Choosing Oak Furniture to Compliment your Wood Flooring

Choosing Oak Furniture to Compliment your Wood Flooring

Choosing Oak Furniture to Complement your Wood Flooring

Wood furniture combined with wooden flooring has always been hugely popular and when executed properly, it can look absolutely fantastic in any home. When contemplating buying new furniture, customers often seek guidance to make sure their new items will suitably complement their wooden flooring, or vice versa. Oak is the most popular choice for both furniture and flooring, but it can come in an array of finishes which means it’s only natural that customers are quite mindful about what style and colours work best together.

Some useful points to selecting your oak furniture and flooring

Here are some useful tips on successfully matching your new furniture with your wood flooring. The first thing to remember is that oak does come in a variety of different colours and finishes. Most flooring suppliers will be able to offer a vast range of different styles and shades of oak, so selecting suitable flooring to match with your furniture is relatively easy once you’ve whittled down the possible selections. A great way to make sure you get a good match is to take along a small table with you to your flooring supplier. Holding up two wood samples on each other doesn’t have that same effect as seeing something in true aspect.

When trying to complement your flooring and furniture the aim isn’t to try and get a perfect match. The aim is to discover which variations and colours work well together, as this will help to make your furniture really stand out and will also give the room a richer feel. Further variation can be gained from using different wood species, style and texture. If you’re looking to create strong more striking room styles then increasing the variation or creating good contrasts in wood can make choosing your wood furniture and flooring even more exciting.

Different variations of oak

Oak will usually come in the variations like rustic oak, light oak, and dark oak. The lighter variant of oak will usually refer more often to new European oak, which is naturally lighter in colour and will have a very consistent grain pattern. Rustic oak typically refers to a similar variety of oak which has been finished with a subtly-stained wax polish. This lends the oak a warm, characterful finish which draws out the grain patterns and enhances natural features such as knots or medullary rays. A number of more unusual oak species, normally from American, will get described as darker oak or dark oak and refer to aged oak wood that has darkened in colour by way of aging.

Some style suggestions

When choosing oak furniture to complement your hardwood flooring, it’s important not to get caught up in finding the perfect match. The natural shadows and highlights of solid oak are part and parcel of its charm and allow it to blend well with a range of other woods.

Choosing dark oak can be great idea for those looking to combine contrasting colours and styles for a more contemporary and modern look. Also, darker wood styles can help to create a more intimate feel in a room, especially when paired with rich, bold wall colours. With rustic style furniture it can be worth choosing more chunky styles that will go well in cosier country cottage homes. Finally, if your wooden flooring has been down for many years, it may have changed colour due to age. In such cases, opting for rustic furniture may be a wise choice; alternatively you can lend your home a fresh, updated feel with some light oak furniture.

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