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Floating engineered hardwood floors are really, really easy to install. Really.

One of the greatest advantages of floating floors is how fast and easy they can be installed. The individual strips or boards lock together, connecting to each other like a jigsaw puzzle. The entire floor «floats» above the subfloor or underlayment. Bjoorn´s flooring can be installed in advanced patterns like herringbone pattern without using nails, staples or glue, saving you both time and money. Installation time is a fraction that of other methods. The strips go down fast over virtually any material: concrete, plywood, vinyl, even low pile carpet. No special carpentry skills required. In areas where moisture is a concern a floating floor allows for the installation of a moisture barrier between the subfloor and the hardwood strips.

The worlds first floating floors in herringbone pattern

In 2014 Bjoorn released the worlds first floating floors in herringbone pattern made up of small hardwood strips. It’s never been easier to install a hardwood floor in a herringbone pattern. The pattern is made up of strips of hardwood that locks into each other. Each strip is engineered to give the flooring long lasting stability. The bjoorn strip is 2 5/7 inches (69 mm) wide and with a length five times the width. Have you been intrigued by the classic look of hardwood floors in herringbone pattern but never really thought you could make it happen? Well maybe now is the time. Take advantage of the ease of installation and you could soon feel the warmth of genuine hardwood underfoot and enjoy the beauty a real herringbone floor brings to your home. The Bjoorn strip can also be installed as classic hardwood flooring style or in a parquet pattern like squares.

Floating floors engineered for durability

Bjoorn´s engineered hardwood flooring is made specially to be installed as floating floors. The construction consists of several plies of wood with a final finish layer of actual hardwood. The base layers are made of stable birch with a 3/16 layer of hardwood on top.

Floating floors for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems can create great variations in humidity thus make a hardwood floor expand or contract. A properly installed floating floor will move as one unit and not bow or buckle under moist conditions, nor develop gaps under dry conditions.

Finishes and maintenance products for floating hardwood floors

Finishing a floating floor can be a challenging endeavor, but can create fantastic results. Bjoorn offers both unfinished and prefinished flooring. Together with our unfinished flooring we offer a wide range of natural wood finishes and maintenance products: oil, hard wax oil, stains, floor paint, varnish and hardwood floor cleaners from known quality brands as Blanchon, Woca, Timberex, Osmo, Welin, Tarkett, Bona, and Kärhrs.

Find a skirting board for floating wood floors

Bjoorn - Pioneering floating engineered hardwood floors with passion and technology

The skirting board is a small but important detail that can make an already beautiful flooring installation complete. Some of our skirting boards are finished, ready for installation. But if you like an untreated skirting board for maximum flexibility, we offer a selection together with our flooring.

Order up to 3 FREE Flooring Samples!

Bjoorn will send you up to 3 free flooring samples so that you can experience the quality, color and texture of Bjoorn´s flooring products at first hand. A small sample can’t show the variations in the wood, but in combination with our online pictures it gives good over all picture of how the finished floor will look like.

You can order your free samples right on the product page or by calling one of our experts at our international call free number +46-771-101099. Or drop us a line at .

Sample Shipping Options

If you would like to express ship your sample, please give us a call or send us a mail.

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