How To Remove Glue From Hardwood Floors — Home Care

How To Remove Glue From Hardwood Floors - Home Care

Home Care: How to Remove Glue From Hardwood Floors

Due to the inherent elasticity and natural flexibility of hardwood floors, more and more architects and homeowners are expressing preference in using wood floorings on their structural projects. Upon installation of the hardwood floors, it is possible that some amount of glue can spill, so learning how to remove glue from hardwood floors properly can be beneficial.

There are four popular ways to effectively remove glue or any adhesive off of hardwood floors. Just go through each of the processes and decide which is best for you. Just remember that it is much easier to remove glue right after it spilled rather than after it dries, which makes it a lot more challenging to remove.

The Hot Water Method. Based on the amount of floor area affected with glue, boil a reasonable amount of water to soak the area. Remember to be carefully handle boiling water. Get a piece of old cloth and cover the entire affected portion. Then slowly pour the hot water on it. Leave it on for a few minutes. Afterwards, wipe the area with the same cloth. You can repeat the process if necessary.

If that does not remove all of the glue, you can use an elastic or plastic scraper to remove it. Scrape slowly and cautiously in order not to damage the floor. After completing the process, get another piece of clean old cloth and wipe the entire area. The objective is to completely dry the surface because any amount of liquid left on the floor can damage the floor.

The Pure Peanut Butter Method. First, use lukewarm water to wash the glued portion of your hardwood floors. Then scrub with an old towel that has been soaked in a bowl of soapy water. Before scrubbing, squeeze out excess water. When done, wipe it with another towel to dry it out.

Second, spread pure peanut butter (exclusively made from peanuts) on the area. Then rub the

peanut butter onto the floor with your fingers until you notice that glue slowly peeling off.

Third, wipe the area with a little bit of soapy water. If any glue remains, put an ice cube on it to harden it a little. Then rub the floor with your finger or a sponge. Thereafter, allow the area to dry completely.

How To Remove Glue From Hardwood Floors - Home Care

The Acetone/Thinner Method. Use your extra acetone or thinner at home if the glued area is relatively small. If what you have is mineral spirit, you can use that also. Before applying your preferred solution, make sure that your space is well-ventilated. Open the surrounding windows.

Get an old towel and pour on it appropriate amount of your solution. Then start scrubbing on the affected area. As you go on scrubbing, pour another amount of liquid solution to the towel so that the glue will be thoroughly scraped. Thereafter, wash the scraped floor with soapy water and wipe it with another clean and dry cloth.

The Heat Gun Method. This is actually a last recourse if you aren’t able to completely remove the adhesive using any of the methods discussed above. A heat gun looks like a hair dryer but its heat-production level is a little higher. Just be extra careful because this tool can cause damage to the floor finishing. The process involves melting down the glue. Shortly after sufficiently melting the adhesive, wipe it down with a piece of cloth. Then get a bowl of soapy water to wash the affected area. Finally, wipe it dry.

Although hardwood floors are easy to maintain every day, learning how to remove glue from hardwood floors ensures that you can preserve their natural texture and appearance.

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