Engineered wood flooring – styles , uses and designs. — Wood4Floors

Engineered wood flooring – styles , uses and designs. - Wood4Floors

Engineered wood flooring – styles. uses and designs.

Engineered hardwood flooring offers home owners and business owners the ability to enjoy the beauty of hardwood while avoiding many of the pitfalls that accompany installing a natural hardwood floor. It is an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood flooring because it looks and feels like real hardwood flooring. Engineered Wood Flooring is created by stacking multiple layers of thinner wood panels together sandwiched in between layers of adhesive. These multiple layers create the high density of engineered wood flooring and offer an increased durability over traditional hardwood floors. Because the inner layers are made from solid hardwood pieces and the panels utilize a tongue and groove system, engineered hardwood floors create a beautiful yet robust and highly durable flooring solution that can be incorporated into any environment.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

In addition to the beauty and durability offered by engineered wood flooring, there are other benefits you can reap by choosing to install engineered wood floors in your home or office.

More Stable

Engineered wood flooring is actually more stable than traditional hardwood flooring solutions. This means that there is no need to acclimate engineered wood flooring materials for days before installation and they resist cupping and gaps over time. These issues are common for traditional hardwood flooring, especially if they are installed by less experienced craftsmen.

This characteristic of engineered wood flooring makes it a favourite among interior designers who enjoy creating unique patterns in their clients floors by using different colours and lengths of flooring boards. When trying to accomplish this design with traditional wood boards, you run the risk of uneven shrinkage and expansion, not only during initial installation, but also over time, which can result in gaps and cupping throughout the room. However, by using engineered wood flooring, you eliminate this issue, making this design element more achievable than ever.

Moisture Resistant

Unlike traditional solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors are more acceptable to changes in humidity. The plywood – the cross layered construction of the backing is inherently more stable to changes in moisture content and helps limit dimensional movements across the grain. For example our engineered wooden flooring can be used in basements and over underfloor heating and reduces the worry of warping, buckling, or other failure. Make sure you follow wood4floors and manufacturers fitting recommendations to achieve an excellent result.

Most manufacturers do not recommend wood flooring in bathrooms – due to the high and changing humidity – however many successful installations have been made by clients. Be sure to keep humidity wood moisture content within acceptable limits.

Engineered parquet floors have made it possible to create beautiful, high end kitchens and bathrooms that incorporate the warmth and beauty of wood floors without the worry of floor failure. Good quality lacquers, oils with their proper maintenance and upkeep makes wooden flooring spill resistant and easy to clean.

Wide Variety

With engineered wood flooring, the sky is the limit when it comes to available colours, patterns, lengths, and widths of the materials. Manufacturers of engineered wood floors can create the look and feel of any natural wood product as well as those that dont actually occur in nature. This means that you can find an engineered wood flooring solution for any theme or home décor look no matter what style or colour palette you are using. This is simply not an option with traditional wood floors.

Because of the wide selection of colours, textures, and patterns available, engineered wood floors allow homeowners and designers the ability to create any look they can imagine. This is the perfect flooring solution for any interior design idea or theme as you can create any look that you can dream up. The vast array of colours, textures, and finished offered by engineered wood floors are simply not available in other wood flooring products, even those using synthetic materials, making engineered wood floors the perfect solution for any home.

Aesthetically Appealing

Regardless of the engineered wood floor you choose, you can rest assured that the floor with be beautiful. Engineered wood floors offer you the ability to recreate even the most exotic traditional hardwood floor with ease. The results are completely natural looking and can even accommodate the addition of different textures in order to achieve the look you are striving to achieve. Engineered wood floors can easily be incorporated into traditional homes as well as into more contemporary designs.

The modern techniques used to create engineered wood floors allow manufacturers to create beautiful flooring boards that fit together perfectly each and every time, reducing the chances that you will have issues with mismatched colours or patterns and that the resulting floor is spectacular.

Consistent Quality

With traditional hardwood flooring solutions, you will often find natural variations in colour, texture, thickness and quality, even within boards in the same lot. This simply doesnt exist with engineered wood flooring. Manufacturers employ a rigorous quality control process that ensures that every board you install offers the same qualities, resulting in a uniform appearance. Natural imperfections are eliminated, leaving you with a flawless floor for every application. This is perfect for those looking to achieve a more modern look that requires you to have a uniform floor appearance. In addition, for those looking to create a floor that utilizes mood boards, having a floor that incorporates a uniform colour and texture will help your accent boards stand out.

Many interior designers have begun using a process that allows them to mix and match boards of different colours, patterns and textures in order to create visual interest in a particular room. Because engineered wood flooring is created with a consistent quality, these looks can be achieved in such a way that the patterns can be created without sacrificing the uniformity of the surface of the floor.

Convenience In Installation

Engineered wood flooring – styles , uses and designs. - Wood4Floors

Engineered wood flooring utilizes the same tongue and groove system that traditional hardwood floors use in order to ensure a tight fit and reduces separation at the boards. This makes installation simple. But whats even more convenient is that engineered wood flooring can be installed using several different methods including gluing, stapling or nailing. This ensures that you get a beautiful finish no matter what installation method the installer prefers. It also makes engineered wood flooring much more versatile than traditional hardwood floors and a favourite among interior designers as well as do-it-yourself.

Perfect Finishing

Factory finished engineered wood flooring offers something that is difficult to achieve on site with natural wood floors: a huge variety of finishes from matt to high gloss, distressed to handscraped, lacquers to oils an almost endless list of exclusive and distinctive designs. This modern feature allows your engineered wood floor to highlight the natural wood colour and grains of your floor and ultimately results in a more elegant looking floor than traditional wood. Modern lacquers and oils finish serve to protect the floor underneath from scratching and wear, which allows your floor to look great for as long as you own your home…something that is simply not possible with natural wood. This makes engineered hardwood floors the best flooring option for those looking to create a sophisticated look that will withstand years of use.

Reasonable Prices

Last but not least, engineered wood floors are significantly less expensive to acquire and install than traditional wood floors. This makes it the perfect solution for those looking to get the look and feel of natural wood on a smaller budget. Because engineered wood flooring is so much less expensive than its traditional wood counterparts, it is easy to install it throughout your home, giving it a more uniform look and feel. This also allows you to be able to achieve the look of more exotic, extremely expensive flooring without breaking the bank.

Bottom Line

Interior designers like using engineered wood flooring solutions in the homes they design thanks to the consistency in quality, durability and flexibility they provide. They offer the opportunity to create a truly high end look, giving homeowners and business owners the ability to have the look and feel of real wood floors without the expense or the hassle of board inconsistencies that come along with natural wood. Engineered wood flooring has the ability to take on the look and feel of any natural wood product available. And, because the flooring solutions come in so many colours and sizes, you can create any designer pattern you wish in each room, making your home truly stand out among your friends. The reduced price of engineered wood flooring makes this an accessible and affordable flooring solution that can take any home interior design and make it truly exceptional.

Engineered wood flooring is easily the best alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. While other wood flooring products such as laminate and other simulated wood products, none of them have the ability to recreate both the look and feel of traditional hardwood. The ability of manufacturers to control not only the colour, but the texture of engineered wood floors makes it far superior to synthetic wood products when it comes to both durability and visual aesthetic.

So, if you are in the market for beautiful hardwood floors, but are hesitant about making the financial and long term care commitment to traditional hardwood floors, consider taking a look at engineered wood floors. You will be surprised at how affordable it can be to get great looking floors that will withstand the test of time and high volumes of traffic.

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