4 Ways To Protect Hardwood Floor Hardwood Floor Care Guide

4 Ways To Protect Hardwood Floor Hardwood Floor Care Guide

4 Ways To Protect Hardwood Floor

Your hardwood floor is an investment and should be protected from normal use. There are a few simple steps to follow to assure protection to your hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors are strong and meant to be used. We can place area rugs on them, set up various pieces of furniture and just walk across them as we enter the room or travel from one room to another. In any case, the floor receives much traffic, use and pressure. We should protect the floor against common damage, such as scratches, dents and fading With a little care, we can avoid these from affecting the floor.

Prevent Common Scratches to the Floor

Scratches can occur on any hardwood floor as a result of various things. The back of your area rug can scratch the floor, as well as the bottom of our shoes. If furniture is on the floor and accidentally moves, this can cause deep scratches to the floor. One of the best ways to prevent these types of scratches is by the use of area rugs .

Area rugs add a decorative effect to any room and can offer many benefits They protect the floor, add comfort and bring an element of decor to any room. Place area rugs on your bare hardwood floor to absorb much of the traffic and pressure that can damage the floor. The rug acts as a barrier between your hardwood floors and the bottom of shoes, furniture legs and any other thing that can dent or scratch the floor. Since some area rugs contain a rough backing, use a rug pad under the rug to prevent unnecessary scratches to the floor. There are some rug pads for hardwood floors that are safe for the floor.

Prevent Fading of the Floor

Sunlight is very strong and can be extremely damaging to any fabric or finish. Hardwood floors are often faded due to direct sunlight. In rooms where there is much light from windows, it is best to filter the light to decrease its danger to the floor. The easiest way to do this is to apply window coverings to each window. This can be in the form of blinds, drapes or any other fabric you desire. When your windows are covered, then you can be sure that in times of strong sunlight during the day, the window coverings will prevent fading to your hardwood floor.

Protect Floor From Furniture Damage

4 Ways To Protect Hardwood Floor Hardwood Floor Care Guide

Lets face it, just about every room has some piece, or pieces, of furniture in it a table, bed, dresser, or any other type of furniture. There is a common problem of furniture scratching and denting the hardwood floor. In regards to heavy furniture that does not move, it can actually dent the floor while standing in place. There are other pieces of furniture that can slip and cause significant scratches to the floor. In either case, a furniture floor protector is an excellent form of protection.

There are felt pads available that allow the furniture to move without scratching the floor. We dont like these because most of them are very thin and light and cannot resists the heavy pressure of some furniture. We found a more substantial pad that actually grips to the floor to stop furniture from moving and sliding. InvisiHold is a full 1/4 thick dense furniture gripper pad made of a dense fiber center sandwiched by natural rubber. The rubber grips to floor and furniture to prevent slipping and the fiber resists the furniture weight this combination prevents scratches and dents to any hardwood floor.

Clean the Floor Regularly

We often forget about the amount of stress our floors are exposed to. We enter the house from outside with shoes that have walked on all types of debris This is then introduced to our hardwood floor. To avoid unnecessary damage to the floor, it is smart to clean the floor on a regular basis. Use a broom or vacuum and then a mop to remove any debris that can be pushed into the floor to cause damage. This cleaning does not need to consume much time and if done regularly, will prove to prevent much wear and damage to any hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors are meant to last a lifetime. Like everything else, if not properly cared for, they can have a short life. Its best to practice some simple steps to protect your floor from common and unnecessary damage and this will assure a lifetime of performance and enjoyment from your hardwood floors.

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