Sealers, finishes and rug shampoos Floors Care

Sealers, finishes and rug shampoos Floors Care

Available here-floor strippers, finishes,

cleaners and sealers for all your floor care needs.

AC-150 SPEED STRIPPER. New no rinse floor stripper Solvent floor stripper dissolves finishes without the use of alkalis or ammonia. Saves labor & time, does not require a stripping pad.

AC-153 BLITZ STRIPPER. Strong stripper that removes all floor polishes including detergent resistant waxes and acrylics. This economical one-step stripper emulsifies the old finish and can be picked up with a wet vacuum.

AC-156 SYNTHETIC STRIPPER.. Effective acrylic and wax stripper. This powerful stripper removes old wax and finish quickly. Synthetic stripper is made to be used straight or dilute with up to 10 parts water. Mop on and mop off or use stripping pad for difficult areas. Rinsing is required before applying new finish.


AC-159 ANTI-STAT LIQUID. Clear liquid used to inhibit static build-up and dissipate static charge. Use on floors and carpets.

AC-212 — AC-225 FLOOR FINISH. Acrylic emulsion polish. Offers long lasting, non-slip shines. Water-resistant scuffmark-resistant and non-yellowing. May be buffed or maintained with a mild neutral cleaner. AC-212 & AC-2l4are good to patch and re-coat. AC-216

AC-218 and AC-220 are the standards for finishing freshly sealed or stripped floors. Use 25% for one time application.

AC-237 DIAMOND SHINE. This formula is a hard finish designed for heavy traffic areas. Diamond Shine has excellent adhesion for porous surfaces. This characteristic makes Diamond Shine the best choice for stone or terrazzo. Diamond Shine provides great shine for granite, stone, marble, and terrazzo. While providing a long lasting non-slip shine.

AC-246 REVITALIZES. A must for all finish maintenance. Three products in one. Use straight for patching worn areas. Dilute 1: 1 to revitalize dull finishes, or dilute 1:2 parts water for spray buffing. Contains optical brighteners and leveling agents to add life to dull and worn finishes. Use of this product reduces stripping and saves labor and money.

AC-248 SPRAY BUFF. Spray buff is applied to floor and buffed with low or high speed machines. Makes dull or worn finishes shine like new.

AC-269 DUST MOP TREATMENT. Water based dust mop treatment designed to trap dust and make cleanups more efficient and effective.

AC-270 DUST MOP TREATMENT. Oil based dust mop treatment traps dust in air and on floors. Cleans and restores shine.

AC-254 — AC-258 ACRYLIC SEALER. Hi gloss polyacrylate emulsion undercoater. Seals floors and pre- pares them for finish. Use on terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl floors, etc. A very tough sealer for renovating and protecting many floor surfaces. Lasts through multiple stripping operations. Use prior to waxing floors. May also be used as a water based protectant and seal on concrete floors and structures.

AC-259 ACRYTHANE. A urethane/acrylic blend for sealing concrete and stone. A tough acrylic sealer with the added adhesion and durability of urethane.

AC-740 STONE SEAL. A clear acrylic coating for concrete, stone, slate and steel surfaces. This product will form a hard and durable waterproof coating and enhance the look of any masonry surface. this product provides longer life and resistance to wear from weather and sun.

AC-170 RUG SHAMPOO. Concentrated Dry foam formulation. Dilute up to 16 parts water. Effectively cleans rugs, carpets and upholstery. Shampoo; let dry, and vacuum. Cleans, brightens, and freshens.


AC-171 CARPET STEAM EXTRACTOR. Economical formulation designed for extractors. With optical brighteners to revive dull appearance, Use 4 to 8 oz. per gallon to clean carpets and rugs of did. Traffic stains, etc.

AC-172 DEFOAMER. Concentrated liquid used to stop or destroy foam wherever control is required. Use anywhere from sewage plants to steam extractors.

AC-436- AC-440 POLYURETHANE. A clear urethane finish and sealer for concrete, wood, gym floors, brick, stone, metal mosaic, and equipment. Use to protect and coat surfaces. Beautifies and elongates the life of wood surfaces. Available in 30%, 40%, and new 50% solids for fastest drying and less volatile organic solvents. (Shipments in New York and New Jersey must be 50% material to meet VOC requirements.

AC-444 INNER SEAL. Effective in making concrete harder, dust-proof, oil-proof, acid-resistant and moisture-resistant. Inner Seal is an alkali activated chemical penetrating concrete sealer unlike any other product on the market. When Inner Seal is applied to a concrete surface, it soaks down through the pores of the concrete 118 to 114 inch. This product reacts with the lime in concrete. In the presence of moisture, it forms a hard, insoluble gel within the pores, thus closing the small voids. Unlike surface coatings, this is not worn down by heavy traffic.

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