Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Cheap — Just Around the Corner Flooring

Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Cheap - Just Around the Corner Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Style Options

Consumers are no longer limited to the bland selections of their parents. The product come in just about any flooring material you care to match, including wood, bamboo, marble, stone, ceramic tile, metal flooring or inlaid hardwood .

You also have the choice of a multitude of color options to fit any décor. The texture of the product is so good—that it can easily pass the “eye test,” and look just as expensive as traditional flooring options but at a lower cost.

Compared To Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl tile gives you a visual appearance of real stone or ceramic tile. Products like Armstong Alterna tile can even be grouted to better enhance the authentic appearance. You also select from a palette a of color options from which to choose. Property owners looking for the appearance of expensive flooring in high traffic areas or where there is potential for water damage to occur, can install luxury vinyl plank flooring that looks like bamboo or hardwood flooring. The material consists of long rectangular pieces that can be floated over many existing surfaces or glued directly to the sub-floor.

By using the same “staggering” technique employed for hardwood floor installations, luxury vinyl plank flooring, at first glance, will appear to be the “real thing.” The wear layer on most products is Aluminum Oxide which repels scratches magnificently. It is common to find commercial warranties on these products.

Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

The materials limitless design possibilities and high-quality visual appeal make it an attractive option. Many do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners would be pleased with the easy installation. Any person with average DIY abilities can install these tiles. Most materials are tongue and grooved or click-together. but other types are square edged for gluing directly to the sub-floor. The DIY favorite is the peel-n-stick or self-adhesive type .

Here are the basic steps for installing self-adhering luxury vinyl tile:

  •  Mark your reference line to begin the project
  •  Peel off the protective backing
  •  Lay the floor down

Complete the installation project by using a 75 lb. or 100 lb. roller to set the tiles in place.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

Most all of these materials are maintenance free. They have a finished surface that should last for many years. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. A general rule is to not use any cleaners that leave a film on the floor. Once this happens a maintenance problem is created. Micro-fiber mops and hot water work well on all floors with a urethane finish. Other cleaners are available as well. Call our office to order the proper cleaner today!

Speak To Your Flooring Professional

You can install this tile in any area of your property and feel confident that you have made the right choice. Just Around the Corner Flooring has been servicing commercial and residential flooring clients in the St. Louis area for over 24 years. If you have any questions about luxury vinyl flooring or other floor products, contact us and speak to one of our flooring experts for assistance.

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