How to Protect Epoxy Coating from Harsh Winter Conditions — Garage Floor Epoxy, Cleaning, &

How to Protect Epoxy Coating from Harsh Winter Conditions — Garage Floor Epoxy, Cleaning, &

Protect Epoxy From Harsh Winter Conditions

I was recently asked what was the best way to protect an epoxy coated garage floor against harsh winter conditions.  Epoxy is an attractive and very durable garage flooring, but it is not indestructible.  If not protected, your epoxy coating could shows signs of wear after just one tough winter.

During winter, there are two main threats to your epoxy coating, they are:

  1. Cracking and chipping caused by excessive surface moisture during freeze-thaw cycles
  2. Spalling and fading cased by abrasive road salt

This post will provide you with the steps necessary to protect your epoxy flooring from excessive moisture (puddles from melting snow) and road salt (carried into your garage on your tires).

Permanent Epoxy Coating Protection

Apply a Clear Coat Over Epoxy

First, I strongly recommend that your epoxy coating is properly sealed with a thick clear coat.  The clear coat layer acts as a shield or first-line of defense against moisture and other contaminants.

Road salt and moisture will wear away at an unprotected epoxy coating.  Just one winters worth of moisture and salt can easily take its toll on an unprotected epoxy coating.  The first thing you will notice the following spring, is fading.  When compared to the rest of the garage floor, high-traffic areas in your garage will show less of the epoxys original luster and sheen.

You should have a thick clear coat applied to your finished epoxy (always be sure to verify with your coating manufacturers recommendations for adding a clear coat over their epoxy).  A properly applied clear coat will keep the epoxy beneath it looking great for a long time.

How to Protect Epoxy Coating from Harsh Winter Conditions — Garage Floor Epoxy, Cleaning, &

Temporary Epoxy Coating Protection

Garage Floor Mats & Tire Strips

If your garage floor has a thick clear coat, you wont have to do anything else to protect your epoxy coating.  However, I take extra precautions each winter to ensure that my garage floor lasts and keeps looking great.

During winter, I use roll-out tire strip mats (you can find these online and at some home improvement stores).  These roll-out strips are usually about 1 to 2 wide and are placed where the most wear is likely to occur, under your tires.  The image to the right is an example of garage protector strips.

Remove Melted Snow Regularly

Next, be sure to keep a squeegee easily accessible in your garage.

When you have puddles of melted snow accumulating on your garage floor, take a moment to push the excess water (and road salt) out.  The squeegee is your new winter friend, use it frequently and you will be rewarded with an epoxy coated garage floor that looks great for years to come.

Protect Your Epoxy Coating & Keep Your Floor Looking Great!

Dont underestimate how much of a beating the harsh winter weather can dish out on your epoxy coating.  Also, dont overestimate the performance of your epoxy coating.  Epoxy coatings are strong and durable, but they also require some regular seasonal attention to keep them looking their best.  Winter is coming quick, take steps now to protect your epoxy coating.

Heres a quick video overview of a clear coat application.  Applying a clear coat is one of the best ways to protect your garage floor epoxy coating.

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