Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles for the Garage Floor All Garage Floors

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles for the Garage Floor All Garage Floors

Peel and Stick Garage Floor Tiles Are These For You?

One of the more interesting flooring concepts that is available these days are the peel and stick vinyl garage floor tiles by Better Life Technology.  If you like the idea of a vinyl composite tile but without the hassles of applying the glue and the yearly maintenance of stripping and re-waxing of the floor, then this sticky tile is worth looking into.

Benefits of Self Stick Vinyl Garage Tile

Made of polyvinyl, these flexible tiles are .095 mils thick (slightly thicker than a nickel) and have an adhesive pressure sensitive backing that is exposed by peeling off the release paper. Most come in a diamond tread pattern with up to twelve different colors to choose from.  An additional smooth levant pattern is available from some manufacturers in the traditional black, grey, and white color schemes.  The standard size is 12”x12” while some can be purchased in sizes as large as 24”x24”.

The polyvinyl makeup is reportedly very tough and resistant to oil, salt, anti-freeze and most other liquids your car may decide to produce.  The surface is non-porous, meaning that it can nearly seal your concrete floor. and some are warrantied for up to 5 years.  Even though they have a glossy finish, the diamond pattern creates an anti-skid surface when the tile is wet.  One thing to be aware of however is that the surface of these vinyl garage tiles can stain from ink, tire marks, and certain chemicals if left untreated.

Other benefits include noise reduction in your garage from the additional insulation it provides from the surface of your concrete, they won’t crack or chip, and they do provide a small amount of anti-fatigue properties due to the flexibility of the vinyl.

The manufacturers of this product also like to point out that you will not have air gaps between the tile and low spots in the concrete like you get with the snap together polypropylene tiles .  The adhesive backing allows the tiles to conform to the contours of the floor to insure a quiet flooring unlike its rigid polypropylene cousin.  Cost is close to that of interlocking tile, starting at just over $3 a square foot.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Installation

While the actual installation of this tile is quite easy, the floor preparation required is consistent with that of vinyl composite tile .  The concrete needs to be free of oil and dust and all large gaps such as contraction joints, divots, large cracks and raised edges need to be filled and smoothed out.  If not, the gaps will cause the tile to pull away from the edges of its neighboring tile when driven or walked on and raised ridges will show through.  A thorough scrubbing of the floor with TSP is usually all that is required to get the concrete clean with the exception of removing oil stains .

Once the floor is clean and dry you will need to snap or draw a line down the center of your garage floor for reference.  Now the real fun begins!  Just peel the paper release from the back of the vinyl tile and stick it to the floor using your reference line as a guide.  Once your first row is laid, you are on your way.  If you make a mistake, the tile can be lifted using a blow drier to soften the glue.  All straight cuts should be done with a utility knife and a straightedge and be sure to press out all air gaps of each tile before moving on to the next.

Admittedly, this type of tile has a very attractive and glossy finish to it that can be laid in a multitude of different colored patterns to really customize the look of your garage floor .  Reports of customer satisfaction in terms of how well the tile stays put has been generally good, but if the tiles are not laid together tightly there are reports of movement in the alignment of the tile.  Another problem that has arisen in some cases is the edges lifting if the floor was not cleaned well.  Sometimes this can be remedied with some spray-on 3m glue.  Also vehicles can spin a tile if the wheel is turned too much without moving.

With these concerns in mind, peel and stick tile still has its advantages in terms of looks, benefits, and installation.  If you have a smaller garage or if your floor doesn’t see a lot of duty when it comes to projects around the house, then this tile is definitely worth considering, especially from the standpoint of customization.

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