technicalities are out of the way comes the fun part choosing the hardwood flooring that best suits your personal tastes. What follows is a list of our hardwood flooring options, available in plank and wide plank varieties.

Wide Plank Flooring

Our Hardwoods not Only Look Good, they Make You Feel Good

Your want your homes flooring to beautify the place you live. You also want your flooring to be harvested in a responsible way to protect the home that we all share.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring Plank Flooring Wide Plank Flooring

We at Expressive Woods are committed to responsible harvesting of hardwoods for our flooring products. We accomplish this by sourcing all of our flooring hardwoods from renewable forests where no endangered animal species are exploited.

Our hardwood flooring partners share our respect of nature and the environment, and follow the same ethical practices that we do. That means you can be confident that every hardwood flooring wide plank was created in a responsible manner. You will feel good about buying hardwood wide plank flooring from Expressive Woods.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring with a Personalized Touch

Take a few minutes to peruse our website and start painting your own mental image of the type of hardwood flooring you would like to use to accentuate the beauty of your home or office. Discover for yourself the many hues and distinct styles of hardwood flooring we offer.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every single plank of flooring we import on your behalf. The exotic shades and natural forms of our hardwood flooring will ignite the spark of something wild and untamed in your living area or workspace. Now is the time to see for yourself.

Contact us Now for Hardwood Flooring Samples

You can only get a sense of how magnificent our hardwood flooring truly is by seeing with your own eyes and touching it with your own hands. You can order either of our custom-made flooring samples by contacting us at (866) 287-2376 or filling out our simple online form. Flooring samples come in either a large (10 x 15) size for $25, or a large (14.5 x 19.5) size for $38.

If you simply want to gather some more information about our various hardwood plank flooring options then call us for a free consultation at (866) 287-2376.

Dont wait any longer for the hardwood flooring youve always dreamed of. Contact us today and bring a touch of elegance into your home with the finest wide plank hardwood flooring on the market today.

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