Garage Floor Epoxy Kit Armor Garage

Garage Floor Epoxy Kit Armor Garage


ArmorGarage Is Pleased To Offer Our Fantastic Epoxy Floor System With Colored Chips!

See How Easy It Is To Epoxy Your Floor VIDEO

For Epoxy Colors

For Chip Color Chart

Images above are of our standard color combinations, for custom color combinations click the color charts above and select your base color epoxy and up to 4 chip colors. Order a kit in the base color you desire and then list the color chips in the comment box on the checkout page and we will process your custom order accordingly. Please allow 2-3 additional days for a custom color combinations. Each kit will cover up to 550 sf, see below for ordering example and guidelines. Armor Chip comes complete with Everything you need to finish your floor to a beautiful high gloss Terrazzo like finish including the protective topcoat and shipping. See what those other low priced kits really cost when you add in the topcoat, the proper amount of chips, an equally thick coating and shipping! See the Epoxy Comparison Chart . Do the comparisons and you’ll see Armor Chip Floors not only look better but dollar for dollar are by far the best quality & value when you really know what you’re getting!

Only Armor Chip provides you with our unique calibrated notched squeegee to accurately spread the epoxy to the correct thickness. No guess work and no thin spots that can fail!

Armor Chip Floors are guaranteed for 10 years against «Hot Tire Lifting» and related damages such as yellowing, fading and cracking! Armor Chip is the ONLY product of it’s kind guaranteed against Wear For 5 Years! Don’t be fooled by exaggerated so called lifetime guarantees that exclude everything but peeling and are next to impossible to comply with.

Low advertised prices for systems that don’t include the critical topcoat are usually thin water based or low grade solids based epoxies that do not yield their advertised coverage’s, even when half as thick as Armor Chip. Are you really saving money if the bargain epoxy you bought doesn’t fully hide the concrete and isn’t really high gloss but more like semi gloss? Are you really saving any money if your bargain epoxy gets reactivated by your hot tires and then sticks to your tires so that the next time you pull out of your garage, part of your new epoxy floor goes along for the ride?

Some kits come with as little as 10 ozs of chips that give your floor the freckle effect rather than a finish that looks like it was professionally done!

Only Armor Chip provides you with 8 lbs of high quality colored chips and two coats of Ultra Clear urethane fortified protective top coating that will never yellow or fade.

Did you know that the «Plastic Chips» do not fully embed themselves into the epoxy! So Chips that are not «Sealed In» have tiny exposed raised edges that will trap dust, dirt, oil and grease. You will be scrubbing your floor to get it clean versus simply wiping it clean in minutes with a damp mop or rag on a Tee stick!

Tires on your car can reach temperatures up to 180 degrees!

What do you think is going to happened to those surface exposed plastic chips without a protective topcoat when hot tires with the weight of your car twisting and turning on them!

For proof that Armor Chip is tough enough to handle any abrasion from your twisting/turning tires watch this video. It was made by a recent customer who was so pleased with his Armor Chip results he made a video of his installation. No Big Box epoxy, water based epoxy or any epoxy without a topcoat would survive this unscathed! The floor installed was the Kahki Tan Armor Chip with the Military Grade Topcoat upgrade.

Armor Chip can be applied to wood trim, concrete curbing, steps and block walls. Will not run or drip down vertical surfaces. You can also install cove base from and run the epoxy across the floor and up the speed cove base to form a water proof tub type installation.

For workshops or workshop type garages select the single coat Military Grade Topcoat. With an extremely low abrasion loss rating that’s the best in the industry this provides added protection via a chemically harder finish when working on a regular basis with heavy rolling tool chests, tools or equipment. Also use the upgraded topcoat when using vehicles such as tractors, ATVs, rubber tracked equipment, golf carts or large boat trailers. Woodworking shops that use stationary type equipment are ok with the standard topcoat. For office spaces with rolling chairs, retail locations with high foot traffic and shopping carts use the upgraded topcoat for best results.

Choose from one of our wife approved preselected Paint and Chip combinations from the images above or design your own custom Paint and Chip combination.

To order a custom Paint and Chip combination select any one of the kits you want as a base color in the color selection drop down box. Then in the comment box at the bottom of the checkout page indicate what color Chips you would like, you can request up to 5 different chip colors, we carry every basic color chip you can think of(glow in the dark chips are no longer available due to EPA restrictions).


You like the Light Gray kit but want red, black and white chips instead of the standard colors. Simply select Light Gray as your kit of choice and then enter the colors red, black and white in the comment box, we will supply those chips.

If you can’t decide on which colors you want just give us a call and ask for Teri, she’s our in house color expert and she’d be happy to go over which colors would be best for your floor.

Armor Chip contains everything for a complete job and contains enough material to do up to approximately 550 sq. ft. For additional coverage see our Special Primer or the «Add On» Half Kit. *Extra porous surfaces or rough type finishes will Yield Less Coverage. You should always allow a safety factor when purchasing floor epoxy. Please do no try to order to the exact square footage of your floor! If you purchase an «Add On Half Kit» to be safe and don’t use it you can return it to us for full refund.

The Armor Chip kit contains:

Etching solution

2 gallons of part A epoxy & 1 gal part B military grade 1005 solids epoxy

8 LBS OF COLORED CHIPS. Colors are as follows:

Gray & Lt Gray kits have white, black and light blue chips.

Dk Gray kit has black, white and primary blue chips.

Beige kit has black, white and brown chips.

Beige Plus (10lbs of chips total) has black, white, brown, chocolate and clay chips.

Red kit comes with additional primer material for proper color coverage and has black, white and tan chips.

Tile Red kit (see epoxy color chart) is a design it yourself kit, pick up to 5 different chip colors from the chip color chart.

Harley Tan kit has 10lbs of brown, clay, chocolate, white and black chips.

Harley Tan Light kit has 10lbs of clay, buff, chocolate, white and black chips.

Blue kit has black, white and gray chips.

Racing Blue kit has black, white, gray and rustic red chips.

Harley Gray has Light Gray epoxy with 10 lbs. of neutral gray, charcoal gray, functional gray with hints of black and white chips.

Black — Standard black comes with 8lbs of gray white and red chips, optional black comes with 5lbs of metallic silver chips as pictured in the image above.

Desert Tan and Sandlewood are the same color and has burgundy, white, navy, clay and chocolate chips.

Kahki Tan kit has 10lbs of brown, beige, tan and coppertone chips.

If you are ordering the White kit, it comes with additional primer for proper color coverage and please specify up to 4 chip colors in the comment box at bottom of checkout page.

Note: You can select up to any 4 chip colors you want with any epoxy kit, simply select base color you want ie: Tan, Gray etc and then just indicate the chip colors you would prefer in the comment box at checkout.

Garage Floor Epoxy Kit Armor Garage

Two coats of crystal clear urethane fortified protective topcoat.

For Fork Lift traffic or other heavy duty usage choose the single coat Military Grade Topcoat Option.

Rubber gloves

Cut in brush

Mixing sticks to mix individual cans.

Mixing bucket

1-unit of non skid additive for areas where additional traction is desired. Won’t affect high gloss finish!

1-notched squeegee for spreading epoxy

3-9″ epoxy roller covers (1 for epoxy & 2 for topcoats)

1-paddle mixer to mix combined epoxy parts A & B.

Clear and Easy to follow detailed written instructions


Our unique system is easy to apply and can be installed by anyone who can paint with a roller. Its simple and easy!

1.Clean/wash the floor well (power washing is preferred but not required)to remove ALL dirt, loose paint and any other contaminants. If your floor was previously coated with an inferior epoxy that has failed or is beginning to fail please refer to these set of images on how to properly redo your floor with Armor Chip. How To Coat Over An Existing Epoxy. Please note that if a major percentage of the floor is peeling or flaking off it means that its only a matter of time before the entire floor fails and it’s best to completely remove the coating.

Apply epoxy in floor temperature range of 55-95 degrees. Do not apply if raining.

2. Mix our supplied environmentally safe floor etching solution with water per packaged instructions. Apply and scrub in well with a stiff shop broom, let stand for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Let dry 24-48 hrs to be sure concrete is completely dry. For best results floor must be completely clean, dry and have a slightly rough feel to it. A second etching may be necessary for new floors due to large amounts of curing residues at the surface or older floors that are extra dirty. See our Acid Safe Etching Kit for additional etchings. If using the Acid Safe Etching Kit prior to rinsing acid off sprinkle 2 boxes of the supplied TSP over the floor, brush in to neutralize the floor and then rinse thoroughly. It is extremely important that your floor is absolutely clean and properly etched. If your floor was power troweled you will most likely have to do two etches to open the pores of the slab. Please see the images on the How To Epoxy Paint Your Floor Page for what your floor should look like prior to coating with any type of epoxy paint. If you are grinding your floor it is still recommended that you etch the floor as you are rinsing off the dust from grinding, this will ensure the concrete pores are clean and open. Our epoxy will permanently bond into those open pores.

3. Mix the contents of each individual can of the two part epoxy and then mix the two parts together at a 2 parts A to 1 part B ratio. Use two measured containers to get accurate amounts of each epoxy part(2:1 ratio). Pour the container of A and the container of B into the supplied 6 gallon bucket and mix thoroughly for 3-4 minutes.DO NOT mix all the epoxy at once, this is not like store bought epoxy paints that have a pot life of up to 8 hours. Armor Chip is pure Military Spec epoxy that works on 100% catalytic reaction so the more you mix the more reaction you get. Armor Chip has a pot life of about 45 minutes. If you mix all the epoxy at once you will have a bucket of concrete in about five minutes.

We recommend doing your floor in 3-4 batches per kit, the smaller batches will allow you to apply the epoxy and chips without rushing and still have plenty of work time left over as a safety margin. Apply a bead of the mixed base color coat from the container in a left to right direction directly to the floor do not use a roller pan. Spread evenly over a 4-5 ft wide strip(you can do much larger sections if purchasing the optional spiked soles) with supplied notched squeegee. Then roller over to smoothen. Armor Chip Epoxy will automatically be at the proper thickness. Don’t worry about the epoxy drying on the roller or squeegee, when you mix the next batch up it will reactivate the epoxy for another 45 minutes of pot life.

4. While the epoxy is wet, apply the supplied color chips by simply tossing them slightly up into the air and at a 45 degree angle away from you so that they freely rain down onto the epoxy in an even pattern. We give you plenty of chips do achieve the look your eye thinks is best. You can use as much of the chips as you want without worrying about running out. Avoid tossing too many chips at a time so that you don’t wind up with piles of chips which will spoil the the look of your new floor. Tossing a little at a time is best. Leave the last 6 inches of the epoxy without chips. You will overlap the epoxy from the next section onto this area and then apply the chips. All the sections will blend together to form a single monolithic seamless finished coating. If purchasing the spiked soles you can see an alternate method a customer shared with us for spreading the chips that works amazingly well on this page How To Epoxy Paint Your Floor

5. Once you have completed the first section repeat steps 3 & 4 until done. Note: After the first section you may do larger areas as you get comfortable working with the epoxy. You should be done painting and applying chips in about 2 hrs per kit. Note: for large areas use our spike shoe bottoms which allow walking on the wet epoxy. Use Xylene for any clean ups(available at Home Depot or Lowes).

6. Let epoxy & chips dry to the touch, usually in approximately 5-6 hrs, you can let the epoxy cure overnight also. Once dry to the touch sweep the floor good with a stiff shop broom or shovel with plastic edge to remove any loose chips or any chips that are sticking straight up. Then apply half of the clear topcoat to seal in the chips and magnify the beautiful high gloss finish. The chips themselves give the floor some texture but if you desire to use the non skid additive supplied for added traction, mix it right into the second final clear coat. Allow first coat to dry to the touch before applying second coat. Clear coat dries to a touch/walk on, in about 2 hrs(you can move all your stuff back in at that point). If you are using the upgraded Military Topcoat you only have to do one coat. Apply the Military Topcoat as soon as epoxy is dry to the touch or first thing the next morning for best results. Military Topcoat dries to the touch in 5-6 hrs to walk on. Let either topcoat cure for 36-72 hrs before driving on it. That’s it!

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