European Flooring Group Custom Hardwood Flooring in Toronto & BC

European Flooring Group Custom Hardwood Flooring in Toronto & BC

Premium & Custom Hardwood Flooring from Europe, available in Toronto & Victoria

At European Flooring we believe that extraordinary flooring is the foundation of dynamic designs and functional spaces. The floor is the foundation of your decor, the design element that flows through every space. This is one of the reasons we offer a wide range of woods in different product widths and surface finishes so there is a product for every decor.

As the foundation of your space, we also believe it is important that you select the right hardwood floor for your project. Our philosophy is that One size does not fit all. We know each customer has their own preferences and each project has its own special requirements. We also know that there is a floor that can satisfy each project. That is why we take the time to ask questions and learn about each project so that we can work with our customers to find the most appropriate floor to fit your application and meet your needs.

Our staff is courteous and professional and we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. We have a dedicated sales team that works hard to satisfy every customers needs. Our sales representatives can work with you directly or can meet with your designer, architect, builder and/or contractor to ensure your job is done correctly.

Remember, not only should your floor look extraordinarily good, it should perform extraordinarily well too.

Here at European Flooring, we are firm believers that everything needs to be built from the ground up, and that a strong foundation will go a long way in creating a dynamic that will end with spectacular results. The custom hardwood flooring  that we provide to our valued customers stems from the same philosophy—to give our clients the best possible foundation from which to build upon. European hardwood is the ultimate luxury in flooring; it is at once timeless yet contemporary, perfectly fit for a modern home yet evokes classical exuberance. The design sensibilities encapsulated within the floor of any home is the foundation of all the other design elements within the household. Thus, flooring plays a vital role in bringing all the design elements together in a cohesiveness fashion—making the selection of wood flooring one of the most important decisions for any home.

Custom European Hardwood Flooring Canada

European Flooring Group Custom Hardwood Flooring in Toronto & BC

Luckily, European Flooring Group is here to help. One of the main goals of our company is to provide the utmost in quality product and service to our customers—we believe that the trusting relationship we are able to build with our clients is what allows our company to grow. We strive to learn something new from every client, and take that learning experience and turn it into an improvement for the future. Without providing our customers with the highest quality products we can attain while catering to each customer’s individual needs, our company would become stagnant and suffer as a result.

One of our proudest achievements as a company is our ability to bring the very best custom flooring  in the world to our customers. Our team works hard with our European partners to ensure that we provide the finest quality wood flooring available to our customers; we carry only the highest quality hardwoods on the market, giving our customers some incredible options to choose from. We understand that our clients expect the very best from us—and nothing less. We are pleased to say that we have kept our promise in delivering only the best Europe has to offer. As a result, our selection contains the finest customized flooring in Toronto .

Our years of experience in the wood flooring industry has taught us that there is not one single solution that fits all—that is, all our customers will have different individual needs and desires that need to be treated with the utmost respect. As such, we take great pride in being to accommodate our customers’ needs in order to find the perfect fit for their homes. We do not see the differences between every single one of our clients as some kind of burden—quite the opposite, actually. Our team sees each project as a unique challenge that allows us to work with our clients—to explore creative possibilities and solutions not as separate entities, but as a team. We are deeply appreciative of this communicative process, as only through this process can we build a strong and trusting relationship with our clients.

We believe that wood flooring at its very best should reflect the beauty and essence of nature, while providing a functional solution to flooring that perfectly combines style and functionality. Here at European Flooring, we are committed to reaching this ideal through our quality products and service. Contact European Flooring for the finest custom hardwood flooring in Toronto today—and experience the European difference.

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