Clean Laminate Floor H2O MOP X5

Clean Laminate Floor H2O MOP X5

Your Guide to Cleaning Laminate Floor

Laminate floor is a very common choice for home flooring because of the way it mimics the look and feel of hardwood floor but without the disadvantages of the latter, such as the high level of maintenance and the cost of getting hardwood floors in the first place. Laminate floors look so much like hardwood floors, but they are way easier to maintain, and it gets even easier if you have a floor steam mop.

The Conventional Laminate Floor Cleaning Method

Traditionally, cleaning laminate floors is easily done with the use of the following tools:

  • Commercial laminate floor cleaner
  • Sponge mop
  • Bucket of clean warm water
  • Vacuum cleaner with soft brush
  • Clean Laminate Floor H2O MOP X5
  • Broom

The first thing to do is to sweep your floor to remove loose debris and dust, then to vacuum it to completely get rid of the dust and pet hair especially in the corners. Once loose dust and debris are completely removed, apply the commercial laminate floor cleaner to the floor as directed by the product manual and use the sponge mop to scrub the floor. Make sure to use smooth and even strokes; otherwise, you will leave unsightly streaks and spots when you’re done. Also, make sure not to let the mop’s handle come into contact with the surface as it might scratch the surface. When you’re done, rinse the mop and wait for the floor to dry.

The Steam Cleaning Method

Floor steam mops are efficient and convenient steam cleaners designed to clean floors. They are lightweight and come with a long, extended handle attached to a compact steam head. Unlike regular steam cleaners that are heavy and bulky, steam mops are much easier to use. All you have to do is push them along ahead of you like a mop, and with its narrow steam head, it can easily fit under tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. This way, they can clean every inch of your flooring.

Removing Stains on Laminate Floors

Laminate floors don’t easily succumb to stains and spots – that’s another great thing about them. However, sometimes you can’t really avoid stains, so it’s best to be prepared. The right way of dealing with stains on laminate floors depends on what caused the stain. Here are a few examples:

  • Blood – Use a commercial laminate cleaner and scrub with a damp cloth.
  • Liquor – Use detergent and warm water and scrub. You can also use denatured alcohol.
  • Grease – Grease can be hard to get rid of. Try using an ice pack to make the grease harden, which will make it easier to scrape off. Thankfully, steam mops do a great job with grease, if you’re willing to make an investment.
  • Nail polish – Nail polish can cause quite a stain, so some scouring powder will help keep the color from spreading.
  • Ink – If your regular home cleaning detergent doesn’t work, use an ink remover but make sure that it’s safe to use on laminate floors first.

Other Laminate Floor Maintenance Tips

Here are other tips that can help you keep your laminate floors looking clean and new.

  • Choose your laminate floor cleaner carefully. Not all floor cleaners are safe for use on laminate floors because most chemical-based ones tend to leave a soapy residue that makes the floor look dull. This is another reason why using a steam mop minus the chemical-based cleaners is a great idea.
  • Sweep regularly to keep dirt and dust from accumulating and sticking to the surface. This will prevent the surface from getting dull and will save you from a lot of scrubbing.
  • Do not use soap to clean laminate floors as they can leave unsightly streaks.
  • For spots and stains, a handheld steam cleaner would be convenient.
  • Wipe up spills immediately to prevent warping and other signs of moisture damage.
  • Do not wax your laminate floors.
  • If you’re environmentally conscious, invest in a steam mop and use natural cleaning ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and water.

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