Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating Kit Consumer Reviews A Great Treatment for your Garage

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating Kit Consumer Reviews A Great Treatment for your Garage

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A Great Treatment for your Garage Floor. You’ll Love it!

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Pros: Easy to apply. Great appearance. Hard, dustless finish. Easy to maintain. Oil doesn’t penetrate.

Cons: None that I can think of.

The Bottom Line: This product is amazing. I would never want to have a concrete floor anywhere without treating it with Epoxyshield first.

I just completed my 2-1/2 car garage/workshop. Several friends suggested I apply Rust-Oleums Epoxyshield to the floor before I move anything into the building. They said that if I didnt, every time I swept the floor, I would be sweeping cement dust into the air. They were right. The epoxy covers the cement eliminating that problem while making the floor look more attractive. Make sure you read on to learn of some hints about applying this product!

Basically, heres how its done. The water-based epoxy is a 2-part mix which is applied to the floor using a regular paint roller, roller pan, and a cutting-in paint brush. Its much easier than you would expect. Wash the floor with the citric acid powder supplied in the kit (Smells more like Muriatic acid to me). Rinse the floor. Let it dry. Apply the epoxy by cutting into a corner of the floor with the brush, then roll on the epoxy with the roller. Then, sprinkle on the various colored vinyl chips supplied with the product. Work on 5-foot square sections at a time. Clean up with water!

Here are some things I discovered about using the product. Since my garage wasnt finished until late January, I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to use Epoxyshield due to the cold temperatures. The info that came with the product stated that it shouldnt be applied if the night-time temp. drops below 50 degrees. My place is in Michigan and it was the coldest time of year dropping below 20 degrees at night. My garage is heated, so I figured that if I got the concrete slab warm enough, I could use the product. I called the Rust-Oleum company and talked to a tech. She stated that as long as the slab is above 55 degrees, it would be OK. I cranked the heat up and began checking the temp. of the slab with an infra-red temp gun.

I was surprised to find that the slab reached 62 degrees overnight. It was still about 50 degrees along some edges, but I went ahead and applied it anyway. It worked fine and it appears to be solid even along the edges and cured as fast as the rest of the floor. This application was done in the midst of a raging blizzard with outside temperature below 30 degrees. The only problem I had was when I reached the door, I had to throw my tools out into the snow and finish rolling on the epoxy with some snow blowing in onto the floor.

The snow or some kind of contaminate caused two dark spots about 6 inches long to appear right near the door when the epoxy cured. HERES AN IMPORTANT TIP! Dont mix all of both parts of the epoxy. Save a little bit of each. I was able to salvage some unmixed epoxy from the cans in the trash, mix it, and paint over the dark spots, sprinkle some left-over chips, and totally obscure the dark areas. If you mix all of it at once, then the next day whatever was left will be cured in the can and youll have nothing left to patch with if necessary.

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating Kit Consumer Reviews A Great Treatment for your Garage

A grit can be purchased to add to the epoxy so that it wont be slippery when wet. My local big box store where I purchased it didnt carry Rust-Oleums grit, but it did carry a competitors product. I called the company again to see if it would be compatible. It is. BUT, I put in the whole packet as directed by the manufacturer of the grit. The floor came out like sandpaper. If you tried to wipe up a spill with a rag, the rag would be shredded by the floor, thats how rough it was. I should have used a 1/4 of the whole amount called for.

Now I had a very gritty floor. Since my floor was not really smooth to start with, I figured I didnt need that much grit. So, I purchased a second floor coating kit, and painted over the floor again. It cured fine, has just a little grit coming through, and now looks a little glossier and nicer. By the way, if you have a rough floor, youll get a rough look, but much better than just concrete. If you have a slick floor, the end result will probably be slick.

When sprinkling on the decorative vinyl chips supplied in the kit, its best to throw the chips as high as you can over the area you want to cover. If you throw them at the floor, you end up with them concentrated in bunches on the floor rather than randomly spread out.

The floors been down for 2 months now, and Ive moved my lathes and other equipment in. So far, dragging equipment over the floor hasnt removed any of the epoxy or even scratched it as far as I can tell. Im really pleased with the results.

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