Choosing the Perfect Wood Floor to Match Your Personality Town & Country Blog

Choosing the Perfect Wood Floor to Match Your Personality Town & Country Blog

Choosing the Perfect Wood Floor to Match Your Personality

Perhaps youve hit it big and want to either upgrade your current home or purchase an extravagant home in Dreamland, USA and life happily ever after. Or, more realistically, youve decided its time to address that nagging desire to spruce up your home and youre wanting to get that luxury look for a reasonable price.

One of the the facets which makes the biggest difference in a rooms aura is the floor, especially since most everything in a room sits on it. While some carpets certainly are exquisite, they can require a lot of maintenance. Further, wood typically is the standard in regard to to luxurious flooring.

Besides aesthetic benefits, another advantage of a finished wooden floor is the number of decoration options. Its easier to repaint walls or change out rugs than it is to rip out carpet and put in something new.

However, the myriad wooden floor choices might leave you feeling stumped. The type of arrangements you choose for your home probably will be largely based on personality, so it can be helpful to apply this approach when shopping for flooring.

For the Pragmatic

Maybe youre a pet owner, parent, or practical person who wants something for a good value thats relatively easy to maintain. Or, if you live in a humid area, wooden floors can be more difficult to deal with since they absorb moisture.

Laminate flooring appears to be wooden, but its a blend of different compounds that have proven to be durable over time and perfect for areas receiving a lot of foot traffic.In addition, it often is scratch resistant and easy to clean when spills and other accidents occur.

Laminate flooring is great for those who insist on being DIY-ers, since it is easy to install even for individuals who might not have expansive woodworking knowledge.

For the Decor Connoisseur

If you enjoy the finer things in life and put a lot of effort into making your home a genuine extension of the self, youll likely put elegance before practicality. You’re great at mixing and matching. Your eclectic taste always works; it never falters. You’re laid back and you love to relax in beautiful, quiet places as you think, reflect and admire your own superb taste that surrounds you. This designates you as the hardwood floor type.

Hardwood flooring offers so many options. So many variations in grain pattern and a wide variety of colors. Elegant and dark for your elaborate library, light and warm for your glorious sunroom. Youll be able to find something that matches your fireplace, favorite chair, or antique cabinet. Not only that, you are given the choice of engineered or solid wood and the finish of your choice.

For the Environmentally Conscious

Maybe youre loving the idea of an authentic wood floor, but want to make sure the materials are coming from agencies that help protect trees so you dont feel dissonance every time you stare at the ground you spent lots of money on.

For some background, there are two processes of collecting wood in South American rainforests:

  • Clear cutting means taking out massive sections of the forest to make room for farming.  It’s worth noting using land for agricultural use in this area has been proven to be harmful to the environment as well as unsustainable.
  • Selective harvesting means the wood harvested is closely monitored and carefully chosen, thus leaving the surrounding forest untouched by human hands. Since the surrounding population struggles with making a profit through agricultural efforts, this gives them to opportunity to boost the economy in a positive and more lucrative way.

Knowing this, you might make an active decision to choose wood from a regulatory agency, all run by the government of South America.

  • One example is the IBAMA (aka, the Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources. What a mouthful!) Despite it’s long name, it has a simple purpose: to ensure sustainable logging practices are being enforced.
  • Another example is the Forest Stewardship Council. Their job is to analyze and regulate logging plans for foreign and domestic companies. So, if you see an FSC certification on your dream flooring plan, it means you’re making a sustainable choice.

One durable, sustainable option gaining popularity is bamboo flooring. which still radiates an exotic, modern look while being environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

For the Bamboozled

Maybe youre not the most environmentally conscious person, but you have been given a supreme sense of expensive taste and you’re the “all natural” type who wants the real thing. What is it you drool over? Bamboo. In fact, with your love for your love of this plant, you could be compared to a Panda Bear, aside from the fact that you don’t actually eat it. Youve got the Papasan chairs, the bamboo cutting boards, and the bamboo blinds. Now its time to replace the floor.

Really though, if this sounds like you so far, once you stumble across the bamboo section of the flooring department, your choice probably is made. Your reasoning? Bamboo is all natural and it will make your home look lavish and luxurious. Maybe you’re slightly oblivious of why you want what you want, but you do, which makes your choice a simple one.


Any inquiries you have regarding wood floors should be directed toward your timber or flooring provider. Theyll help you make the choice that tells your eyes it looks good and gives you a good feeling, too.

This post provided by a contributing blogger for Carolina Flooring Services, a supplier and provider of flooring services in Charleston, SC .

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