Garage Floor Painting Friendswood TX

Garage Floor Painting Friendswood TX

Garage Floor Painting in Friendswood. TX

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Bay Area Paint & Tile proudly offers Garage Floor Painting and Coating in Friendswood TX. Whether looking for a creative garage floor style for your Friendswood home or business, or a simple durable garage floor coating, Bay Area Paint & Tile is ready.

Bay Area Paint & Tile has experience with several garage floor coatings, paints, epoxies and systems. Our experienced technicians are trained in proper application of garage floor coatings and we take great pride in our work. When you are ready for installation of a garage floor system in your Friendswood home or application of a garage floor coating in your Friendswood business, Bay Area Paint & Tile is ready!


I was in need of a company to repair my gutters. They are the original gutters since 1988 and they looked awful. I called Bay Area Paint and Tile company and spoke to the owner to get a bid. He did the bid in two days and followed through on everything that I had asked for. His crew came out, and in three days my gutters looked great. All nice and strait, corners fixed, all holes filled, pressure washed primed and painted. Crew was very helpful and courteous as was the owner. I would recommend this company for a lot of jobs. I will be calling them again for other jobs to my home.

The interior of my home in Santa Fe, Texas was painted by Johnny Saenz, Bay Area Paint & Tile and the outcome was beautiful and the price was very competitive.

Johnnys crew of painters worked at a steady pace and were very considerate by working quietly due to my night shift work schedule. Johnny was also very helpful by offering his insight and experience with my selection of paints and color schemes.

Another thing that I liked was that I was very comfortable with trusting his crew while they worked in my home.

The interior of my home was admired by visitors on this past Mothers Day and they were so excited for me and my family. I highly recommend Bay Area Paint & Tile.

Sonya Mcardle, Interior Painting

We had been having severe mildew/mold on the ceilings of our front and rear patios of our home. Last April I contacted several painters to give recommendations on how to solve the problem. One of the bids I obtained was from Bay Area Paint & Tile. Johnny Saenz spent a significant amount of time determining the causes of the mildew/mold and even had samples analyzed to determine the best treatment, primer and paint to address the problem. The other bids we received were to power wash and repaint as before without any consideration of the severe problems I had. I decided to go with Bay Area Paint & Tile and was very pleased with the results. The job was completed quickly and the patios look great. They were very concerned with keeping the area clean and with no paint getting on the brick or patio. The patios look great and remain free of any mildew and mold.

This spring I decided to repaint the remainder of the house. Once again Johnny Saenz spent an extended time walking the house with me and documenting in detail the complete job scope. The crew did an excellent job. They were very courteous and completed the job quickly and protected the non-painted areas, which was very important to me. The house looks great. It looks better now than when it was new. I can highly recommend Bay Area Paint & Tile.

Ronnie H. in Texas City, TX

We recently had a need to have a leaky window repaired & the back fence replaced at a rental home owned by my late father-in-laws estate before the house is sold. Once again we called Bay Area Paint & Tile. not only because Johnny Saenz is a friend of mine, but because he & his crew have done quality work for us in the past. From painting interior rooms in our house to installing flooring just a couple of months ago. When were ready to have something else done we will be calling Johnny again. Thanks to you guys for doing such good work.

Billy G. in League City, TX

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