Eco-friendly Tips from Dobson Floors Dobson's

Eco-friendly Tips from Dobson Floors

May 13, 2010

At Dobson’s Flooring America, we are always urging our customers and community to do what they can to become more environmentally-conscientious. It’s the little things we do in life that can have the greatest impact—if we all did it together.

When it comes to our showrooms, we’ve taken strides to go green as much as possible. From operations to product selection, and everything in between, we look to see where we can do something more eco-friendly.

We have a commitment to good energy and environmental principles, and our brand new Frisco location only underscores our dedication to this initiative. Our Frisco storefront is an L.E.E.D. certified building, making Dobson’s Flooring America the first retail store in Frisco to be awarded this certification by the U.S Green Building Council.

Below is a new list of things you can do to become more eco-friendly in your homes and everyday practices:

  1. Change your light bulbs. New, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs use two-thirds less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Best of all, compact fluorescent bulbs last approximately 10 times longer!
  2. Utilize reusable bags when grocery shopping. Instead of using plastic bags, consider taking reusable cloth bags with you to the grocery store. My grocery stores sell them or you can purchase bundles from other retailers. If you have a large storage of plastic bags, recycle them.
  3. Reduce water consumption. Saving the amount of water we use for daily activities will not only result in a lower water bill, but also helps conserve this precious resource. You can do simple things like turning off the facet when brushing your teeth, using the dishwasher or clothes washer only when you have full loads, and sweeping outdoor areas instead of “hosing” them down.
  4. Be aware of your air conditioning tactics. Similar to water usage, the less energy you use, the less your energy bill will be. Raise your indoor AC units a few degrees—that’ll immediately begin to make a difference. In addition, use ceiling fans to circulate air—it will help your home stay cool. While the weather is great, open your windows and doors instead of using the AC unit!
  5. Consider the materials you use when remodeling! Many people begin remodeling projects during the spring and summer months. When starting your project, and even when planning, look into using environmentally-friendly materials. Take flooring for example (of course).Dobson’s Flooring America offers several types of bamboo flooring, which has high sustainability and environmentally sound origins. Did we mention that bamboo flooring is very beautiful as well? Best of all, it’s an inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors.

We would like to challenge our neighbors in North Texas to tell your friends about new green options and how they can contribute. Also, be sure to learn about other companies in your area that are making strides when it comes to preserving the environment. If everybody just did something small, the effect would be enormous!

For more information on our environmentally safe flooring products, or to speak with a flooring expert on the type of floor that is best for your home, visit one of our two Dallas area locations .

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