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Interlocking Floor Tiles, Mats, And Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

January 14th, 2012

If you are looking for a way to improve the look and protection of your garage flooring, then you have a few options. There is a wide variety of garage flooring covers on the market right now. The most popular ones are floor mats, epoxy paint, and tiles.

Garage Flooring: Mats

The cheapest and easiest way to improve your floor is through the use of floor mats. Floor mats are perfect for covering a few cracks or stains that are around your floor. If you just want to cover or protect one area of your garage, then a small floor mat is the best way to go. If you want to cover your entire floor, then you can use a larger mat or rug. Manufacturers make special rugs just for your garage, so these mats are designed not to rip or tear if you were to drive over them. If you purchase a small mat and it gets dirty, you can always wash it or purchase a new one for little cost. If the rug gets dirty, then it shouldnt be a problem because these rugs have been designed to be resistant to most chemical spillage. If you are looking for a cheap, easy, and stylish solution, then this is the way to go.

Garage Flooring: Interlocking Floor Tiles/ Peel and Stick Tiles

Another option you can choose is interlocking floor tiles. Garage flooring tiles come in two varieties; there are interlocking floor tiles and peel and stick tiles. Peel and stick tiles are tiles that you peel off and stick onto your floor, and interlocking floor tiles can be placed on your floor and interlocked together. Both types of tiles are easy to install, but they are not as easy as a mat or a rug. All you need is a utility knife and a hammer to secure the interlocking floor tiles in place. These tiles are extremely durable and wont crack under the weight of your car. Also, if you were to spill something on the interlocking floor tiles, then the clean up would be easy. Concrete would absorb the chemicals, but interlocking floor tiles will leave the spill residing on top so you dont have to worry about stains. If the style aspect is very important to you, then you will be happy to know that you can pick each one of your interlocking floor tiles individually. In other words, you can choose each color and make your own design or pattern on your garage flooring if you want. The most popular design is a checkerboard design, but you can feel free to create any design you wish. Peel and Stick tiles are also extremely durable, fairly easy to install, and are completely customizable in terms of style. If you want to make your garage flooring stand out, then you cant go wrong with either type of tile.

Garage Flooring: Epoxy Paint

Another solution that many people have decided on is epoxy paint. This solution is one of the hardest solutions to install. It takes a few days of preparation, and after youre done, you cant use your garage for a few days. The reason why installation is so hard is because of the paints inability to bond with the concrete. If your garage flooring has any cracks, sealants, stains, dirt, or dust on it, then the paint wont work. If you are not sure about the sealants, then pour some water on your floor, and see how long it takes to soak in. If the water just beads out, then your floor is sealed and you cannot painting it. If the water gets soaked into the floor, your floor is not sealed and you may paint it; you must make sure to fill up all the cracks in your floor with a concrete compound and put a primer over the compound so the paint can bond to it. After all the cracks are filled, you must thoroughly wash down your floor to eliminate all dust and stains. This process may take you a while to preform depending on your floors condition. If your floor is already set to go, then you need the perfect weather conditions. You need a warm and sunny day so the paint can dry and the moisture in the air wont be a problem. This installation process is long, and you can easily run into bonding problems even if you do everything right. If you were to choose this option, then hiring a professional is recommended because it will save you a lot of time and you will know that the job is done right. The main benefit of epoxy garage flooring paint is that it will protect your floor from just about anything. You can drop or spill anything on your floor, and in most cases, it wont make a dent. Epoxy is another solution that wont absorb chemical spillage, so cleaning up is extremely easy. You can even make your floor any color you want because paint comes in an extremely wide variety of colors and shades. If you have a professional paint your floor, then this solution may be the best option for you because it is the most durable, it will look amazing if the floor is done right, and clean up is a breeze. If you are looking for the top of the line garage flooring solution, then this is it.

My Recommendation

Overall I have found that interlocking floor tiles are the best choice because they look much better and more professional then a mat. Also garage interlocking floor tiles cost significantly less than an epoxy coating. The fact that interlocking floor tiles also allow for you to customize your look puts them over the top for me because you can control exactly how your floor turns out and you can really make it your own.

There are many garage flooring options available to you, and they all have their positives and negatives. We took a look at mats, interlocking floor tiles, peel and stick tiles, and epoxy garage floor paint. If you are struggling to make a choice, then you should look at your individual needs and preferences, and that should help you out. No matter what solution you choose, your floor will be better protected and will look great!

Garage Floor Coatings

January 13th, 2012

I know that many people are wondering what the difference between some garage floor coatings such as the polyaspartic and the polyurea are. They were both created about 20 years ago to prevent deterioration. Each was a specific component to create a very high quality coating that could be rolled on a surface. On top of this pigments and other types of chips can add a very colorful effect to the coating to make it look very professional and nice.

Garage Floor Coatings Functions

While the main function of garage floor coatings is to prevent corrosion of the garage floor they are much more complex if you understand the particles behind them. Then the esters are used along with the polyurea the coating can yield different results because it was created with an entirely new mixture. In addition, some esters that are polyaspartic can increase the time for cure. Basically with different garage floor coatings come different particle mixtures that can create a perfect solution to create the best and most decorative garage floor. This flexibility is a great highlight because no matter what the conditions are your garage can still look marvelous and shine the way you want it to shine.

The garage floor is also unique in that it can stop moisture pressure. It creates a somewhat freezing mechanism that traps the moisture to the ground. When its winter time the moisture gets trapped underneath the concrete flooring and it manages to go directly into the lines of the flooring. Thats why its very cool that garage floor coatings such as the polyaspartic and poylurea do not just simply stick to the surface of the concrete floor and instead have the ability of absorption. Eventually these particles when applied correctly can act or defend against moisture that builds up during the cold winter months and is the reason why its known by many people as a moisture barrier.

How To Fix Your Garage Floor Coatings

For people wanting to know how to correctly fix your damaged garage flooring concrete floors I will tell you. The main enemy that causes damage is salt because it breaks down the concrete flooring. Now this is where you can choose from garage floor coatings such as the polyurea because it absorbs into the surface and the concrete flooring because of this applied polyurea can be fixed. It can be fixed because they become one with the floor and heal the damaged concrete.

The polyurea is also very helpful because during harsh conditions that create in damaged concrete the substance can be flexible in that it can fill any crack, not simply at the surface.This is more helpful compared to other garage floor coatings because it can also cure very deep into the concrete flooring even if the moisture from cold conditions is trapped at the very bottom or filled into the cracks. With this substance your floor can further prevent and addition moisture build up or from salt breaking down the concrete.

Many professionals seem to add an extra coat which has a non slip feature. With some concrete floor that have lots of broken down slabs by creating the perfect mixture of particles you can prevent the floor from further getting damage. The main thing to grasp is that each of these garage floor coatings are used for different purposes and some will be to thick or thin. Getting the right combination is the key to having your floor look swell and vibrant.

In addition, there is a property called abrasion resistance that can be utilized with the floor so the surface of the concrete can have longevity.However, note that no matter things such as sand and salt will create wear, but you can make this minimal with the correct choice of garage floor coatings.

Epoxy Garage Floor

December 15th, 2011

Tired of wasting endless amounts of hours screaming at your old plain concrete garage floors? Now we have the epoxy garage floor creation. This is not any ordinary garage floor and furthermore you will not have to scream or painfully watch your garage floor crumble as it gets older. Plain garage floors can become awful due to staining and some chemicals. This new epoxy coating will give your garage floor the protection and resistance you were searching for. In addition, it will give the homeowner something to proud of as you can stare in amazement and the beauty of your new surface. In the long run the epoxy garage floor is the best hands down.

Methods For Applying An Epoxy Garage Floor

While there are many epoxy garage floor coating choices, I will present about the three most common methods.

1. First you need the epoxy and amp with the new polyurethane color method

2. Next you need the chipstone and the top coat polurethane

3. Finally you need the Granitex along with the top coat polyurethane

Remember that each of these choices there are different ranges of which ones are the best.

In the good system the epoxy polyurethane color method will be acting for about 6 hours and there is no hassle in maintaining it. The only thing it requires is the coat of pigmented polyurethane. This epoxy garage floor coating comprises of a two coat system that is usually thin. Its thickness however ranges to about 3-19 mils. It can be applied by a roller device.

In the better system the chipstone will last about 9 hours. Again the only thing you need is the coat and this time you need clear polyurethane. This system comprises of one pigmented coat and a coat of light vinyl chips that creates a wetness. Hence, it is basically comprises of one coat. This coat gives the flooring great protection. Finally the thickness can range to about 30mils.

In the best system, and epoxy garage floor coating can last for about 15 years and you need a coat of polyurethane. This comprises of one pigmented coat and a color coat with vinyl chips. In addition, it needs about two coats of the clear polyurethane.

It is crucial to understand that you need to make sure the surface is properly maintained. This will create longevity for your epoxy garage floor. All coats must be cleaned because there could be a problem with the bonding. Furthermore, concrete will have to be acid-etched, and it has to be diamond-ground to make sure it as a similar dimension to sandpaper. After this is done the surface will have to spotted for any opening or cracks. If for some reason there happens to be to many holes some serious fixing is required. Now after this is done installation can begin.

Epoxy Garage floor Installation

1. First you need to confirm the surface is ready and the holes gone, and then roll the pigmented coat.

2. Make sure the epoxy garage floor coat is dry, and that the rolled coat is over the desired area.  Ensure the dimensions you work in are about 10 by 10 or 12 by 12. If it is wet, be certain that the chips are into the epoxy.  Confirm that the whole area is covered. Then wait until finally it dries.

3. When all the sections are dried off, make sure to have the area swept and any extra chips must be vacuumed.  Then simply apply a think coat

4. The last step is simply to apply a second coat as the top coat.  Some sand can be used for resistance.

Any epoxy garage floor coating can simply be cleaned off with some cleaning equipment, such as detergents or mopping. Chemicals work too.

Best Garage Flooring

November 26th, 2011

If you do some building or repairs in your garage often, then you may be considering renovating or improving your garage flooring. If you are making this consideration, then you know you want something cheap and durable. You also may be considering the color and style of your flooring option as well. When you are choosing the best garage flooring you should also factor in comfort because you want to continue to work in your garage easily and effortlessly. One recommendation that is considered the best garage flooring is special garage flooring paint.

The Best Garage Flooring Option

If you have a nicely and well painted garage floor, then the overall value of your home will increase. If you have a messy concrete floor that is filled with oil and grease stains from your car repairs, then your garage wont be as appalling compared to if it were painted. If you do a lot of car repairs, and you know that the floor will get messy quickly, then you want to make sure you purchase paint that allows for a quick and easy clean up. If you can easily clean your garage flooring, then you can focus on the repairs without worrying too much about the mess afterward.

The problem with most garage flooring paints is the installation. It takes a lot of preparation to get a perfect paint job. This is due to all of the strict conditions that must be met. Some of these conditions are: the psychical state of your floor (cracks and sealants), dirt and dust, and moisture levels. It is strongly recommended that you have a professional install the paint because they know all of the conditions that the paint needs to bond correctly and they will your garage flooring comes out the way you want. If you do choose to install the paint yourself and you account for all the issues, the final result still may not be how you want it. Many people consider epoxy garage floor coatings to be the best garage flooring but it all comes down to how much installation you are willing to do.

Garage flooring paint may or may not be the best garage flooring option but, you may want to check out information on tiles, rugs, and mats. These options are also amongst the best garage flooring types purchased by consumers and there is a good chance that one of these options will be the best garage flooring option for you. All it takes is some research and after reading this article you know the basics on one option.

Garage Floor Covering

October 12th, 2011

So youve looked at several sources and still havent found out a good garage floor covering option?  Hopefully this article will help you realize some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different options out there.

If you use a garage floor covering on your garage floor it is guaranteed to be a cheap and classy way to make your garage floor look very nice. All you have to do is put in a little bit of time and spend some money, which will go a long way in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your garage floor. Before you start working on your garage floor covering, make sure you check out all the options out there. Believe me, there are more options than youd think.

Garage Floor Covering Ways to Protect Your Garage Flooring

Using latex paint and epoxy is the most common type of garage floor covering. The reason most people choose these covering options is because you can choose from a wide variety of designs and themes. Using latex pain and epoxy allows you to prevent oil, dirt, and grease from making your garage floor dirty.

You can also use tiles to cover up your garage floor. They give you a nice bit of color in an otherwise drab atmosphere, and they give you a nice variety of texture not often seen. You also dont have to repair tiles as often as you do when you use the paints. If there are a lot of things in your garage, you might want to buy tiles of a lesser quality so you dont spend too much money over time.

Shopping For the Perfect Garage Floor Covering

If you dont have as much money as youd like, and lets face it who does, then you might want to consider purchasing floor mats. They come in all sorts of sizes, from midget size to very large size, and are very affordable. You can buy them at whatever size you want. This means you can match the size of your vehicle with the mat. You can also get the mats in laminate, rubber, vinyl and other substances as effective garage floor covering.

The best way to find the perfect garage floor covering for your garage floor is to consider the wide array of options you have at your disposal. Depending on how many things you have in your garage and what exactly you want to do with your garage flooring, will help you to decide what materials to purchase. Some options for floor covering are certainly much more expensive than others, so you should definitely be aware of that.

You can buy the latex paint and the epoxy for about a hundred dollars, though the other mat options could cost you a lot more. It usually takes a week or more to use the paint and the other covering options. If you use small floor mats, they can be put into use very quickly. On the other hand, if you are using large floor mats, it may take over an hour to install. If you dont have the time to do it yourself, pick up the telephone and just call a professional. Its what I would do. If you do call a professional, you will have a warranty and they dont even cost that much to hire.

Vinyl Tiles Are The Way To Go

October 2nd, 2011

For good reason, there has been an influx of home improvement commercials that detail how to make your garage look better. This part of the home is the one, after all, that is the most neglected and frankly wasted. A solution that involves saving money is to use vinyl tiles that lead to a beautiful and protected garage floor.

Benefits of Vinyl Tiles

I can hear some of you clamoring in the background asking, why on earth should we use vinyl tiles on our garage floors? I heard that was a bad idea from my neighbor! First of all, your neighbor probably has no idea what he is talking about. Does your neighbor know that things such as antifreeze and oil often build up and can make your garage floor look like a babys waste (feces)? Didnt think so. Vinyl tiles can be quickly put in place with remarkable ease. They are the perfect solution to stop any harm that might come to your beautiful concrete and can make your garage floor beautiful again. Since there are so many options of vinyl tiles to choose from, you are sure to find ones that appeal to you, or maybe, even your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can purchase these tiles to make your place more aesthetic or functional, the choice is yours.

In most cases, there are several types that are featured most commonly when you are revamping your garage. These types include clear tiles, commercial grades tiles, ribbed patterns and others. Each type has its own charm and can take your garage flooring to the next level. Fortunately, vinyl is very hard-wearing and can last even when chemicals and other pollutants stain your precious garage flooring. It is the absolute perfect choice if you are going to put it in a region where there will be many mechanical repairs.

Shopping For Vinyl Tiles

By this time many of you are probably asking yourselves but what about shopping for vinyl tiles to spice up your garage flooring? I know I certainly was. The internet remains the quickest and simplest way to purchase these tiles. Many companies that sell these tiles give information detailing all you could ever want to know on images and descriptions of these vinyl tiles. If you are worried you are getting a bad deal, you can just check customer reviews, which are very reliable and often very detailed.So what have we learned about garage flooring? All in all, it is easy to see that using vinyl tiles on your garage floor is the best solution to revamp your garage floor, which as we all know is an area that is often overlooked. It is very easy to use and if you simply dont want to install the tiles yourself, just go ahead and ask a professional. The thing to remember is that if you do use these tiles, your floor will look much better and your garage will be a much safer place.

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