Adding New Life to Aged Hardwood Floors

Adding New Life to Aged Hardwood Floors

Adding New Life to Aged Hardwood Floors

Installing New Hardwood Flooring

If you’re in the process of renovating your home or even just a few rooms, your costs are going to add up so you’ll want to save money any way you can. If your budget allows and your hardwood flooring really isn’t worth saving, replacing it with new flooring may be your best option. You can save a lot of money by tearing out the old hardwood flooring yourself. You may be thinking that this is an opportunity for you to choose less expensive flooring but in terms of aesthetics, beauty and durability; you really can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring. Not only does it add a touch of elegance to your home but will also add value to the home if you should want to sell in the future. If installing new flooring is your choice, you’ll be amazed at the many styles and colors available to you, all with simple-to-follow installation instructions.

Refinishing your Hardwood Flooring

If your hardwood flooring only has slight damage like nicks, scrapes or similar surface damage, you may have the option of refinishing it to an almost new appearance. Water damage to your wood flooring is the worst kind of damage and may cause warping as well. If your floors have this type of damage, you probably won’t be able to refinish those boards but you may be able to remove the top layer of the boards and put a new sealer on it. Replacing the few damaged boards is also an option. You can then finish the new boards with the same color and finish as the cleaned refinished boards.

Area or Throw Rugs Add Appeal to Hardwood Floors

Adding New Life to Aged Hardwood Floors

You may have grown up hearing your mother say she bought throw rugs to cover up some imperfection on the floors. While throw or area rugs are still used for that purpose at times, they are also used as a great fashion statement. In fact, seldom will you see a hardwood floor and not see some sort of area or throw rugs. Designer rugs are very popular in homes of all styles. Area rugs come in a variety of sizes and patterns and will not only enhance the beauty of your hardwood floor but also coordinate with your other furnishings. Designer or custom-made rugs are also great for protecting your hardwood floors in high traffic areas. You guests will admire your hardwood floors and the stylish rugs as though they belonged together.

Distressed FlooringA New & Stylish Option

If the majority of your hardwood flooring still looks good but is being ruined by a few badly scratched or damaged areas, making your entire floor match can be a unique and very popular option for your room. Distressed flooring is very popular today and is something you can do yourself. You’ll find that distressed hardwood flooring hides future wear and tear and is a very inexpensive way to preserve your floor and still be in style.

Some of the methods used to create distressed flooring vary but you can try different ways and find one you like best. Some people have filled socks with nuts, bolts or similar items and «beat» them on the floor in a repetitive manner until they have the design they desire throughout the entire floor. You and also get some really unique impressions with the head and claw of a household hammer. When you get the desired look on your entire floor, stain in with the finish of your choice, making sure the distressed areas show up darker. When the floor is thoroughly dried, add a sealant or protective coat of gloss on the entire floor. You’ll love the finished effect.

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