Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Information

Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Information

Cork & Bamboo Green Flooring

(Eco Flooring)

One of the most exciting trends in the flooring industry has been towards Green flooring alternatives. Derived from sustainable/renewable sources,Eco flooring is a beautiful, affordable, practical and environmentally friendly flooring choice!


Since the early 1900’s, Cork has been used as an alternative surface flooring. By constantly utilizing advanced technologies, cork flooring manufacturers continue to improve durability, simplify maintenance, and develop new patterns and colors to satisfy current design trends suitable for a variety of flooring needs.

Cork flooring is a healthy choice and good investment that when properly maintained, will last for generations. Comprised of a renewable natural material, cork is environmentally friendly, as much as it promotes improved health and comfort for human indoor living. In our homes, cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface that is gentle underfoot, is anti-microbial, fire-resistant, and is inherently resistant to molds, mildews, and common pests such as termites. Cork products offer a combination of benefits that no other floor covering can match:

Cork flooring is protected with 5 coats of durable UV cured acrylic finish. Sweeping and cleaning using a hardwood floor cleaner is all that is necessary for regular maintenance. A new coat of polyurethane will rejuvenate a floor that has begun to show signs of wear. Well maintained, your cork floor will last for decades.

Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot. Cork bounces back, so recovery from marks caused by furniture will leave minimal residual indentation, less noticeable than on wood, carpet, or vinyl floors. This same resilient quality provides a warm and noiseless surface for any room.

Fire Resistant

Cork is a fire inhibitor and will not spread flame. Cork also does not release toxic gasses on combustion.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulator

Made up of over 100 million prism shaped cells per cubic inch, each one filled with air, cork inhibits the conduction of temperature and sound. Cork floors reduce impact noise, a great asset for applications such as multi-level housing, office spaces, museums and places of worship. Walking barefoot in your bedroom or bathroom in the middle of a cold night is a warm, quiet, and comfortable experience.

Anti-microbial and Insect Repellent

Suberin, an inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect repellent. Even termites are kept away. Cork is anti-microbial and is resistant to mold and mildew. If allergies are a problem, yet you enjoy the comfort and warmth of carpet, cork is the ideal alternative.


Bamboo flooring combines elegance, versatility, form and function, making this natural product an ideal flooring solution for you. And now offered in new colors, stains, grains, and textures, Bamboo floors will compliment rooms of any style or dйcor.

Unique grains provide looks that can’t be found with other flooring products. The beautiful hues are not painted, but rather are naturally inherent to the material. As with any natural product, the color and shade variations only add to the beauty and nuance of the finished floor.

The demand for Bamboo has been increasing for many years because of its unique beauty and elegance. Bamboo is now one of the preferred materials for interior designers. Trend-setting and aesthetically pleasing, Bamboo combines hard wearing capabilities and ecological considerations. Bamboo presents an unmistakably high quality surface appearance giving any space a great, fresh look!

Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is environmentally sound. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, Bamboo flooring is recognized as a true gem in modern sustainable architecture.

Healthy Alternative: People are becoming increasingly aware of the influence our built environment has over health. As with Cork, Bamboo is being specified more and more in response to rising concerns about indoor air quality, allergens, off-gassing, and the presence of PVC’s often associated with traditional building materials.

Durable: Bamboo is composed of complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood. The manufacturing process and quality of the machinery provides assurance that our Bamboo planks will not delaminate. A technically advanced aluminum oxide coating, outlasts traditional finishes 3 to 4 times over. These features go in sync to make Bamboo an exceptionally stable flooring material.

Natural Beauty: Bamboo flooring boasts a unique appearance that is complimentary to many decors. Exotic and elegant, the beauty of Bamboo will enhance your interior while remaining true to its natural origins. Just like with any other natural product, differences in tone and appearance are to be expected. These variations establish the singular character that is your Bamboo floor.

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