Garage Floor Epoxy Finish (Part 2) PlanItDIY

Garage Floor Epoxy Finish (Part 2) PlanItDIY


Mix part A and part B of the epoxy together. Let it sit for 45 minutes. The product must be used within two and a half hours after opening the can.

Paint the floor in sections with a paint roller.

Sprinkle paint flakes to add some style. Do this after completing each section. Let the whole floor dry for a few days before placing anything on it.

Now that we’ve cleared out the garage and prepared the surface of the garage floor by giving it a good scrubbing with our acid etching solution, it’s time for the real transformation of our garage floor to begin.

In this second segment of our garage floor epoxy finish project, we’ll  show you how to mix the epoxy paint and apply it to the floor. We’ll also add some color flakes to the wet paint to give the appearance even more pizzazz. So let’s get started.

The first step is to open the cans that came with our kit. In the first can we have our base. The second can is the hardener. As with any two-part epoxy, after we mix them together thoroughly, we’ll need to give them time to activate through a process called cross-linking. In our case, we have to let the cans sit 30 to 45 minutes before we can begin painting.

We also need to consider the open time of the epoxy, which the manufacturer calls the “pot life.” In our case, after the mix is ready, we must use the product within two and a half hours. If we go beyond this, the product won’t adhere to the floor properly and must be discarded.

The other consideration is that it will take two gallons of the epoxy paint for our two-car garage, so we must plan for the entire project and the activation time required for the second gallon as well. The manufacturer recommends opening and mixing the second gallon after trimming the perimeter of the floor, which will be what we paint first.

To paint the perimeter of the floor, we’re using a 3” angled brush with polyester bristles. This will help us easily reach into the corners. We’ll start by painting a strip around the entire perimeter of the garage, which is also called cutting in the perimeter.

Now that we’re done cutting in the perimeter, it’s time to mix up our second gallon of epoxy paint. After thoroughly mixing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, we’ll note the time to make sure we give it 45 minutes to activate. This is where setting an alarm on your smart phone comes in handy.

To paint the field, which is the area inside where we cut in, we’re using a paint roller with an extension handle. We’re also using a 3/8” nap roller cover which will give it a smooth finish.

There is a method to this according to the manufacturer that will ensure proper coverage. We’ll work in 2-foot by 4-foot sections across the garage, working from back to front. First we’ll roll the area in one direction. Then come back and roll in a perpendicular direction to ensure proper coverage.

We’ll also be adding these paint flakes to the finished coat to add interest to the finish as well hide any imperfections. Since the color of our epoxy paint is blue and the color of our walls is brown, we’re going to mix blue and brown paint flakes together to tie the two colors together and give our floor more of a custom look. We’ll first mix the two colors together in a bucket, then we’ll pour the mixed up flakes back into the shaker jars and shake the flakes onto the wet paint after completing each section.

Our phone alarm just went off letting us know that our second gallon is activated and ready to use. Perfect timing as we’ve almost used up our first gallon.

We’ll there you have it. A finished floor that will last for years to come. But only because we took the time to properly prepare the surface. Now we’ll let it dry for 24 hours before we walk on it and start returning items to the garage. And we’ll give it three full days before parking our car on it.

Good luck with your project and thanks for watching.

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