Park Smart Heavy Duty Garage Floor Parking Mats & Clean Floor Coverings

The Park Smart Clean Park catches mud, slush and grime that falls off of your vehicle. This Garage Mat keeps your garage floor clean eliminating the problem of tracking mud and grime into your home. The Clean Park also keeps your garage and home safe by keeping all of your walk areas dry. The heavy-duty 20-mil vinyl, in conjunction with the raised plastic edges, holds gallons of liquid from spreading onto the garage floor. The specially engineered Snap-On edges are extremely durable, as well as fast and easy to install, without tools. All sizes of the Park Smart Clean Park come complete with 24 long Snap-On side pieces and 18 long Snap-On end pieces. This Garage Mat is so durable, that the manufacturer offers a one year limited warranty.

Assembly Required. Assemble Instructions The Clean Park is folded up and shipped in a 24x12x10 box. Packaged in the box is the vinyl sheeting folded up along with a box containing the plastic side pieces. Approximate assembly time is 30 minutes.

Caution: The Clean Park is Slippery When Wet. It is recommend that you choose a size, of Garage Mat, that will enable you to easily park your entire vehicle on the mat while still allowing room for a walkway around your vehicle.

Please Note: If your vehicle has studded snow tires or you use tire chains, special installation will be required to protect your Clean Park. Please Note: If your vehicle has studded snow tires or you use tire chains, your Clean Park ® Garage Mat can be damaged if precautions are not taken to protect the vinyl sheeting from the abrasive effects of the studded snow tires or tire chains. We recommend using Protector Strips purchased as an option to help protect the mat from damage if you are using studded tires, or chains.

Easy to clean. After removing one or more of the lip end pieces closest to the garage door, sweep or hose off the Clean Park™ Mat. For mats with heavy debris accumulations use either a Wet/Dry Shop Vac, or simply squeegee out the garage door. Oils and grease wipe right off ParkSmart® waterproof, non-flammable, oil-impervious vinyl surface. So your concrete floor remains clean and free of grit, salt damage and oil stains.

U.S. Patent # 6,258,430 .

Shipping : Orders ship FedEx Ground within the continuous United States, orders to Canada usually ship UPS. Prices include free shipping, unless special request are made such as expedited, change of address, special delivery instructions, and delivery delays.

Once an order is received it normally ships from the warehouse within 2 to 3 business days, and depending on transit time, most orders should be received within 5 to 14 days. Occasionally there are material backorders that may delay an order shipping, we should contact you via email to inform about the delay if there is one.

Question. What’s the difference between the Clean Park and the Special Edition?

Answer: Both are great products, the regular clean park only comes in silver, and is thinner than the special edition. The regular clean park is fine for residential use and sedans, and small SUVs. We normally recommend the heavy duty with larger heavy duty vehicles, or areas where cars have studded snow tires.

Question. Does the heavy duty come in other colors?

Answer. No, currently the special edition only comes in grey with grey edges.

Question. Are the mats hard to assemble?

Park Smart Heavy Duty Garage Floor Parking Mats & Clean Floor Coverings

Answer. No, generally takes 30 minutes to assemble. The mat comes folded up in a shipping box, simply lay out the vinyl material and snap on the edges. Click here for Assemble Instructions .

Question. When should I buy the Clean Park Special Edition over the Regular Clean Park?

Answer. You should consider the heavy duty special edition for heavy duty trucks, or vehicles that have snow studded tires.

Question. I had an edge break — what can I do?

Answer. If it’s been less than a year, your edges should be under warranty — you can contact the manufacturer from your warranty paperwork and they will send you free edges. To purchase replacement edges please contact

Question. How long is the warranty?

Answer. One Year.

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