Garage Floor Covering All Things Plastic

Garage Floor Covering All Things Plastic

Garage Floor Covering

Using garage floor covering carries with it a number of benefits. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the key benefits to help you determine if garage floor covering is right for you, along with a discussion on the different types of garage floor covering that are available and where you can get it.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Shop With Garage Floor Covering

Garage floor covering can go a long way toward improving the look and feel of your garage by covering up a stained and dingy concrete floor, and may even help it blend in with the rest of your home. In addition to covering up unsightly stains on your garage floor, it can make it much more comfortable for you to stand for prolonged periods of time. If youve ever had to stand on a hard concrete floor for hours on end, you know how painful it can be on your feet. Garage floor covering can protect a cement floor from dirt, oil, grease, and other liquids that might otherwise penetrate the porous cement. Most garage floor coverings dont absorb these types of liquids, so they are very easy to clean.

A Wide Selection From Which To Choose

There are a wide variety of garage floor coverings from which to choose, including mats, tiles, paints, and epoxies. Each garage floor covering has its own unique benefits. Mats are fairly economical and can help protect people from slips and falls. They are also quite easy to install and come in a variety of textures. Epoxy garage floor covering can give your garage floor a very shiny showroom appearance. Tile garage floor covering gives you a variety of colors and patterns to give your garage floor a really artistic flair. It is much more durable and longer-lasting than the other options. The same can be said for most vinyl garage floor covering.

Easy Installation With Plenty Of Options

Garage floor covering, for the most part, is fairly easy to install, eliminating the need for professional installation, making it an even more economical option. In some instances, it may even increase the value of your home, especially as many garage floor coverings are permanent. This is something to keep in mind before you decide on what type of garage floor covering that you want to use. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, garage floor covering could potentially create other uses for your garage in the event that you no longer want to use your garage for working on cars and doing other types of handiwork. Garage floor covering, for instance, would make it possible to convert your garage into an entertainment center or a man cave, complete with a pool table, living room furniture, and other items.

These are just some of the things to consider when deciding on whether you would like to have garage floor covering for your garage.

The Many Different Types Of Garage Floor Covering

Vinyl Or Rubber Mats For Garage Floors

Vinyl or rubber mats for garage floors is usually easiest to install among the many garage floor covering options. You just drop the mats wherever you want to use them. You can buy the material that goes into the mats, in several big rolls, also known as roll-out garage flooring, but installation of that is also easier than the installation of other garage floor covering types. When installing these mats, there is no surface preparation involved, like there is with epoxy garage floor coating and peel and stick tiles. The mats can be used immediately upon installation, where epoxy floor coverings may need to cure for 3-4 days before they can be used. Vinyl and rubber mats can provide a much more comfortable surface on which to stand for long periods of time. Epoxy and tiled surfaces are harder and can be less comfortable over time. This type of floor covering is usually the least expensive as well.

Garage Flooring Mats That Interlock

However, the mats arent as durable as some of the tile floor coverings. They can absorb liquid spills, making them more difficult to clean than tiles or epoxy floor coverings. Some cleaning solvents may even damage the mats. The mats dont seal the underlying garage floor against moisture and liquids like epoxies do. Also, as the mats are simply dropped wherever theyre being used, there is nothing holding them in place, which means that they could shift while someone is standing on them, possibly causing injury.

Epoxy Garage Floor Covering

An epoxy garage floor coating can give your garage floor a glossy showroom appearance that reflects light, which can go a long way toward brightening up an otherwise dark, dull, and gloomy garage. The surface is self-leveling and is abrasion-resistant once it cures. Epoxy floor coverings seal the underlying garage floor against penetration from moisture and liquids that might otherwise damage the floor. The epoxies that are used in garage floor covering applications tend to have higher viscosities than most floor paints, which translates into a more durable surface upon curing. Epoxy garage floor covering comes in a wide variety of colors by which you can customize the look and feel of your garage.

A Garage Floor With Epoxy Floor Covering

However, epoxy floor coverings have a number of disadvantages when compared to other garage flooring options. For starters, extensive surface preparation is required prior to installation to insure that the epoxy adheres to the floor. This is a very labor-intensive process. The floor must be free of all dirt, grease, and surface imperfections. Any cracks or chips need to be repaired first. If your floor has oil stains that cant be removed, then the epoxy might not adhere to your floor. Most epoxies are two-part systems that require precise mixing of the individual components. If the mix is off by either bit, it could result in a floor that doesnt fully cure. The consequences of this could be disastrous. You also need to work in a well-ventilated area while installing epoxy floor coating, as most epoxies tend to give off fumes as they cure. You should wear a mask to avoid breathing these fumes, along with gloves and goggles to ensure that you dont get any resin on your body. All of the special precautions that need to be taken both before and during the installation of epoxy floor covering often lead homeowners to hire a professional to do the job, which isnt cheap.

Garage Floor Covering Tiles

Ceramic and PVC garage floor tiles represent the most durable form of garage floor covering. The tiles have a hard surface that doesnt absorb liquids, making them easier to keep clean. Most tiled surfaces are slip-resistant, which can protect you from any injuries that might result from a slip and fall. Most tile garage floor covering is easy to install, especially the interlocking tiles that snap together by hand. When working with interlocking garage floor tiles, no surface preparation is required. You just snap them together and lay them in place. There is no mixing of resin involved, and no fumes. You can use the floor immediately upon installation. You dont have to wait for the floor to cure. In addition to the above advantages, tiles give you the most design flexibility when compared to other garage flooring options. They come in a wide variety of colors, some of them with numerous designs. For instance, if youre a racing fan, then you can have tile floor covering installed that has a checkered flag pattern. When using tiled floor coverings, you have the option of converting your garage into an entertainment center or a man cave later on. You cant necessarily do this with some of the other floor covering options.

A Checkered Flag Pattern With Interlocking Garage Floor Covering Tiles

There are also some disadvantages to using garage floor covering tiles. If you use the peel and stick tiles that are on the market, then you will need to do quite a bit of surface preparation, just like you would do to an epoxied floor in order to insure adhesion of the tiles to the floor. Also, the peel and stick tiles cant be moved once they are installed. They are there for good. If you move, you cant take them with you. The interlocking tiles could shift while youre standing on them since there is nothing holding them in place. If you use rigid tiles, then they may develop cracks over time that may lead to penetration of the floor by liquids that could damage it. Certain cheap tile varieties are susceptible to warping and cracking over time, which could cause you some headaches. Youll need to do your research to determine which tile brands you should avoid. You should also be careful when cleaning your tiles as some cleaners may diminish the finish and surfaces of your tiles.

Suppliers Of Garage Floor Covering

If you are looking to buy some high-quality garage floor covering, then there are a wide variety of suppliers who can suit your needs. Below is a list of a few of them to help you get started in your search.

Better Life Technology This company is the worlds largest producer of garage floor protector mats. They sell their products through a network of distributors. You can find them online at .

3M You may know this industrial powerhouse for its famous Scotch tape or for its Post-It notes, but this company makes everything from road reflectors to garage floor covering, which includes their Colorquartz industrial floor coating. You can order from their website at . You can visit this website to browse their selection of floor paints, garage floor tiles, mats, and so much more.

Armor Poxy These folks manufacture and sell high-quality, long lasting coating and covering systems for commercial and residential flooring and roofing applications. Visit them online at .

U Coat It These guys sell do-it-yourself floor coverings that are designed to provide a durable and protective finish that lasts. You can visit them online at .

From reading this article, you should now have a better understanding of the many benefits that garage floor covering can offer, the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of garage flooring options, and where you can get a garage floor covering that is right for you.

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